Are We Doomed?

Are we doomed, as so many sources say, or are we going to survive the Cabal’s depopulation agenda of humanity and earth that is being implemented right at this moment? Are we going to survive what is termed “climate change”? Are there really “white hats” behind the scenes worldwide fighting the Cabal to save us all from their horrific plans for all of us? Are there any other benevolent elements helping us in this battle for our survival and freedom or are we doomed? Are we, as humanity, in the process of regaining our freedom? Doomsday

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Some Background Info

My name is Shoshi Herscu and I’m an investigative journalist and activist from Israel. My book Mass Awakening tells the story of my personal awakening, as well as that of all humanity, to the massive deception of the world’s Elite controllers and their devastating agendas. It is an exposé on dark agendas and how people are fighting back offering hope for the future. A full disclosure book exposing the Cabal’s control of the world from the shadows and their culling of humanity and earth, the dumbing of the masses, the secret space programs through the great awakening of humanity globally, and how to deal with the awakening to the dark agenda. I used some brilliant memes in this article that I couldn’t find their creators. I tried to find them. If you know them please give me their names and links to their sites to give them credit. We need to awaken as many people as possible. You are important to this mass awakening of humanity. Please remember this and share this article far and wide!

Do We Witness the End of the World?

It definitely seems this way when we see the news coming from Australia about the disastrous bush fires in NSW and the death toll allegedly caused by measles outbreak in Samoa, the hysteria about global warming, or “climate change” today. Moreover, censorship is increasing unabetted, 5G which purpose is creating a digital prison and AI being deployed worldwide; especially, in western countries. Elon Musk and others openly discuss implants in our brain, according to CNN. We see that governments implement these horrendous plans against the people. I would like to mention an excellent quote that I recently heard from Shay Dan On from Raising the Frequency (not the exact words) around 28 minute mark: “Governments are the enemy of the people. It’s not a war between Palestinians and Israelis or Pakistanis and Indians etc. It’s a war between the governments which were put in place against the people” You can watch the video here:
The impeachment of President Donald Trump which resembles what’s going on in Israel regarding the indictment of PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The attempt to disarm Americans by UN military positioned on American soil which will lead to what happened in Venezuela or in the more distant history, Nazi Germany and Austria prior to Second World War. Americans, hold on to your weapons and ammunition! I wish you to soon return to what you once were: the land of the free! I wish Trump, who was rightfully elected despite all the rigging of the elections in the U.S., to continue being the president, despite my reservations that I mentioned in previous articles. I would also like to add, from my perspective, that I feel that the situation in Israel is much worse than in the U.S. from what is being exposed for several years here about the judiciary system controlling Israel together with other unelected elements which I mentioned in my article The Mass Awakening in Israel. According to different sources, the entire prosecution in Israel is allegedly run by those trained by the deep state. You can check who funded their expensive training in the U.S (hint: Wexner Foundation and other foreign foundations). This foundation pays about a million USD tuition per graduate, according to Mida Magazine and Israel Today Newspaper. Does the name of this particular foundation ring a bell? Let me refresh your memory. According to Wikipedia, Wexner granted Jeffery Epstein full power of attorney over his affairs. “The power of attorney allowed Epstein to hire people, sign checks, buy and sell properties, borrow money, and do anything else of a legally binding nature on Wexner’s behalf.” I’m not a sympathizer of Netanyahu but what is going on at the moment has nothing to do with justice. The corruption is right where the corrupt ones press indictments to advance their political agendas. This is a coup and it’s not the first time that they “get rid” of someone who attempts to bring back some checks and balances to the political system in Israel which was completely taken over by unelected bureaucrats over the years, as it is in the EU which is controlled by unelected bureaucrats from Brussels. A protest against this takeover by the judiciary system will be held on December 30, 2019 by Im Tirtzu Movement under the banner of “Save Israel’s Democracy Bring Back the Trust in the Judiciary System” “As part of our campaign to raise awareness about the unchecked and overreaching judiciary system in Israel, we put up a giant billboard in the heart of Tel-Aviv. ” (Im Tirtzu bilboard) I discuss this here as a warning to other countries that might experience the same attempts of the Deep State to take over their countries. It’s not only about Israel. Watch this video on American Coup Intelligence YouTube channel how the DS minions ridicule this notion of a coup against President Donald Trump, which only exposes the Deep State.

What Is Really Going on? What Is the Evidence?

John Stossel, who recently moderated a debate on “global warming” held by The Heartland Institute, invited climate alarmists but they didn’t show up. On the other hand, scientists who participated in this debate convincingly debunked four myths on “climate change”, one of them is that we only have twelve years to act – an argument which is constantly repeated by the climate alarmists. The three scientists on the panel also argue that “even if the planet warms by 5 degrees, humans can adjust. We already have. People in Holland did.” You can watch this eye-opening video here:
The global warming is manufactured by what is called Geoengineering – by those pushing the agenda of climate change behind the scenes – and it is being implemented worldwide by spraying of chemtrails and using technologies such as HAARP for decades according to Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch. There are many documents proving this, including patents for these processes, “military documents, presidential documents that these programs have gone for seventy years.” Watch this important video about Geoengineering here:

Everything Is Being Exposed

All this information about these horrific crimes committed against humanity and everything on earth is being exposed. This is a good sign. All this information was concealed for decades and some information was hidden from us for millennia is being exposed now and people are awakening in droves, even though it still feels like it’s too little too late. Tony Sayers had very interesting commentary on the situation today. He says at 7:03 minute mark that “what I’m seeing now is like almost a race. There’s a race between them getting their agendas in and there’s a race of humans waking up to the madness and because there are in such a massive rush to push this through now because more and more are starting to look beyond the veil” And because people start awakening, they stop believing the media, politicians or other authority figures.

About 5G Being Forced on the People while Governments Are Protected against It

Watch this video from

Exposing the Real Reasons for Recent Disasters

In Australia People expose the real cause for the recent deadly bush fires in Australia which may be like the reason for the fires in California, according to Cairns News, even if they don’t mention this cause in these same words. It is supposedly caused by DEW – Directed Energy Weapons – or laser weapons that were caught on video in California. People start questioning the given narrative of “climate change” as it is quite extraordinary, if not completely unnatural, that fifty or more bush fires started almost simultaneously in different places in Australia. There were no reports of lightning storms or individuals intentionally setting fires in so many places at once. It looks suspicious. Max Igan explains why these bush fires happened in certain areas of Australia due to spraying of chemtrails, which is also raised by
Adam Crabb goes even further and says that these fires are happening on fast railway routes, smart cities planned along these routes according to Agenda 2030 and it’s a land grab in Australia (from 3 minute mark onward) in the following video.
In Samoa It seems that there was no measles epidemic in Samoa until recently; specifically, the measles outbreak seemed to happen after October 1, 2019 when they received vaccines from the UN. According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO AOBNMM, ABIHM on, “Two infants died immediately after receiving the MMR vaccine” in July 2018. Then, the overall vaccination rate fell from 74 percent to 31 percent. And this is a brief timeline of the events in Samoa according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Vaxxter,com:
  • by Oct 1: UNICEF had delivered 115,500 doses of measles vaccines and diluents
  • Mid-Oct: First child reported to have died from measles
  • Nov 15: The Government of Samoa officially declares a state of emergency over measles
  • Dec 5-6: Door-to-Door vaccination begins. Every man, woman, and child was ordered to receive an MMR vaccination, regardless of previous infection or vaccination status. Only the police and mobile vaccination teams were allowed on public roads.
This is how mandatory, forced vaccination were made in this country, despite what it seems to be an unusual “outbreak” of measles leading to many deaths after the start of the vaccination campaign. It looks suspicious that these deaths happened after the mandatory vaccinations started, not before. You can read the entire timeline on this site. I also read testimonies on social media of people from Samoa on who exposed that strong men died after these vaccinations; sometimes people received two doses at a time, including children. However, I couldn’t find any sources to back these testimonies. Apparently because of the severe censorship of this information on Google and other search engines. I barely found the information about the measles outbreak timeline.

What Are the Indications that We, the People, Are Regaining Our Power and Freedom?

Despite comments and reservations I received after the elections in the UK, I still think it’s a good sign that the party advancing BREXIT was elected. It shows that the people spoke. BREXIT means unchaining the British people from the rule of the unelected EU bureaucrats. BREXIT is a major brick in the EU wall that when you take it out, it will start a domino effect across the EU. It’s not only about the UK, but about nations taking back their sovereignty, the power to decide their fate for themselves. It will help dissolve the tyrannical New World Order agenda worldwide, as the EU is one of the major blocks of the globalists’ plan. You can watch this video by X22Report for more details:
And What about Trump’s Impeachment? Operation Disclosure summarizes the commentary from X22Report: “The [DS}/Ds [the Dems] voted for a fake impeachment. Pelosi is trying to hold the articles of impeachment instead of sending them to the Senate.” Pelosi doesn’t send these articles of impeachment as the DS will lose in the Senate and to hold on Declas, if they think they can. More details here on X22Report:
Another indicator that we, the people, are regaining our power and freedom is that despite the censorship, people continue exposing what is really going on.

Individuals Are Suing Big Tech and Their Governments

Cyrus A. Parsa from The AI Organization is suing the Big Tech companies, including Google, Neuralink, and Facebook for their role in human genocide being committed worldwide (complicity to genocide in China) by AI tech transfer. According to Cyrus A. Parsa, the biggest threat to humanity is China. When Shay Dan On asked him what we the people can do to save ourselves and the world from the Orwellian, horrific future of what is already happening in China, he replied: “expose them”. So that’s what I’m doing here. Please watch this interview although it’s quite long (1:37 hour) and share it far and wide. According to this lawyer, President Donald Trump is the one standing in the way of China to world dictatorship domination. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not. I have my reservations, but I think that he’s right on this.
Take Back Your Power shares the conversation about the Irregulators versus the FCC lawsuit which according to the prosecutors they are: “exposing and prosecuting a vast, illegal financial scandal behind 5G”. As they say, this might be the most significant development that will have consequences of the 5G rollout in the U.S. and perhaps worldwide.

Is There an Alliance that Works to Save Us? 

First of all, for those who may not be familiar with the term “alliance”, here’s the explanation by Benjamin Fulford, a very outspoken and controversial Canadian journalist, former writer for Forbes in Japan who argues that “surprisingly it’s [the battle] not the US versus Russia, but an in-fighting within countries and organizations, such as the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, the military, and other intelligence agencies worldwide […] [There is] a coalition of white hats in countries that according to the media should be fighting each other.” (excerpt from the book Mass Awakening) David Wilcock also discusses about this alliance as “an international coalition of “white hats” called the Alliance.” (excerpt from the book Mass Awakening). And what about Ricky Gervais’ speech at the 2020 Golden Globes award in which he snubbed the cabal and its minions? Dropping all these truth bombs? Could it have been the Alliance? If you hadn’t watched it by now, you must
Dinar Chronicles also provides detailed information about the Alliance’s plan in a recent article which was posted on 8Kun. According to Sierra (NZ), the “planning for this Alliance operation started 56 years ago. Yes, straight after the horrific murder of JFK Senior.” So it goes a long way back. It didn’t start with Trump’s election. She also adds that “This Divine Plan to liberate humanity is not for the impatient or faint-hearted.” And I admit, I’m impatient as I’ve been looking forward to this liberation for several years as some of you, who read this article, feel too.

Other Indications for the Possible Involvement of the Alliance 

Alan Fountain, ED of Coalition, exposes on LinkedIn how the draining of the political swamp looks like. He provides an updated list of resignations of executives of the top corporations and a list of 54,000 sealed indictments that according to David Wilcock, “Each indictment can have up to 39 co-conspiritors listed in it.” (on Justice is coming

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According to Alan Fountain, these Executives are being forced to resign on the grounds of: “These Executives are linked to either One or all of the secret Evil Plans that allowed Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking or Turning Their heads to this pandemic, but the primary allegations are for participating in the CORPORATE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX PLAN that supports the Luciferian rule’s transition into the One World Government that Former V.P. & CIA Director George Herbert Bush Spoke of in his past speeches.” (Alan Fountain on LinkedIn) David Wilcock also mentions on his 2020 Exclusive: The Interview You’ve Been Waiting For! [Part 1] at 37-minute mark that both Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down at the same time from their very highly paid positions in Alphabet Inc.’s CEO and president. He ironically wonders that “both voluntarily resign at the same time if they didn’t see something big coming down?” They were probably forced to resign. He also provides an update on the number of sealed indictments: “100,000 sealed indictments that each indictment could have 39 defenders.”
Alan Fountain’s data is from 2018, while David Wilcock’s data on sealed indictments is from the end of 2019. The figure from 2019 of sealed indictments is almost twice as that from 2018. Listen at 1:33 hour mark in this David Wilcock’s video entitled David Wilcock SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS: Declassified in 2020? about Ross Perot who, according to Wilcock, was involved in the early efforts to create the new financial system in the 1990s and onward with the Alliance and that without him this could have never had happened. Apparently, he invested his own money in this project. Wilcock also mentions the earthquakes that only destroyed the military base in China Lake.
Why is this so important? Because this was, according to Prepare for Change, a gigantic naval air weapons installation (air weapons might be referring to chemtrails?). Prepare for Change speculates that there was a good reason for this base to be destroyed: “It is entirely possible that the Deep State was preparing some devastating, final attack against America from this China Lake base […] The more-classified part is that this facility may have been a key center for chemtrail operations.

Other Major Wins of the People Worldwide

The people of the state of New Jersey who protested en-mass against the bill that would have ended the religious exemptions for vaccines this month won. According to wcbs880 Newsradio, the New Jersey Senate rejected this bill. PJ Media even goes further and claims that the NJ parents actually shut down the senate vote on forced vaccinations. Protest against NJ Senate bill on forced vaccinations

Photo: PJ Media 

Push Back against the 5G Rollout 

Watch this city meeting on 5G in which the people speak against the 5G rollout. Not one person but many of them talking by turns detailing the risks and reasons for totally halting the deployment of 5G in their city. Watch here

Protest Against Mandatory Vaccinations & Demand for Informed Consent

On November 21, 2019, the first international conference on informed consent was held in Tel Aviv, Israel. It hosted researchers, physicians, and activists “in the field of vaccines safety and efficacy, freedom of choice and its ethical and legal aspects.” (Expo Tel Aviv page of the conference on informed consent). The conference room was full and many stood throughout the conference. The conference on informed consent was full Photo: from the Israeli NPO “Vaccines – Educated Choice” Facebook page. Del Bigtree, the producer of VAXXED documentary, interviewed the organizer of this conference, Oshra Belapolsky, before the event.

Are there any other benevolent elements helping us in this battle for our survival and freedom?

Andy Bloxham on The Telegraph Newspaper shares the amazing information that ETs have deactivated U.S. and British nuclear missiles, according to U.S. military pilots. According to Bloxham, these beings repeated these efforts since 1948. David Wilcock in his book The Ascension Mysteries (p. 331) shares more details about these efforts to prevent a nuclear war. “Missiles and entire nuclear facilities have consistently been powered down by UFOs that appeared […] Entire facilities of nuclear missiles had all the warheads completely melted down to nonradioactive material.” (The Ascension Mysteries) In the following videos, you can clearly see UFOs hovering over nuclear plants
Over Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Is there Any Hope for a Drastic Positive Transformation on Earth?

A while ago, I shared information about a process called ascension and how we shift. David Wilcock, in his book The Ascension Mysteries provides more details about this process according to the law of one (p. 375). “The science in the Law of One series gives us every reason to believe that ascension is in our near future. The Law of One series confirmed the existence and function of the 25,000-year cycle, and said that all third-density worlds go through it. Each 25,000-year cycle ends with an opportunity for ascension.” According to Wilcock, this cycle is going to end between 2017-2023. So it’s really near, if he’s right and it’s going to manifest.

What Can We Do Until the Shift Takes Place?

Michael who claims to guide people on their evolutionary journey says “hang on for just one more day”. He talks about the power of resiliency which you can watch here:
No one said that liberating earth and regaining our freedom is going to be easy, but I’ll quote my Shero (She Hero), Lisa Nichols from Motivating the Masses that

Quitters never win Winners never quit

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


Copyright (c) 2019 Shoshi Herscu * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice with a link to this article.

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