The Event, Its Connection to Ascension, and News – video and podcast

My name is Shoshi Herscu, an Israeli activist, investigative journalist, and a writer. My book Mass Awakening is a full disclosure book about the great awakening of humanity globally, the Elite’s depopulation agenda, secret space programs, the Event, and new earth. In this video, I will talk about what is The Event, share with you first-hand accounts of those who have already experienced it, why are we here at this time, and how is it connected to ascension? I will be sharing about how the event will manifest, what will happen after the Event, and share important news. Please like, share, and subscribe to this channel. We need to awaken as many people as possible before the shift actually happens. You are important to this mass awakening of humanity. Please remember this!

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.

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