Updates about the Great Awakening Globally and The GCR/RV – video

My name is Shoshi Herscu and I’m an investigative journalist and an Israeli activist for many years. My book Mass Awakening is an expose of the great awakening globally, the secret space programs, the Cabal’s dark agenda, and the global currency reset or the RV.

In this video, I’m going to provide you updates on the great awakening globally and explanations and updates about the global currency reset/the RV/GESARA Act.

You can read more about this imminent transition in our financial system here:


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Some Updates About the Mass Awakening


The elections in Israel are approaching and will be held on April 9. I see a phenomenon resembling the Restart Opposition Movement in Iran which might turn into the surprise of this elections.

Zehut (Identity in Hebrew), a party which no one believed that it was going to pass the voting threshold, is gaining more supporters from different sectors, including left, right, young people, religious, non-religious, and Arabs. This party gains much support from different people due to the support of the Chairman of the party Moshe Feiglin for the legalization of cannabis, free economy, and separation of State and Church despite him being a practicing Jew.



The Russians continue to protest against Putin’s heavy censorship of the social media. I’ve shared on my Facebook and Twitter author pages screenshots that my friend sent me from Russia of blocked sites, including Linkedin and Twitter. I also posted new videos from these protests.

Linkedin blocked in RussiaTwitter blocked in Russia


The French Yellow Vest Protest continues despite Emmanuel Macron deploys French army against these unarmed protesters.

You can see this on The Mind Unleashed site.

Anthony Torres and Alex Lantier (March 21, 2019)
on Defend Democracy Press say that

” No evidence has been provided that the violence was caused by “yellow Vest” protesters. But the Élysée is seeking to tear up the right to protest on the basis of these murky events, which sections of the state apparatus itself have attributed to far-right forces.”

“The police, which were filmed ransacking the merchandise store of the Paris Saint-Germain football club, are now threatening the “yellow vests” with a major escalation of violence.”


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