The Great Awakening Has Gone Mainstream

My name is Shoshi Herscu and I’m an investigative journalist from Haifa, Israel. My book “Mass Awakening” is a full disclosure book from the dark agenda, the global currency reset, secret space programs, through the great awakening of humanity globally, new earth and the ascension.


You are probably aware of your own awakening and other people around you.

By shifting our own consciousness, we help awaken the masses worldwide. We who follow and share this information and intel, we are the Mainstream Media today.

We Are the Full Disclosure Movement 

Think about the increasing number of channels discussing and disseminating commentary and intel from Q posts, channels like SGT Report, X22 Report, and Edge of Wonder to name only a few with tens of thousands and often hundreds of thousands of followers.

The suppressed information is spreading like wildfire despite the repression and censorship by all the giant social media networks. It can’t be stopped. The more they tighten the censorship by their algorithms, the more determined the awakened community becomes. People feel betrayed by the social media giants and are looking for other options. Reddit, Bitchute, 4Chan are few of them.

Direct democracy movements and parties become more popular worldwide. This is how we, the people, are taking back our power to decide our fate.

You can see below a list of such movements worldwide.

The Yellow Vest Protest Spreads Worldwide 

From what we see in the alternative media, the more Macron engages in repressive means to crush the Yellow Vest movement, the number of Yellow Vest protesters grow. I retwitted today a video of huge Yellow Vest protest in Paris.

Hang in, as the control system is being dismantled worldwide and the best is yet to come.

Please watch this video that details the signs of the great awakening of humanity worldwide

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