Starseeds and How They Help Us Ascend and Move to 5D New Earth

There are allegedly different starseeds, people whose souls are of non-earthly origins. Many people on earth are awakening to this notion that their soul may be from another planet outside earth. Perhaps you were drawn to read this article because you feel that you, or your children, might be one of these starseeds.

In this article, I’m going to explain who these starseeds are, where do they originate from, and what characteristics they have. Moreover, I’ll attempt to answer the intriguing question why they are here at this time. Could it be that they are here to help us ascend and move to 5D new earth?

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What Is Ascension? 

Before explaining what are starseeds and how they are connected, or not, to the ascension process, we first need to understand what is the ascension process.

According to David Wilcock, Ascension means graduation from earth school. “Those who will not graduate will go through another 25,000 year cycle on 3D earth (on another planet because planet earth will become 5D).” (Awakening in the Dream: Contact with the Divine, p. 159)

What Are Starseeds?

According to David Wilcock’s last book Awakening in the Dream Contact with the Divine (Chapter 7, p. 129), Corey Goode, a whistleblower who worked twenty years in the secret space program, revealed that

“certain human beings on Earth are extraterrestrial souls volunteering to be here, and usually consciously unaware of this connection.”

Wilcock also discusses Mandelker’s observations that “a wanderer was an alleged ET soul. This was a person who had volunteered to become human, but their soul had originated in higher realms, or higher “densities” as the Law of One called it. […] They came here because our planet was in unusually extreme amount of trouble compared to most other third-density worlds. […] In the higher realms, it was as if we were all screaming and crying for help, and these benevolent angelic beings could not ignore the call.” (Awakening in the Dream Contact with the Divine, Chapter 11, p. 205)

Scott Mandelker has a B.A. in Buddhist Studies, M.A. in Counseling and Ph.D. in East West Psychology, and he has lectured widely on metaphysics, personal growth and the spirituality of UFO/ET contact (

Graham Elkin, a psychic reader and relationship specialist, goes even further and says that

“Starseeds are highly evolved, gifted souls who originate from the universe, various star systems or faraway galaxies, and have taken human form here on Earth, not knowing their true origin.”

What Distinguishes Starseeds from Other People? produced a brilliant video that succinctly summarizes these differences. If you click the link, you’ll be able to watch it, as there’s no option to embed it on the site.

This is the main difference that distinguishes between those whose souls are of earth origin and those of non-terrestrial soul origins.

“Starseeds feel homesickness, intense desire to be out there where they belong, their true home. For these individuals, Earth and its inhabitants have always felt foreign. That they don’t belong here.” (

the wording why are you trying so hard to fit in

Other differences mentioned in the above video ( include the following:

  1. Possessing an innate wisdom since childhood that is more common later in life.
  2. Starseeds are very intuitive and possess something which you may call “B.S. detector”, which allows them to see through people’s facades.
  3. Being drawn to the unknown and metaphysics.
  4. Sensing that the societal, monetary and the entire Earth matrix is strange, even before awakening to the truth about the real reality on Earth.
  5. Strong aversion to violence, conflict and war. They wish to see a more peaceful Earth.
  6. Animals and babies are drawn to them.

Do you resonate with these characteristics? If yes, please comment below as I love to reading your comments.

Why Are Starseeds on Earth?

According to‘s video mentioned-above,

Starseeds made a conscious decision to be born as humans on Earth to raise human race’s consciousness. However, they are being born on Earth in a state of amnesia and forgot their homes on other planets and their mission.

starseeds mission and image of space

Starseeds Have Different Origins

Starseeds originate from many planets, including Arcturians from Arcturus star system, Pleiadians from the Pleiades (also known as the seven sisters) – located in the constellation of Taurus (, Andromedans from the Andromeda constellation/galaxy, Sirians from Sirius star. According to, there are hundreds of starseeds types. I’ll discuss the most common ones in this article.

“Some of the most well-known Starseeds are the PleiadiansSiriansAviansOrionsReptiliansArcturians, Andromedans and Lyrans.” (Souls Space)

Characteristics of the Different Starseeds

Each star, universe, constellation, galaxy, or world have different energy. Starseeds carry within them these specific energies from where they originate and recognized by the energy they emit (

A woman holding earth gently

The Arcturians

Arcturians are known as master healers and as highly evolved race with telepathic abilities. They have strong mental and physical capabilities and excellent communicators of information by various means, including geometry, sound, and color (


Image: WooWoo Media

14 Hidden Signs You’re An Arcturian Starchild

Pleiadean Starseeds

They have a strong desire for happiness and peace and they are enjoyable to be around. However, they are emphatic beings who tend to suppress emotions ( The most well-known channeled information from this group was provided by the author Barbara Marciniak in her book Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, which I read twice.


Image: Cosmic News

Pleiadian Starseed 🌟 Have You Got These 10 Personality Traits?


Sirian starseeds don’t concern themselves with the past as they are focused on creating the future. They are spiritually deep and live simply. They are helpers and doers, open-minded but also they know their own truth (


Are You A Sirian Starseed?

All About Our Sirius Galactic Family – Bridget Nielsen

You may want to skip to 3:00 minute mark where she begins talking about the traits of Sirian starseeds.

Andromedan Starseeds

According to Souls Space, Andromedan starseeds are very loving and intelligent star race. As they live in very high dimensions, mostly up to the 12 dimension, there aren’t many Andromedan starseeds on earth.

“It is said that there are less than 1 million currently on Earth. In comparison, there are millions of Pleiadian Starseeds incarnated here right now.” (Souls Space)

Andromedan Starseed Mission And Traits

Just by living on earth, they can greatly affect others by their presence. They are system busters and freedom seekers who are undercover heroes who only want to help (Souls Space).


Image: Conscious Reminder

Alex Collier, former CEO of an accounting practice, according to his 1994 interview, is the author of several books, and lectures in the western states about the topic of bad ETs collaborating with the Cabal (Mass Awakening, Chapter Nine, p. 214), is the perhaps most famous contactee with the Andromedans, as well as an Andromedan starseed himself according to his account.

Lyran Starseeds

Lyran Starseeds (from constellation Lyra) are highly intelligent, tend to be knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, and are very independent in nature, and tend to be loners (Souls Space). As they exude powerful energy, it “allows them to become great leaders.” (Souls Space)

According to Souls Space, there aren’t many Lyran starseeds incarnated on Earth, as supposedly, most of them decided to leave Earth because of the Reptilian starseeds incarnated on this planet.

Lyran woman


If you want to know more about the traits of Lyran starseeds, watch this video:

Blue Rays

According to Sekina Rose, Blue Ray starseeds came from many different planets that ascended and higher dimensions to help humanity raise consciousness on earth. Their mission is to “to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity and set the stage for the other Rays to come.” (Sekina Rose)

earth is going through ascension now twitt

The Soul Matrix portrays these starseeds as skilled energy workers who “have a huge capacity for compassion and love.” Many choose to incarnate into ‘dark’ families (Cabal or Black Nobility perhaps) because they are here to transmute difficult dense energies.

“Blue Ray beings tend to be more empathic, mystical and quieter than Indigos. Many are drawn to energy work and healing.” (The Soul Matrix) provides more details about the Blue Rays.

  • Often they were born between 1950 and 1975.
  • They are natural alchemists who naturally transmute lower energies.
  • They are extremely intuitive, sensitive.
  • They express and communicate through creative arts and spirit.

Blue Ray Starseeds – Traits and Characteristics!


What Are Wanderers?

As starseeds wander the universe, or universes, they are considered “wanderers”. It’s a general term associated with starseeds. A wanderer is another name for a starseed.

“A wanderer is a soul that has “wandered” from its place of origin to have more experiences elsewhere.” (

Are You a Wanderer, a Starseed? suggests 11 signs that you may be a wanderer, a starseed.

I’ll only mention a few of them. You feel a strong love for the planet and wish to rectify its ills, as you feel there are better ways to solve the problems on earth. You have anxiety and depression as you came from higher realms, from much higher-vibrational realms, to incarnate in a 3D human meat suit.

“Your high sensitivity can feel like both a gift and a curse. When you learn to trust your inner knowing and when you become skilled at managing your own energy, life will be much easier. Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is hard work.” (

Another major sign that you’re a wanderer is that you have trouble with authority, including at work and with the laws and rules which seem absurd. Just witnessing the absurdity of the rules and regulations of the COVID-19 plandemic this year can lead to this reaction.

Moreover, starseeds (wanderers) suffered adversity since childhood. You can read David Wilcock’s account in his book The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil, in which he describes his adversities since childhood. It’s a miracle he’s still alive to tell.

What Are Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children?

If you’re still reading, you might have determined that you’re probably a starseed. There’s a lot of discussion about the indigo, crystal, and rainbow children. But what and who are they?

According to, these are the three waves of volunteers from other planets who agreed to incarnate on earth to help humanity ascend, move to 5D new earth. Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist who specialized in past life regression, mentioned the three waves of such volunteers, although she had not used these names.

“They have been divided into 3 groups based on their arrival time throughout earth[‘]s ascension process. The first being; Indigos, the second, Crystals and the third, Rainbows.” (

Their traits depend on the galaxy or star system they originated from.

Indigos, Indigo Children

Indigos incarnated on Earth between 1950s and 1980s. They are called Indigos due to the color of their aura which corresponds with the 6th chakra “related to truth, vision, clarity and spiritual perseverance.” (

They are system busters who entered Earth at a crucial time in the awakening of humanity, the ascension process, to initiate change and disrupt the matrix of control as a whole, including political, social, and economic systems (

Chrystal Children

According to, crystal children followed the footsteps of the Indigo children, indigo starseeds. They began to incarnate on Earth from the 1980s until the early 2000s (

According to, they are called Crystal children as their aura is crystal clear. In general, they are the children of Indigos. Being idealists since they are born and wanting to create a perfect world for all characterizes them.

“They are here to lay the foundations of love, compassion, empathy, and kindness for the new generation of starseeds to build upon. They are here to teach humanity the gift of unconditional love and kindness.” (

Rainbow Children

They are the most recent wave of starseeds to incarnate on earth. Rainbow children have begun incarnating since 2000s and mostly are the children of Crystals (

Not much is known about them as they are very new (

According to, they are highly spiritually evolved, originating from the ninth dimension of consciousness, and free from negative karma. Their name derives from the color of their aura, the color of a rainbow.

“The most special thing about rainbow children is that they effortlessly move through life by giving and receiving joy, rather than acting on impulse and desire, even from a very young age.” (

The First Starseeds

It may surprise you, as it surprised me, to discover that the first starseeds were the Atlantians and Lemurians.

Lemuria preceded Atlantis and was seeded by the Pleiadians, according to Alexander Quinn, personal coach, on a talk with Nicholas Veniamin. Please watch this very powerful talk about our DNA, what the jab is doing to our DNA and body and how it affects our ascension process. Just click the wording Nicholas Veniamin, because when I embed it on site, it deletes content that comes afterwards.

Although their lands were destroyed millennia ago, the most advanced souls of these two civilizations were rescued, according to Moon Omens. This is the purpose of their being on earth, according to this source:

“The divine purpose of these two Starseed types is to help humanity ascend into its Golden Age.” (Moon Omens)

The Evil Entities Will Stop at Nothing to Halt Our Ascension Process

As starseeds are so essential to the ascension process, there are non-physical entities, artificial intelligence that JC Kay discussed in one of her recent talks (the video below from 34:00 to 44:00 minute mark), that do everything to stop this process which is destructive to them. These non-physical entities are called the Chimera and they look like spider/tentacle beings. The more the alliance/white hats cut their timeline of keeping us, humans enslaved, the more they become panicky and aggressive. (

To suppress key lightworkers/starseeds, these spider beings cling to them unnoticed and release negative energies into the person or premises to eliminate or minimize their influence on the ascension process, according to,

“These energies cause affected Starseeds to become either extremely aggressive, depressed (with suicidal thoughts), passive, exhausted/tired, or to have massive anxiety attacks (sometimes all at once). Additionally, it can cause sleeplessness or extremely bad sleep with disturbing nightmares.

So, these attacks are intended to eliminate or at least immobilize important Lightworkers so that they are no longer able to participate in the Ascension Process.”

Alexander Quinn on the talk mentioned previously with Nicholas Veniamin emphasizes that those people who take the jab stop their ascension process. He explains that the evil ones want to leave us enslaved to literally feed off us and if we ascend, they are gone. It’s a spiritual war. It’s galactic, according to Alexander Quinn and Nicholas Veniamin at 34:46 minute mark.

The Cabal shows us in our faces who they are controlled by. You can see such huge spider called  “Maman” (mother in French) in front the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, ON, Canada. You can see the image on Wikipedia. Other places where you can find such giant spider statues include the Sculpture Museo Guggenheim. Bilbao, Spain, at Mori Art Museum, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan, the Louvre Museum, Paris, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France like this one.

Spider statue ParisPhoto: Mary Hodder on

Astounding Elements provides a list with all the giant spider statues worldwide which by now, you’re aware that it symbolizes Chimera spiders on the non-physical plane.

  • Mori Art Museum, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
  • Samsung Museum of Modern Art (Leeum), Seoul, S Korea
  • State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France
  • Tate Modern, London, UK
  • Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
  • Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, USA
  • National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
  • National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., USA
  • Palace of the Asturian Center, Havana, Cuba
  • Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Des Moines, USA
  • Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The 144,000 Lightwarriors

The predictions about the 144,00 lightworkers/lightwarriors were made by different sources, such as the Emerald Tablets and native Americans among many others (Era of Light).

Who Are the 144,00 Lightworkers?

Allegedly, “A great call went out to all lightworkers in the known universes to come here to help and guide this planet through the Ascension process.” (Era of Light)

Those who accepted this call and mission are supposed to be these 144,000 lightworkers who save earth from “the forces of darkness” who rule this planet. They are here, on planet earth, in the process of ‘waking up’ to their divine mission and “slowly but surely realizing that they are here to assist in the great transformation of Earth” (Era of Light).

Are the 144,000 Lightworkers Starseeds?

According to Era of Light, some of them are starseeds and some are “native” souls of earth.

“The majority of the 144,000 are advanced incarnated Starseeds from more advanced planets, although some of the 144,000 are advanced local souls of Earth.” (Era of Light)

How to Meet Your Star Family?

Melanie Beckler, a spiritual guide on your spiritual and ascension path, discusses how you can connect with your galactic, star family in the following video from 3:57 minute mark. The things that most block this connection is fear, doubts, insecurity.

As higher vibrational beings, they need your consent for them to connect with you not to infringe upon your free will. You have to ask for them to contact you, which might be through telepathic communication, through meditation, dreams.

5:29 minute – Let go of fear. They don’t want to scare you. Clear out lower energies, past life experiences, emotional cleansing.

7:00 minute – Be vigilant to make sure you meet light beings and ask, “Are you of the light? Are you of Christ/creator consciousness” If they say, yes, then congratulations! But be careful.

7:27 – There are thousands of galactic beings, different shapes, from different dimensions.

The Cosmic Event that Will Lead to Ascension of Earth

This cosmic event is called “The Event” which I discussed in a previous article.

David Wilcock shares the message from the angelic non-terrestrial beings that he was allegedly contacted by to prepare for a mega solar cosmic event which resembles the “Christian idea of rapture. Namely, our entire planet is heading into a massive and irreversible spiritual transformation.” (Awakening in the Dream: Contact with the Divine, chapter 12, p. 232)

Remember the Big Picture

Lorie Ladd, a teacher, speaker, and author provides a powerful message about the ascension of humanity from 3D to 5D in the following short video.

A summary of this very uplifting message for everyone who reads this:

“We DO get through it together. The timeline for humanity is to ascend into the Golden Age of peace and prosperity. That Golden Age ALREADY EXISTS in the higher dimensions. We just have to play out the final act in the play here in the lower dimensions. Then humanity can finally ascend out of thousands of years of slavery.”

Yes, we are doing this together and the light is winning despite the remains of the Cabal still screaming and kicking… They can carry out their old scare tactics, but they don’t work anymore. People see through their manipulation.

I would also like to share this urgent message from Elizabeth April, a committed Galactic Federation channeller and paradigm shifter, to starseeds. The video is from March but is very relevant these days.

Hang on in there. The victory of the light is very close.
ray of light shining on earth from above

Let’s make earth great again

To the Victory of the Light 


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