The Mandela Effect – Real or Mass Manipulation?

The Mandela Effect intrigues many people worldwide. Is it real or is it mass manipulation of the mind? Read here.

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Space portal for time and space travel symbolizing the Mandela Effect

Photo: Shutterstock

What Has Led Me to Write about the Mandela Effect?

A post on social media about a Bruce Springsteen album cover drew my attention. Although the cover of the album Born in the U.S.A. featured a shot of him from behind with a red cap tucked into his back pocket, many people recalled it was a red bandanna. They were absolutely sure they remembered a red bandanna.

Bruce Springsteen Red Cap in the back pocket

Photo: Alternate Memories Blog

What Is the Mandela Effect?

According to The Intrigued Mind, the Mandela Effect phenomenon is named after Nelson Mandela, as it was getting much attention after thousands and thousands of people remembered that he died in prison in the 1980s, while he actually was actually released from prison, became the president of South Africa (from 1994-1999), and only died in 2013.

But this is not that simple. Some people remember being confused, as they heard that Nelson Mandela died in 2013, while remembering he died in prison, as Corey Goode mentions his account of this phenomenon (Sphere Being Alliance). However, others, me included, only remember Nelson Mandela’s death in 2013 and don’t remember that he died in prison at all. So what is going on here?

What Could Be the Reason or Reasons for this Phenomenon?

Many reasons for the Mandela Effect were suggested, including confusion, alternate realities/parallel universes, we live in a simulation, manipulation of timelines, quantum computing (D-Wave quantum computers), false memory, time travel, war over timelines, or “is there something occurring at CERN that is splitting space-time or causing a strange merging of other realities?”, according to Sphere Being Alliance.

What Is a Timeline?

First, we need to understand what a timeline means.

Two meanings are suggested by The Free Dictionary:

  1. A schedule of activities or events; a timetable.
  2. A representation or exhibit of key events within a particular historical period, often consisting of illustrative visual material accompanied by written commentary, arranged chronologically.

However, as these two meanings don’t really give a clue about the cause for this phenomenon, I’d like to suggest another explanation.

A timeline, or timelines, could be different scenarios, or potential realities, that we may, or may not, experience. The question is how a certain reality is manifested. What determines which reality, or timeline, we will experience.

False Memories?

Could it be that so many people are wrong and confusing his long imprisonment with his death? Something is much bigger, as this phenomenon has grown much beyond the death of Nelson Mandela and millions of people worldwide experience it, according to The Intrigued Mind. It involves changing book titles and texts, track lyrics, whole countries moving (check New Zealand), logos changing, famous quotes from movies, history changing, according to The Intrigued Mind, and even seeing people who are supposed to be dead alive.

New Zealand changed place

Photo: The Intrigued Mind

Is This Just a “Crazy” Theory?

If you haven’t heard about the Mandela Effect until now, you may think this is totally crazy. I can relate to this thought. However, when I started studying this topic, I found that it’s probably one of the most intriguing and fascinating mysteries I’ve ever encountered. It’s hard to assume that so many people who have no psychological issues are wrong.

So What Could be the Reason for this Phenomenon and How Can We Know It Is the Right Reason?

Psychiatrists and psychologists claim that these are all false memories. But then they need to explain why masses of people worldwide have exactly the same “false” memory.

I don’t think so many people are confused, having false memories or hallucinating. Otherwise, we are really in big trouble!

The Intrigued Mind raises an important argument how to know if the theory for this phenomenon is, or might be, right. Those people who recalled that Mandela died in prison in the 1980s also remembered that he died in 2013. It means that they had two memories of the same event. This site suggests that it is caused as a result of two parallel universes that are merging. The people remember both ways: the new and the old. No memory was erased.

“If parallel universes are merging, then our memories are not being erased. They are merging. And so far, we don;t see memories disappearing. We only see changes in our memories.” (The Intrigued Mind).

Can CERN Be the Cause for the Mandela Effect?

When we check when the accounts about the Mandela Effect started, we see it happened in 2009 and exploded in 2012, which coincides with the CERN experiments. According to The Intrigued Mind, the first big experiment at CERN with the Large Hydron Collider (LHC) was carried out in 2009 and in 2012, the second big experiment there. We don’t know if this is the cause but even if it did created this effect, we could have not known it did.

“We have NO IDEA whatsoever what the experiments are doing to the fabric of space or time or whatever. We could be effecting the two dimensional world without even knowing it. We could be killing them in 2D land. We just don’t know!” (The Intrigued Mind)

And what is the meaning of the 2-meter statue of Hindu God of destruction Shiva at CERN? Shiva is known as “The Destroyer”. However, according to Fritjof Capra blog, there’s nothing sinister about this statue being placed at CERN. It is a gift from India and represents Shiva’s Cosmic Dance of creation and destruction as an allegory for the “for the cosmic dance of subatomic particles, which is observed and analyzed by CERN’s physicists”. You decide what is the meaning.

Look at CERN’s logo. What do you see? Is it a coincidence that if you rotate the numbers in the logo you get triple six?

CERN logo

Photo: CERN website

Edge of Wonder provides more intriguing theories about how CERN could be creating, or have effect, on the “Mandela Effect” from 0:54 second. They attempt to answer the question how CERN changed or manipulated timeline or timelines? “Even Steven Hawking said that space and time could collapse” (Edge of Wonder).

CERN, according to the Edge of Wonder, “trying to create rifts in time space send particles from this dimension to another dimension and vice versa [which can cause] repercussions in our timeline [of opening a black hole]”. At 8 minute mark they say what they think is the actual cause of the Mandela Effect. There are scientists who are really concerned about what they are doing at CERN.

One of the experiments at CERN had such severe consequences that they shut down the LHC during an experiment. The Express newspaper claims that according to “conspiracy theorits”, during this experiment a time portal opened leading to “an Iberworld Airbus A330-300 ended up landing 5,500 miles from where it was supposed to”. Mysteriously, this plane that started its descent “into Santa Cruz, Bolivia, but then found itself ‘instantly and mysteriously’ over the skies of Santa Cruz, in Tenerife, Spain, over 5,500 miles away”.

This newspaper goes on and cites an article on Freedom Fighter Times website that said:

“The power released from the LHC was so strong that it sent a time warp across the planet. […] What really happened can best be explained as a massive power outage all across South America.”

Strange Things Are Happening at CERN

Watch this video entitled “CERN Switzerland Satanic Tunnel Ritual Calling For Lucifer”

Strange Ritual at CERN

Stabbing a woman in what appears to be a Satanic sacrifice ritual isn’t a joke!

However, according to Donald Sanchez, there isn’t only one single CERN or Large Hardon Collider in the world located in Switzerland.

“According to Wikipedia & other sources, there are OVER 30000 Particle Accelerators in more than 4500 High-Energy Science Labs around the world. ALL OF THEM ARE MANIPULATING MATTER, and they’re.”

A video entitled “Dark Arts At CERN – The Truth May Shock You!​​” shows the videos, such as Neptune Diaries, that CERN produces. In this video, the narrator says “monster scientific machines[it’s about control]”. According to this video: “CERN will unlock the bottomless pit” This is their desired timeline for all. But we can turn it around… Their plan failed.

At 13:59 minute mark, the narrator says “Destroy my enemies. We are trying to open the gates of hell… and unleash the fallen angels & Nephilim spirits… on an unsuspecting world”

Dark Arts according to this YouTube channel is:

“A form of magic typically used for selfish, self-serving and/or nefarious purposes. Though it is not necessarily “evil” magic, dark arts tend to focus toward destruction, harming, cursing and otherwise complicating the lives of other people while advancing the user’s own state.”

Could it be that CERN, which is the most powerful particle accelerator and particle physics laboratory in the world, is controlled by dark forces that show us their evil plans through such videos?

Can Computers Delete Memories?

According to the blog TABU; Towards A Better Understanding, new computers could wipe out memories without you even noticing or being aware of this.

The playwright John Milton wrote in 1634: “Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind,” But apparently, according to experts, the privacy and freedom of our thoughts is being threatened by such computers. TABU; Towards A Better Understanding blog reveals that there are already devices which are able of knowing whether people are politically left-wing or right wing. In one experiment, researchers were able to read people’s minds – whether they planned to add or subtract two numbers – with 70 per cent accuracy.

Merging Timelines

According to Corey Goode (Sphere Being Alliance blog), he was shown merging of timelines:

“The mass consciousness is guiding these changes, and there is also indeed this almost elastic effect to space-time that begins to bring temporal realities collapsing them back in on each other.”

Corey goes on explaining that we (as a collective?) were terrified to see a nuclear bomb exploding in a U.S. city. But somehow the Mandela Effect led “to where none of us remember it or experienced it.” (Sphere Being Alliance blog).

He claims that this occurs on a large scale and many people have no memory about the different timeline. I, for instance, don’t recall that Nelson Mandela died in prison; I only remember that he became the president of South Africa and died in 2013.

Negative Timelines Are Collapsing

But how about the same event actually happening twice with recorded documents about it? This is exactly what Gregg Prescott, M.S., Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,, discusses in his article about the “Mandela Effect”. If you search for “Western Cape Branch of the South African Council for English Education, 1990 – South African literature (English)” on Google book search, you’ll find out a quote about “Nelson Mandela died on the 23rd of July 1991”.

Proof Nelson Mandela died in 1991

Photo: IN5D

proof Nelson Mandela died in 1991 rsz

Photo: IN5D

This is an undeniable proof that Nelson Mandela died 28 years ago and not in 2013!

Prescott’s explanation on IN5D is that negative timelines are collapsing which is great news! Although this article is from 2016, you may also have heard or read this year that we are now on a positive ascension timeline, as hard it is to believe. These are his words about this:

“so what we are seeing is that these timelines are converging into the best probable outcome for humanity. Each time a timeline converges, it creates a time anomaly that could include the sensation that time is speeding up, a glitch in time, or something along the lines of the Mandela Effect.”

Reality Is a Simulation

Vulture blog offers no less than 15 reasons why we may be living in a Matrix-like simulation. According to this blog, the phenomenon named The “Mandela Effect” is allegedly proof that “whoever is in charge of our simulation is changing the past.”

Alternately, some individuals with a memory of Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s have crossed from another universe into this universe in which he lived to the age of 95 (Vulture).

According to Vulture, it is also easier to prove that we live in a simulation than trying to prove that we don’t. To demonstrate this claim, they offer the explanations of nuclear physicist Zohreh Davoudi:

“believes that cosmic rays — the most energetic particles known to man — would appear as pixel-like chunks if we are within a simulation, and unending beams if we’re in base reality.”

David Chalmers, NYU philosopher, explains that you cannot get a proof that our reality is a simulation, as the evidence that proves this could be simulated.

Could it be that The “Mandela Effect” is part of a much bigger phenomenon of glitches in the simulation?

War over Timelines

Another explanation for this phenomenon might be that we are seeing is a spiritual war over the fate of humanity and earth. According to Zingdad on Voyages of Light, this spiritual war can be seen in that “there is an agenda in place on Earth that is deeply light-deficient”. Those who, according to Zingdad are “deeply light-deficient “DLD”” do not want the “consciousness of the matrix” to arise to full divine consciousness to maintain control over everything that is happening on the planet, as it is today.

Please check my last article entitled Who Controls the World for more information about those who wish to keep us under their full control in the matrix, to stop our ascension.

Zingdad explains that these DLDs are doing whatever they can to use timelines against us, against our shift in consciousness and spiritual evolution:

“If the DLD are told what the streams of consciousness are to wake us up, they’ll use that information against the Children of the Matrix. They’ve already weaponized timelines against us.”

Why Has This Information Been Kept from Us Until Now?

This information had not been released until now so that they cannot use it against us, as they did it the past. It is released now when it’s too late for the DLDs to change the timeline and the outcome of this war over timelines. I’ve recently heard a very powerful message from someone that I admire and paraphrase (and wants to remain anonymous): the light already won the war (over the timelines), but now we need to anchor it in the present.

Zingdad goes on to describe a third timeline that recently has opened up for those “on the accelerated awakening path and for the Starseeds and Light Bringers who wish it” (Voyages of Light). It is a Unity Conscious timeline for

“those who want to experience a blissful, joyful life on a planet very like this except surrounded by others who are themselves unity conscious.” (Voyages of Light)

The good news is that the ancient bloodlines, that I’ve discussed in my last article Who Controls the World, are now competing and fighting each other which leads to chaos on their side:

“The structures of power are beginning to conflict and compete with one another. In so doing, they lose coherence and direction” (Voyages of Light)

The war over timelines can be summed up as war over timeline of separation versus a timeline of unity and harmony (welcome to the 5D). To understand more about how we ascend to 5D, please read about the Ascension & How We Shift.

What Is the Optimal Timeline?

According to Corey Goode (Sphere Being Alliance blog), the optimal, most positive timeline is the one of the Ascension Event that I’ve mentioned earlier. This is a timeline where we leave behind all the pain and suffering of this 3D world.

Can We Move to a Positive Timeline as a Collective? How Do We Anchor the Optimal Timeline?

Gregg Prescott says on IN5D that we need to be very conscious about our thoughts and intentions to create the optimal timeline for ourselves.

“Be very cognizant of where you are placing your thoughts and intentions because each thought and intention is affecting the timeline and the highest probable outcome every millisecond!”

Corey Goode (Sphere Being Alliance blog) talks about those who seek the truth uniting for one cause, despite our different belief systems and information. We are unbeatable if we unite to bring in this shift in consciousness.

“If we can come together under that flag, then no one can stop us.” (Sphere Being Alliance blog)

Goode also talks about the power of mass focused intent by meditation. There are a number of studies showing how groups of people meditating on lowering crime can have impact on our reality and result in lower crime rates.

“And if we focus all of our intent on the same outcome, that’s the reality we’ll move into.” (Sphere Being Alliance blog)

Anchoring the Optimal Timeline

Another powerful message that Goode has about anchoring the optimal timeline is to become more service to others, as also David Wilcock constantly emphasizes in his talks.

David Wilcock shares in an interview entitled “DISCLOSURE: Alien Agenda” that in the past, the “dark” ones could go back through rituals he specifies to the past and change timelines which they didn’t want to happen. However, these days because so many people are awakening to what they were and are doing (regarding the timelines?), they can’t change the timelines fast enough! These dark ones could do edits to history by time travel to the past and changing timelines (44 minute mark).
Today there’s such a critical mass of people awakening to what these Illuminati/Satanists are doing including people like Tim Ray awakening many people that they can’t edit history fast enough!!!

We can turn their evil plans around and they will fail. Our imagination and creativity as a human species were used against us. We can use it for our benefit and imagine an amazing future for humanity and earth and every living thing on earth and manifest the Golden Age, the Golden Era, and New Earth that I discuss in my book. Continue to expose the truth despite the heavy censorship, scare tactics, and ridicule among others.

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


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