Censorship and Where Are We Heading?

As censorship increases, it’s more difficult to find out the truth or know what is real. How do we discern information and different sources and where are we heading? Are we heading the NWO or New Earth? I used some brilliant memes in this article that I couldn’t find their creators. I tried to find them. If you know them please send me their names (or aliases) and links to their sites to give them credit. For this article, I took a lot of screenshots of excellent posts and images on Twitter. I especially took these screenshots with the names and the aliases of the creators of these posts to give them credit. If you want me to link these posts to the creators’ websites, please contact me by using the contact form on this website and I’ll gladly link to the creators’ website. We need to awaken as many people as possible. You are important to this mass awakening of humanity. Please remember this and share this article far and wide! blocked keyboard symbolizing censorship online

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My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist and activist from Israel. My book, Mass Awakening, tells the story of my personal awakening to the truth on our reality, as well as that of all humanity, to the massive deception of the world’s Elite controllers and their devastating agendas. It is an exposé on dark agendas and how people are fighting back offering hope for the future. It is a full disclosure book covering the Cabal’s depopulation agenda for the world, the dumbing of the masses, the mass awakening of humanity worldwide, the secret space programs, the global currency reset, The Event, and New Earth.

What Is Censorship?

There are different interpretations to this concept which is very charged these days, as we experience all time censorship worldwide. This is what determines how much freedom of speech and expression one has in a society. Censorship can be covert or overt. There’s a battle raging on what we should hear, read, watch, the way we comment or express our ideas and views. Depending on the agendas, the meaning of this term will change accordingly. According to ACLU.org, “Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive,” happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. Censorship can be carried out by the government as well as private pressure groups.”

Definitions Change According to Agenda

Look how different this interpretation is from the one Wikipedia offers, a meaning that already seems to be biased and conceals justifying censorship on subjective grounds within it: “Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or “inconvenient.”[2][3][4] Censorship can be conducted by governments,[5] private institutions, and corporations.” The latter explanation doesn’t say who decides what is considered objectionable or harmful. It’s very subjective and seems the decision on what is deemed to be censored is arbitrary and depends on the those who have the power and control of censorship.

The Manifestations of Censorship

As you’ve probably noticed, censorship manifests in many ways and is very creative these days. Sometimes, information can be simply censored by labeling it “hate speech”, even if it doesn’t incite hatred at all. Inconvenient truth to “the powers that shouldn’t be”, as Mads Palsvig, a Danish activist,  politician, and whistle-blower, says is deemed hate speech to silence it and scare people away from it. This resembles another tactic of censoring and silencing the truth by calling those exposing and spreading the truth on subjects TPTB (the abbreviation of the phrase “The Powers That Be”) want to keep under the lid “conspiracy theorists” or “tin foil hat nuts” to scare people from listening to them; making them sound like lunatics and outcasts. As people want to be accepted in general, they would most likely stay away from anyone called a “conspiracy theorist” and definitely, not follow them God forbid! It had even happened to yours truly that my Facebook account was deactivated after being very vocal against the 5G rollout in Israel and worldwide saying that these so called “smart cities” that mayors here in Israel promote effectively create digital prisons, or as some call them “digital concentration camps” as in China. By ridiculing certain ideas and views, people would start self-censor themselves. However, it doesn’t mean you convinced them. As Gilc.org mention Ben Shahn’s illustration’s words: “You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.” forbidden access to site

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Mocking Bird MSM

The powers who control the dissemination of most information also call true information “fake news” while labeling their Mocking Bird MSM as truth. Everything is topsy-turvy. You can learn about Operation Mockingbird on The Millennium Report.

The Internet – the Information Highway

Today Internet is highly accessible to people worldwide, especially with the use of smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. Internet World Stats shows that there were over 4.5 billion people using the Internet in March 3, 2020 which is more than half of the world population. internet users distribution worldwide

Photo: Internet World Stats

More Censorship Practices

So the censorship practices, such as scrubbing certain search results from search engines is equivalent to the burning of books by the Nazis in the 1930s. I will mention the excellent site NaturalNews.com founded by Mike Adams and InfoWars.com that is totally banned on Google search engine. burning books


Information Warfare

Censorship is part of the information warfare we’re experiencing which is part of the war between the “bad guys” – deep state/Cabal/Illuminati – and the “good guys” working to save us and liberate earth from the clutches of the deep state/Cabal. As the saying goes, “it’s darkest before dawn.” (Mass Awakening, Introduction) This war is going on behind the scenes and the vast majority of humanity is unaware of this. When humanity finds out what is really going on in the world, it would be very traumatizing for everyone; but mostly, to the unawakened worldwide. As someone wise told me a few years ago when I began to awaken myself, “We will all be shocked, including the awakened ones, but especially the unawakened ones and we will need to recover soon after full disclosure and support those unawakened around us who would be extremely traumatized.”

Ignorance Is Essential to The Global Tyrannical Forces

Part of this war is to keep the masses ignorant of what is really going on in our reality. One tool employed in this warfare includes “debunking” sites that provide the official narrative people should believe and adhere to; for example, Snopes. Many people truly, or just lazily, believe that if they check information on such websites they’ve done their research.

Compromised Search Results

Google even changed their algorithm so that the “approved” mainstream media sources would appear first in the relevant search results, while it’s almost impossible to find the alternative media sources, which they now label as “fake news” or “conspiracy theories”. To find “real” information on Google, I had to go to great lengths and had to seek out pages even 8, 9, 10 in some search results! If you check the search engines’ news-rating guidelines these days they seem like they are out of 1984 written by George Orwell, censoring all content that “doesn’t follow ‘well-established’ scientific, medical, or historical “facts”. It simply eradicates any information which is not approved by the establishment controllers. To understand the degree of censoring (Google’s search results are definitely not “information choices”), please read this: “On one page, it refers to “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT)” regarding on what constitutes “expertise” on a topic in the eyes of Google, then proceeds to link to the BBC and USA Today as “high quality news sources”. Of course, “The guide also specifically mentions giving the lowest rankings to what they deem “conspiracy theories”.” (Mass Awakening, 2018, p. 48-49). You can check Google’s rating guidelines here: https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/guidelines.raterhub.com/en//searchqualityevaluatorguidelines.pdf So if You’re Not on a Government Watch List By Now, You Should be Ashamed of Yourself!

What Can We Do?

There are some things we can do to overcome censorship and reach higher number of people. • Create your mastermind with like minded people online or people that you know.
• Cross-check information, not only different sources but with other people. I asked tons of questions at the beginning of my journey of awakening.
• Never assume you know. Be open minded, humble.
• Constantly learn and find new sources.
• Check your gut feeling. Intuition is like a muscle. You need to develop it including verifying and discerning information.
• Remember that this is an information warfare. Be vigilant.

Something about the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Death Toll Doesn’t Make Sense

What Are They Hiding?

There are people arguing that the death toll as a result of COVID-19 isn’t allegedly as reported by MSM, including labeling deceased persons’s death reason as Coronavirus, while they died of old age or underlying health issues. Here are some examples that I gathered on Twitter. You decide whether you believe them or not. In this example, you can see that the death of supposedly the same person (at least, same picture) was reported twice as COVID-19/Coronavirus. corona virus deaths reported multiple times In the following case, family members caught false COVID-19 death reporting of their loved ones. family members catching false c-19 deaths And here someone died of old age in Spain: someone who died of old age Moreover, I found out that the applicant for the patent for the Coronavirus is The Pirbright Institute. Guess who provided them funding. I’ll give a hint… it’s under “fake news”. patent for the corona virus

Is 5G Connected to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak or death toll?

Is it a coincidence that the leading “smart city” in China, Wuhan, and also the first adopters of 5G transmitters was the place where the Coronavirus started? At first, it sounds too far-fetched, but when you start researching it may start making sense. In an article on Manhattan Neighbors website, they present a map with the locations of 5G infrastructure and the locations of incidences of Coronavirus. Must See Video: NYC Intensive Care Doc Confirms 5G Symptoms and not CV19 !!
Dr. Thomas Kowan, M.D. hypothesizes that there may be a history of health problems, or viruses, that followed the introduction of electricity in the early 20th century and then sources of radiation, including 5G last year. It’s only a 10-minute video and I suggest that you watch it. It was deleted from YouTube from one channel and found it on Bitchute.

Not convinced?

Read and check the maps on Australiahiphopdirectory.com showing “that Coronavirus and 5G have consistently tracked the same locations.” Note that the Coronavirus COVID-19 global cases are provided by Johns Hopkins CSSE. CV and 5G locations

Photo: Australiahiphopdirectory.com

Also watch this eye-opening message about the symptoms of 5G that are the same as the Coronavirus.
The Telegraph informs that testing kits for Covid-19 were contaminated with this virus. Of course, they wouldn’t inform from where they received these kits. It makes you wonder… Watch George Carlin discussing germs, immune system and how we’re being made to fear

The War between the White Hats and the Black Hats

Increasing number of people are becoming aware, or awakening to, of a war between the “dark hats” – the Cabal/Deep State – and the “white hats” (the Alliance) taking place behind the scenes. Part of this war is an information war. Nevertheless, it is not, as the MSM would like people to believe, a war between countries, but an in-fighting within countries and organizations such as the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, the military, and other intelligence agencies worldwide according to Benjamin Fulford, a very outspoken and controversial Canadian journalist, former writer for Forbes in Japan and an author. Unfortunately, as this information warfare includes a lot of disinformation and misinformation we need to be highly discerning and vigilant when it comes to information (Mass Awakening, 2018, p. 122).

Alternative Media Is Also Compromised

Please bear in mind that most of the alternative media is also controlled by those who control the mainstream media so always discern everything. Please do your own research. I’m constantly doing research and cross verify and looking for more reliable sources that I follow over a period of time. However, although I’m trying to do my utmost to sift through the information, sometimes I don’t have enough sources to validate it, too. So please do your own research and decide whether or not it is valid.

Some Helpful Terms

Disinformation, or in short disinfo, refers to intentionally misleading information, while misinformation (abbreviated as misinfo) is the unintentional spreading of misleading information which is unfortunately pervasive, “as uninformed bloggers unintentionally repeat the disinformation they hear on TV or other mainstream media outlets.” (Mass Awakening, 2018, p. 122). According to David Wilcock, disinformation, which we can simply call them lies, “serve the purpose of confusing the public, so it becomes very difficult to know what the truth is.” (Mass Awakening, 2018, p. 48).

Political Correctness Is Part of Censorship

According to George Orwell, legendary author of 1984, in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act … “Political correctness is a Marxist tool. The [Nazi] Germans knew that controlling beliefs, opinions, and ideas would disable free expression and help reshape society.” (from the book Becoming human again From Sheeple to People by Suzanne Meier). As it apparent today where we are strictly required to adhere the politically correct agenda/rules which totally “stifle any discussion.”

Controlled Opposition

Some of the alternative media sources may also have been used as controlled opposition to stir discussion from issues uncomfortable to the “controllers.” (Mass Awakening, 2018, p. 61). I only recently realized that Alex Jones, allegedly the founder of infowars.com, is also part of the controlled opposition, a shill, and not as I thought for years that he’s a hero. I’ve been misled by him too.

Who Is Qanon or Q?

This is an operation of the alliance that provides intel in the form of riddles, hints, rhetorical questions to awaken the masses to a hidden agenda, trigger the masses to doubt what they are told on MSM, and also plan to save the world. Watch here Q – The Plan to Save the World by Joe M.
It is an intel source thought to be in Trump’s workforce or part of intelligence agency operation. According to NEOREVOLT.COM, QAnon, or as often called Q, “is someone with Q-Level security clearance and a history of Military Intelligence working within the Trump administration to disseminate information to the American people directly.[…]it’s clear that Q works with a team of individuals in the intelligence community, and there may be more than one person on that team posting as Q.” Q started posting on 4chan on the /pol/ board in October 2017, according to NEOREVOLT.COM, which “was a major hub of operations during the Trump campaign, disseminating Trump memes at high velocity, and directly influencing the election in very tangible ways.” According to this writer, 4chan was a bastion of free speech “unlike on regulated, policed, and sanitized platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If some mouthbreathing goon working in a spare storage a closet at Twitter doesn’t like your tweet for whatever reason, he can take it down, disable your account, and effectively silence you. And make no mistake, that kind of censorship was, and still is, rampant across these controlled platforms.” (NEOREVOLT.COM) “Everyone who posts on a chan is Anonymous (unless they choose to identify themselves), and therefore, when going back and forth in conversation, users will refer to other users as “Anons.”” (NEOREVOLT.COM) If you want to follow Q posts, go to qmap.pub or download the app from appfollow to follow Q drops.

Why There Was a Need to Create the Q Operation?

According to Amazing Polly, a brilliant Q vloger, who also discusses many other topics except for decoding Q drops, says that as the Cabal controls the mainstream media and most social media, the positive military (and perhaps the positive elements in the intelligence agencies) had to create a channel for their message, their narrative. So they created the Q or QAnon phenomenon. And she makes a reference to Michael Flynn’s words that “we are the digital soldiers”. We expose the Cabal. That’s why the mainstream media attacks us: we are their biggest opponent and threat. Watch here at 25:55 minute mark:
Look at the white rabbit behind the U.S. colonel, which is a major theme in Q drops (follow the white rabbit) holding what looks like a red pill and blue pill (as a reference to the Matrix movie where the wise man Morpheus offers Neo these pills: the red is about learning the truth, while the blue pill is about staying in the lie). It reminds all of us that it’s our choice whether we awaken or stay asleep, unawakened.

How Would You Recognize Such Controlled Opposition in the Alternative Media?

Here’s some criteria, according to steemtruth: • If a good number of people know it – they most likely want them want to know it.
• They talk a lot of truth – if they didn’t they would be easily identified.
• They never tell the whole truth and there are some recurring topics that they will never touch – that is the easiest way to identify them.
• The more awake that you are the easier it is to recognize one of them. It is an on-going process of awakening. (steemtruth on steemit)

Dumbing Down the Masses

To further understand how the dumbing down of the population is connected to the depopulation agenda, please watch this documentary by Panofollin:
But Meier continues in a more positive outlook stating that with the increasing light and the awakening of the masses on the planet, it becomes clear that this control system we have followed quite blindly is falling. (from the book Becoming human again From Sheeple to People by Suzanne Meier). Today, people openly share information on the corruption and this genocidal agenda which makes it hard for “the Powers that Be” to rule. I totally resonate with her last message. from my experience in recent years and especially, in the last few months. The truth will free us (Mass Awakening, 2018, p. 62).

The Paradox of Censorship

The massive censorship on all the mainstream social media platforms that operate as the Deep State thought police, has led to a pushback, creating alternative social platforms that are true bastions of freedom of speech. The more the Cabal censors and silences dissent, the more people launch and use alternative social media and broadcasting channels, as discussed in a previous article The More the NWO Pushes Their Dark Agenda, the More It Awakens People Worldwide.

New Alternative Platforms Are Constantly Being Created

Think of how many alternative platforms you use and follow. Think about the sheer number of channels that discuss and disseminate commentary and intel, including commentary on Q posts, channels like SGT Report, X22 Report, Destroying the Illusion, The Common Sense Show, and Edge of Wonder to name only a few with tens of thousands and often hundreds of thousands of followers. The suppressed information is spreading like wildfire despite the repression and censorship by all the giant social media networks. It can’t be stopped. We, the people, world patriots, became the mainstream media in recent years! We are winning despite all the obstacles they put in front of us! The Great Awakening Has Gone Mainstream.

The Cabal Cannot Keep Up with Us

And Mega Anon, a whistleblower who contacted David Wilcock, reiterates this message that “they”, the Cabal, cannot keep with us. So please spread the message, take your own videos, write articles, or do whatever you resonate with to awaken more people to the truth. The more decentralized the dissemination of information, the harder for them is to block us all. mega anon - can't keep up with the mass awakening

Slide credit: David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What’s Really Going On?

Army of Digital Soldiers

We are the “army of digital soldiers” that Michael Flynn, “a retired United States Army Lieutenant General who was briefly the National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump” (Wikipedia), referred to in his speech.

Are We Heading the NWO or Golden Age?

Are we heading a future of 5G digital concentration camps and social credit system as is implemented in China that looks like the NWO playground or are there going to be mass arrests of the Cabal/Deep State and implementation of Gesara/Nesara/Global Currency Reset (GCR) worldwide or will we see a reset with crypto currencies tied to social credit?

Indications that We’re Heading NWO

There are many ominous signs that we are heading a total global dictatorship called NWO that stands for New World Order. NWO means global dictatorship, one world government. It’s about the total enslavement and control of humanity by any means you cannot even imagine. Nazi Germany and the worst dictatorships ever will pale compared to this NWO, as mentioned in a previous article who controls the world “The goal of this committee is a one-world-government or the more recent term is New World Order which is a brutal dictatorship of all humanity”

5G Covertly Being Deployed during Lockdown

The indications for the encroaching NWO during the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic include the continuing 5G rollout while we’re practicing social distancing and staying at home to overcome this virus. They do it in the U.S. by sending those crews that install this technology in schools in vans concealed as disinfectant, cleaning crews, covertly installing 5G in the U.S., according to Take Back Your Power and from what I hear, in Israel too, during the lockdown here. Take Back Your Power shares a video in which a parent is suspicious that 5G is covertly being installed near a school while the children are out and talks with the police person dressed in civilian clothes (perhaps they are protecting those who install this technology). Watch on Take Back Your Power how the police deflects the parent’s questions, not answering any of his questions. It also contains many references to this covert operation taking place in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic across the U.S.

Mandatory Vaccination Laws Passed

People report and upload videos of Russian tanks in Italy and a bill for mandatory Corona/COVID-19 vaccination that was recently passed into law in Denmark. Watch here:
Will we see mass vaccination campaign as Bill Gates is so obsessed with over-population and this is allegedly one of the means used to curtail it? “He produces vaccines, and he has personally put forward 2.5 billion dollars to spread vaccines across the world”, according to Ella Cruz, the author of Ring of the Cabal.

More Surveillance Implemented

Moreover, we see more surveillance being implemented, including the use of drones, to protect us from those carrying, or infected by, the COVID-19 virus. According to Fight for the Future (@fightfortheftr on Tweeter), “We need to do everything we can to slow the spread of COVID 19 and save lives. But expanding mass surveillance is not going to help. And if we rush something through in a crisis, it could easily become permanent. Be vigilant.” The Washington Post also discusses the expansion of the surveillance state.

Bio-weapon Accidentally, or Intentionally, Released?

Dr. Michael Salla also discusses the connection between the 5G rollout in Wuhan and the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that might have happened accidentally, or intentionally, released as a bio-weapon ignoring the warnings on both dangers. “Despite the undoubted health risks posed by 5G and its link to the spread of the Coronavirus and biological warfare in general, it can be predicted that military strategists in both China and the US will continue to aggressively lobby for its rapid implementation by telecommunications companies.” (Dr. Michael Salla)

Advancing of ID2020

Moreover, Global Research sounds the alarm that the COVID-19 pandemic danger might be the advancing of the infamous ID2020 which is “an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.” (Global Research) Amazing Polly, a brilliant Canadian commentator and vlogger, repeats this message and warns us about the real cause of the Coronavirus pandemic which is to force us into accepting vaccines with a digital ID that will include all the vaccines we received. Watch here at 18:02 minute mark:
According to her, they’ve already started experimenting with these vaccines with homeless in Austin, Texas treating us all like cattle, livestock (18:56 minute mark).

Vaccination Campaigns preceded the COVID-19 Outbreaks in Wuhan and in Bergamo?

There are sources that allegedly claim that both in Wuhan and in Bergamo the outbreak of COVID-19 was preceded by an aggressive vaccination campaigns in both places. You decide what to believe. I’m only presenting this information to you. aggressive vaccination campaign in northern italy before outbreak

Mandatory corona virus vaccine in Wuhan

And Dr. Fauci admits in The New England Journal of Medicine that the COVID-19 in no more virulent than the average seasonal flu. Dr. Fauci admits low mortality of the covid-19 Despite the information mentioned above, please practice social distancing and other guidelines as this virus seems, based on different sources, to be very contagious. Do it even if only to be on the safe side.

On the Other Hand, There Are Other Indications

There are indications showing that patriots took over Google algorithms and removed the censorship. Joe M. was thrilled that he found out that the Wikipedia page about his video The Plan to Save the World re-appeared in the search results. Many attest to this. Perhaps it’s in the U.S. because I’ve checked many times on different search engines, including Google and the search results here in Israel are still censored. Please comment below if you see the uplifting of censorship where you live. According to Zach Vorhies, a former senior software engineer in Google who turned into a whistleblower, also confirms that patriots change [G] algorithm, uplifting censorship. Watch his interview on X22 YouTube channel at 1 hour mark:
Lookup these searches from Bar O’choc on Twiter:
  • Aluminum adjuvant toxicity
  • Are unvaccinated babies healthier
  • Do aborted babies feel pain
  • Andrenochrome

Are Celebrities and Politicians Being Arrested under the Guise of Being Infected with COVID-19?

It seems that there is a take down of the Cabal that are involved in so many criminal activities worldwide. Celebrities suddenly tested Coronavirus positive and self-quarantine themselves, including Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel. I’ve read somewhere that this means that they have been arrested. Again, we need to wait and see. global take down of the cabal worldwide Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, was spotted walking with something that looks like an electronic tracking device on his leg.

Record Number of CEOs Step Down

A record number of CEOs, as well as other high-ranking executives, are stepping down from their positions in transnational corporations, including Bill Gates, who resigned from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway, according to Business Insider. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Alphabet Inc. which owns Google and YouTube, also stepped down last year, according to Fortune. This is a list of from a discussion on Reddit of CEOs who resigned recently. According to NBCNews, more than 1,300 CEOs resigned in 2019. Were they forced to step down?

Will We Soon See Uplifting of Censorship on Twitter?

A Republican donor, Billionaire Paul Singer Elliott who is a supporter of President Trump, bought a large stake in Twitter according to The Guardian. This may decrease the censorship of conservatives on this social platform. We’ll have to wait and see.

Citizen Journalists Rock!

But there’s a silver lining here, as citizen journalists are hitting the hospitals and take videos of empty hospitals (those that especially treat Coronavirus) and detected that CBS and Sky allegedly filmed in the same place … what were supposed to be shot at different places: in NY and in Bergamo, Italy. But they look the same place. Please watch this video.

Universal Basic Income on Its Way to Americans

According to boston25news.com, The White House considers sending $2,000 to many Americans. Could it be the start of NESARA Act? According to Operation Disclosure, “We were starting to see the implementation of GESARA with the Universal Basic Income – without strings attached which is very important – due to be sent out perhaps next week or by April 6 and in May 18. If you were making $75,000 or less you would get $1,200 per adult, $500 per child.” Here’s a video by QAnon John who coincidentally found out that NESARA is about to be implemented and that it’s real, the economy is in transition, the gold standard is coming, while the Coronavirus is a cover-up. Watch here: https://twitter.com/QStorm1111/status/1238113095827980290?s=20 This is a screenshot that I took from David Wilcock’s official YouTube channel David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL). Please subscribe to this channel to support his work. 2000 dollars for each american

Good News

Recap from Wilcock’s latest video that offers great news, if it’s true which I hope it is. David Wilcock talks about the sealed indictments that will be unsealed during 3 days before good Friday (April 12, 2020) when many criminals will be arrested (later on, he retracted this statement saying that he isn’t privy to the dates and he doesn’t know when these three days of darkness will happen). They are satanic, created the virus. During these three days there will be no regular phone or internet to remove all dark nodes from the internet “then have a “clean” internet without censorship or surveillance on your phone”. After this, there will be no censorship and they wouldn’t be able to snoop on your phone (1:39:37 hour mark) and there will be 8-hour chunks of broadcasts of the truth three times a day to get the data (1:42:43 hour mark).

Communication During the Three Days of Darkness

The only communications during these three days of darkness will be from the President Donald Trump via the emergency broadcast system to the American people and “all phones and televisions around the world in the emergency broadcast system.” (David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic III: New Briefings, Restitution and the Big Picture! 1:51:10 hour mark)

Authorized to Leak this Information

He was asked to leak this information by different sources, including Corey Goode, as the Alliance wants to reduce panic when there are three days of darkness without phones or internet while the mass arrests will happen. three days of darkness emergency broadcast worldwide

Slide credit: David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic III: New Briefings, Restitution and the Big Picture! 1:51:10 hour mark

End of the FED

1:35:51 hour mark – nationalizing the FED meaning that “the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets.” The FED is being merged with the treasury department. Although things look really bad and that there’s martial law, David Wilcock reassures that this isn’t the case. I hope he’s right.
David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic III: New Briefings, Restitution and the Big Picture! Human trafficking arrests during Trump’s presidency is twice higher than during Obama’s tenure. human trafficking arrests since 2010 Trump vs. Obama

Slide credit: David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What’s Really Going On?

Recent Earthquakes Connected to Destruction of D.U.M.Bs

There were recently very powerful earthquakes in the U.S. that people think they result from destroying the D.U.M.Bs (abbreviation of Deep Underground Military Bases). See this image deep underground military bases

Image credit: elijah1757.wordpress.com on 8/20/2013

Watch this video that provides more details about the underground war happening now:

Best Punch Lines Against the Cabal

And Ricky Gervais, Actor and comedian, monologue at the Golden Globe Awards must be mentioned here as this has to be the Alliance work. He joked about Jeffrey Epstein, the failure of movies in last years. He exposed all things that Hollywood hides.

Is This the Storm?

Is this the storm Q mentioned in a post in July last year? tweet with the meme the storm has arrived latest intel from Alan Fountain

Source: Alan Fountain on LinkedIn

Massive Prison Barges

Are these massive prison barges heading to Gitmo with Cabal prisoners on them? Is this part of the mass arrests scenario we’ve been told about for years? massive prison barges headed to gitmo?

So What Is Really Going on?

From all the sources mentioned previously, it seems that we see a race between those who want to totally enslave and kill us, while, on the other hand, there’s an ongoing great awakening of humanity globally, as I mentioned in my article Are We Doomed.

You Are Important to this Mass Awakening

Each of us is instrumental to this mass awakening. As a friend of mine said “We’re in the midst of a war and it is also a spiritual battle.”

Was Trump Hinting about the End of the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Trump recently said that he wants packed churches this Easter which is April 12, 2020 despite what is perceived deadly threat of the COVID-19 virus. Is he hinting something about the end of social distancing and lockdown? Watch here from 2:03 minute mark.

Do I Believe The NWO Will Win?

No. I don’t believe it will and the fact is that their worst plans failed. “Wilcock says that, “Given that Alex Jones was leaking intel that mass starvation, martial law and FEMA camps were imminent all the way back in 1995, it is amazing that nothing has happened in all this time.[…]I have personally been subject to countless briefings warning of this sort of scenario. Yet, the positive efforts to stop it work so well that I label it all as ‘fear porn.’” (Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock’s blog)

What Can We Do to Help Usher the Golden Age?

As Q said, fight fight fight. We can do this by spreading such information; by sharing, creating your own platform or platforms. There are many ways to do so and awaken as many people as possible to our true reality. If more of us, including those who read this article, start creating and disseminating their own content and do their own research, it will be much more difficult to censor all of us despite the massive censorship.

Staying at Home = Keeping Civilians Safe from TPTB

According to Operation Disclosure, we are all requested to practice social distancing and stay at home not because martial law is implemented, but to keep civilians safe. “Getting civilians and children off the streets, schools and public events prevents the Cabal from doing Mass Killings for distraction, or to take revenge.[…]Shuts down airports and borders = No escape for the Cabal (Earthquake in Glen Falls NY = destroying remaining DUMB hideouts and shuttles).” The ultra advanced technologies are already here and it appears that the Global Currency Reset will be implemented. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m hopeful and cautious at the same time.

We Have the Power

We are the 99% while they are the 1%. This message is put out brilliantly in A Bug’s Life animation film – ”Then they ALL might stand up to us” We are these peony ants that outnumber the hoppers… the Cabal with all their censorship, shadow banning and dark agenda will lose. Watch here:
This track is dedicated to earth / world patriots and the mass Awakening of humanity globally. The Score – Born For This “I believe, I believe We can write our story I believe, I believe We can be an army We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain We come from different places but have the same name ‘Cause we were born for this.”
Have faith, Where We Go One We Go All (WWG1WGA)

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


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