Twin Flames & Is It Connected to Ascension?

Many people are fascinated by the topic of twin flames. What are twin flames? Are they soulmates? How do you know that you’ve met your twin flame? Is it true that twin flames came from one soul that split in two? Is it a lifelong partnership? Why are many twin flames separated? Does the separation of twin flames hinder ascension? What is the purpose of this relationship? Is it connected to ascension or “The Event”? Does the re-uniting of twin flames have a greater purpose? Do they help humanity evolve into the 5th dimension, a more loving, collective consciousness of unity and harmony?

If you want to know more about twin flames and if they have, or not, connection to ascension, look no further.

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What Are Twin Flames?

Sophie Saint Thomas says on that twin flames, contrary to belief, does not have to be about romance or falling in love. Moreover, a twin flame is not a soulmate. She emphasizes that twin flame is all about spiritual growth although it can be your romantic partner. Vallejos on goes even further saying that when you meet your twin flame, your whole world completely changes, you see the world differently; shift consciousness and engage with the divine.

“This kind of high-level soul-based connection isn’t about romance; it’s about spiritual growth” (

Tasha Nassar, an intuitive energy healer, adds that the relationship of twin flames is a two-way spiritual street. Both partners help each other to grow spiritually. Moreover, this relationship

“helps us unite the divine masculine and feminine within us all (we all contain masculine and feminine energies regardless of our gender)[…]become a higher version of yourself“. (

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Plato describes this type of relationship as highly intense and inexplicable soul bond In The Symposium:

“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment.” (

Is It True that Twin Flame Came from One Soul Split in Two?

According to, Dr. Harmony, the author of Twin Flame Code Breaker, “your twin flame is a fragment of you”. However, your twin flame is not a soul split in two. We are whole on our own, although they serve as a reflection, according to Vallejos on

“They enter your life to help you discover more of your authentic self by releasing what no longer serves your life, love, and livelihood. Their purpose is to help you turn your life ‘messes’ into a ‘message’ so you can help others walk a similar path.” (

Is a Twin Flame Equivalent to Soulmate?

Dr. Harmony says on that while you can have many soulmates, you can only have one twin flame. Although initially when you meet your twin flame, it might seem as though he or she is your soulmate, the much greater intensity will distinguish this relationship as being a twin flame and not a soulmate.

She says that “they represent your strongest mirrored reflection […] Your twin flame ‘shows up’ to help you find your true self and align with your life purpose” (

According to Dr. Harmony, even if such relationship didn’t work up for you, you need to go on and stay focused on your inner work, which will

“accelerate the personal-healing process so you can reunite with your twin flame when the time is right.” (

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Clem Onojeghuo

How Do You Know that You’ve Met Your Twin Flame?

Vallejos explains on that “There’s a sense of homecoming,” when you meet your twin flame.

As it was mentioned earlier, twin flames serve as a reflection, like looking in a mirror, seeing your unprocessed trauma which can make it really intense, according to Vallejos on

Why Are Such Relationships So Hard to Maintain?

Vallejos explains on that twin flames, unlike life partners, experience very intense and challenging relationships that force them to become a bigger person by dealing with our unresolved issues. They are people who enter your life for a particular purpose: steer you to course and help you grow.

She adds that

“It is common for those relationships to separate because they are very difficult to maintain,” (

Does Twin Flame Separation Hinder Ascension?

According to Angela Heart on, it may be the case as she claims that the energies of real twin flames on earth is the most critical element in the transformation of earth or as she says it:

“for they are the leading edge of returning the Christ consciousness to the individual soul” (

She explains that our DNA is programmable and when even one embodies this particular consciousness, they anchor the pure pattern. So when a critical mass anchored this new consciousness or paradigm, then it is transmitted across the species as in 100th monkey phenomenon, as explained on According to her, this critical mass is 4.7% while others claim it’s 10%.

When Twin Flames Are Together, It Helps Humanity Ascend

Angela Heart says that twin flames are the ones that when they are together, they open the way to humanity’s transformation, as their energy can lift the most stubborn negative energies and “recycle” them to their highest frequency. She adds that our solar system and earth undergo a major transformation which raises the vibrational consciousness of humanity as I mentioned in my article on ascension and how we shift.

According to Angela Heart on, the purpose of twin flames today is three-fold:

“1. To awaken humanity
2. To use conscious union to assist in transmuting the energy forms on this dimension within the agreed upon time frame
3. To return this Earth to its true reality of rich, verdant life and beauty, to abundance and ecstasy in perfect pattern and form”

They are so crucial to this ascension that Jakki Smith-Leonardini, a clairvoyant, an energy healer, and a soul coach, says on that she has this mission to identify the twin flames of the world as their relationship “can shift the collective consciousness of the planet” (

This video explains about the twin flames and their connection to ascension from 3D to 5D

Is It a Lifelong Partnership?

According to Vallejos on, twin flames may not be lifelong partners as this is not their purpose and you shouldn’t wait for him or her as you may not meet your twin flame during this lifetime. They are more like a catalyst in each other’s life, very challenging, and help you confront unresolved traumas or issues and heal them.

How Do You Find Your Twin Flame?

According to Jakki Smith-Leonardini, the first step is to do your inner work, learn to accept and love yourself unconditionally. When you embody the love that you want to find and recognize your own divinity, then this love radiates into the world and you draw this kind of love, or your twin flame, like a magnet. But the bottom line is that it starts by your willing to do this deep spiritual work before you magnetize this type of relationship to your life. Only then, it’s likely that you and your twin flame will be drawn to each other. Moreover, you will meet one another when you’re both ready.

Nevertheless, you need to bear this in mind:

“Your twin flame is often someone who doesn’t “look” anything like you expected. Instead, they share your desire to make the world a better place and will mirror qualities of love, care, and commitment.” (

What Other Sources Say about Twin Flames?

However, there are other sources who claim that this “twin flames” and other concepts are New Age information which may be false, according to Tony Sayers and Underground Star in this video

It depends on what you resonate with and always discern. I will discuss more about being discerning in my next article.


To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


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