Remote Viewing & Project Looking Glass

Remote viewing and Project Looking Glass are few of the most suppressed technologies out there. Former military and secret space programs whistleblowers and insiders have exposed these technologies. Are these technologies suppressed because they predict our future? If so, what is it in our future that they are suppressing so much? Read here.

human holding a looking glass and seeing the world map

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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Remote Viewing

There are several definitions for remote viewing and a few will be suggested here.

Remote viewing, according to Internation Remote Viewing Association is:

“a novel perceptual discipline for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses. Used extensively by so-called “psychic spies” during the Cold War for classified military projects, it has a long history both as an intelligence gathering tool and as the subject of research and applications in the civilian world.”

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., defines remote viewing as

“the mental ability to perceive and describe places, persons, or events at distant locations in the past, present, and future. ” ( describes remote viewing as a “skill developed via mental discipline, which enables the practitioner to observe events or locations in any space or time, even in alternative timelines, with the assistance of a trigger and what is called a conductor.”

The Purpose of Remote Viewing

According to Courtney Brown in his book Cosmic Voyage (1996), the original purpose of training these remote viewers, or “psychic warriors”, as Brown calls them was to remotely spy on the perceived enemies of the U.S. However, those trained remote viewers started experimenting on more interesting targets than seeing behind the Kremlin walls and began to examine the UFO phenomenon.

He claims that this interest in remote viewing began within the CIA in the 1970s. Nevertheless, most of the research in this field was “conducted by U.S. Army intelligence.” (Cosmic Voyage, 1996)

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Political Science at Emory University (excerpt from his bio as it appeared in his book Cosmic Voyage (1996).

Courtney Brown Bio from the Book Cosmic Voyage

Photo: Cosmic Voyage (1996)

Remote Viewing Protocols

These protocols were not developed by the military or an intelligence agency, as it could have been expected, but by an artist (a painter), Ingo Swann, who described them as “a basic theoretical overview of why remote viewing works.” (Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind, 1991). Although Ingo Swann was not a scientist, his protocols was “the early version of the remote-viewing protocols used by the U.S. military” (Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind, 1991).

Remote Viewing Tools and Technologies shares remote viewing protocols which you can learn and test.

The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Reality also offers tools and technologies for civilian applications.

Structured Remote Viewing

SRV or Structured Remote Viewing, as Courtney Brown labels these protocols (Cosmic Voyage, 1996).

“SRV is a set of protocols, or procedures, that allows what is often referred to as the “unconscious mind” to communicate with the conscious mind, thereby transferring valuable information from one level of awareness to another.”

How It Is Performed

Scientific remote viewing is used by recording the information coming from the unconscious before the conscious mind can interfere with it applying “normal waking-state intellectual processes, such as rationalization or imagination.” (Cosmic Voyage, 1996)

Picture drawing is a crucial component of these protocols (Cosmic Voyage, 1996).

What Was Revealed during Remote Viewing Sessions?

Courtney Brown revealed that non-physical entities he calls “Midwayers”, a group of subspace beings who originated from The Urantia Book, were the target of a remote viewers team that wanted to investigate this group.

Who Are the Midwayers?

According to Courtney Brown,

“These Midwayers are assigned to Earth to assist humans in matters dealing with human spiritual evolution.” (Cosmic Voyage, 1996)

They are not extraterrestrials as they are permanently based on earth, but they are not human in the physical either. Nevertheless, “they work and live in a human environment.” (Cosmic Voyage, 1996)

According to Courtney Brown’s remote viewing trainer, our focal point needs to be raising our consciousness to deal with what is coming in the coming years (Cosmic Voyage, 1996).

What Are the “Midwayers”?

Courtney Brown reveals that these beings never assume physical form, according to The Urantia Book, although their frequency, or density, is close to that of human physical density “and their bodies are just out of range of our physical abilities to perceive them.” (Cosmic Voyage, 1996).

Project Looking Glass

According to Health Ranger Report situation update (March 30, 2021), Project Looking Glass is an exotic technology that allows scientists who are working with the U.S. government to essentially see the future, or more accurately, they can calculate probabilities of future events or future timelines occurring.

Watch on Brighteon from 1:05:02 hour mark by clicking on the highlighted channel name Brighteon, as WordPress won’t allow me to embed a video from this platform.

To understand what is a timeline, please check my article about the Mandela Effect.

Can Project Looking Glass Predict the Future?

According to Bill Hamilton, a consulting senior programmer-analyst who served in the Air Force (USAF Security Service) (, a UFO investigator and author,
“With regard to LG (Looking Glass): As I understand it, this device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. In other words, you could not see exactly what would happen, like a series of events.” (

Who Controls This Technology?

In the video mentioned above, Mike Adams (Health Ranger Report situation update on March 30, 2021), says that either this technology is weaponized against we, the people worldwide, or that the white hats control it. This technology can be used both for good and for bad/evil. Depends on who controls it.

They can look at possible timelines, explore them, and if you change things in the present, the probabilities of these timelines would shift accordingly (1:05:18 hour mark). Mike Adams goes further and explains that “there are multiple possible futures and free will is the method by which we choose which future actually materializes.” (Health Ranger Report situation update on March 30, 2021)

According to Adams, our future becomes our present through our free will.

He repeats what other sources say that only by this technology, Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected but Trump with the white hats in the military (and intelligence agencies) that saved humanity. This is my perspective now… I’m not sure that Trump is a white hat anymore since I’ve recently connected the dots about him. I’ll share more information about this in a separate post.

Convergence of Future Timelines

According to certain sources, the white hats control this technology and they’ve already won!

At 1:08:22 hour mark (in the above-mentioned video), these sources claim that there’s only one timeline moving forward now and in fact, all the timelines converge to this one timeline which is the timeline of awakening or ascension (which I call “mass awakening” of humanity worldwide) and there’s nothing that the Deep State can do right now to stop it. So all the evil that we’re currently seeing, including the censorship, the crimes against humanity are the last desperate moves of the anti-human globalists’, pro-Luciferian agenda even though they already lost the game (1:08:50). The Cabal will fight until their very end.

1:10:23 – Evil doesn’t win in the end. But God wins.

1:10:54 – Free will could always shift the future. This is the key to setting the timeline. “Consciousness is not something you were granted by Bill Gates. But by God. […] And your consciousness is a key part of that (setting the timeline). What we’re experiencing right now is mass awakening.” (Health Ranger Report situation update on March 30, 2021)

Confirmation for the Mass Awakening

Mike Adams gives examples to show the evidence for this mass awakening:

1:11 hour mark – How many people were aware of child trafficking that they weren’t aware of five years ago? How many knew about the dangers of vaccines? How many are aware that there are aliens observing earth?

1:12:35 – and now we have the looking glass technology that is telling us (that God wins in the end, the mass awakening). commentary sums Bill Wood’s testimony brilliantly, although he doesn’t mention his name. refers to Mike Adam’s video which I mentioned earlier.

“Importantly, we have already passed the point of convergence in these timelines, meaning there’s nothing that Satan, the deep state and demonic forces can do to stop the ultimate victory of good over evil. It doesn’t mean they won’t try to cause as much pain, suffering and destruction as possible in their last remaining moves, but the final outcome is already preordained.” (

Yellow Cube Technology

In the interview by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot with Bill Wood, Kerry Cassidy mentioned another device together with the looking glass one. It was the yellow cube.

According to, the Yellow Cube technology is allegedly used by industrial-military complex to manipulate timelines.

“Yes, this is sounding like the plot behind Avengers: Endgame, but it’s a fascinating premise: the glass is actually a portal for us to not only view alternate timelines but also to use it as a sort of time travel device that’ll allow those who possess it to influence our current timeline.[…] So whoever uses the Yellow Cube can, theoretically, see probable outcomes as a result of specific actions. However, it’s hindered by the “consciousness level” of whoever was present watching future events unfold. Human emotions, too, would often cloud and influence the results of the events being holographically projected, interestingly enough.” (

How Does This Technology Look Like?

There are two versions of this technology, according to my knowledge. One that Corey Goode describes as a device that fits into your palm like a notepad. It seems that they removed all mentions of this specific technology. The other version is of something that looks like engineered, huge rings (mentioned by David Wilcock) which, if I understand correctly, becomes a machine that operates as a stargate and opens a wormhole to travel through. According to Wilcock, they have been using this technology at least since the 1940s. Here are some images…

Project Looking Glass Rings

Photo: David Wilcock on Project Looking Glass | Secret Space Program Tech REVEALED

He explains how this technology works in the following lecture on Rumble:


David Wilcock is a New York Times bestselling author of The Source Field Investigations, The Synchronicity Key, The Ascension Mysteries, and his latest excellent book Awakening in the Dream. He is also a professional lecturer, filmmaker, and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy.

“According to the alleged insiders, The Looking Glass technology was apparently used to look backward and forward in time, using the consciousness of an operator as a type of steering mechanism. The operator would sit in a chair that was apparently recovered from a downed extraterrestrial craft capable of interfacing with consciousness directly.” (

According to Courtney Brown (Cosmic Voyage), “the biases of the operator would have a direct effect on the images collected. For example, if one were to look back to the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, if the person doing so was an atheist, they may not see anything at all. But if the person was a Christian, they may see the infamous crucifixion event.” (

You can see this type of technology revealed in the movie Contact (1997). If you click on the title of the movie, you’ll be able to watch it.

Here’s the excerpt from the movie that shows this technology:

More Whistleblowers Expose Looking Glass Project

Dan Burisch, PhD in microbiology who worked for the U.S. secret military forces came forward and revealed his knowledge about this project.

According to, Burisch “worked directly under the orders of the “Majestic 12”.”

“Majestic 12”, according to FBI records is

“a secret committee created to exploit a recovery of an extra-terrestrial aircraft and cover-up this work from public examination.”

Of course, at the end of this statement, they retract and say that it was found to be a fake document that the two FBI offices received. You can check this document by clicking on the highlighted FBI records.

Extraterrestrial Technology

Dan Burisch refers to the Looking Glass devices as devices made with extraterrestrial technology made on Earth which create ““Stargates” or dimensional portals[…] Through these Stargates you could access a wormhole and therefore in a parallel dimension or in a spatial coordinate different from ours.” (

Looking Glass Apparatus 

Dan describes a stargate in Area 51 as a huge apparatus with “a platform that allowed to throw the object inside the wormhole to travel to other stars, teleporting people or materials from one place to the other instantly.” (

Burisch warns that this type of device is not very reliable, or safe, as he saw a person who died during one of those experiments (

This Technology Uses

It was also used “to see the probabilities of future events” (

Who Have Given This Technology?

This technology was given to President Eisenhower by the Orion ET races (that Corey Goode, an SSP insider recently disclosed). It was “a cube about eight centimeters wide by another eight centimeters long, capable of predicting the future. It has been passed between rich and powerful to be able to choose well in their lives.” ( provides more illustrations of Project Looking Glass


Illustration: The Orion Cube mentioned-above is allegedly, according to Burisch, a Stargate device, that is also known as the “Looking Glass” device. It would be hidden from the United States within Area 51 (

the orion cube device illustration

Image: The Orion Cube might be the Looking Glass device (

How Does Looking Glass Technology Work?

Wilcock claims that looking glass device operates in a similar way as “the pineal gland in the human body, which is able to create a highly coherent energy vortex or torsion field under certain conditions allowing an individual to receive information by non-physical means.” (

History of the Looking Glass Device

Earlier versions of the project developed “an actual portal that an individual could move through to jump in time.” (

Why Is This Technology Being Suppressed?

According to Bill Wood, an ex-navy seal insider, who had an interview with Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot a decade ago, they, the Cabal/DS, allegedly couldn’t see events, or timelines, unfolding according to their plans after 2012. According to his testimony, they panicked by what they’ve seen.

Bill Wood starts talking about Project Looking Glass and stargates from 1:59:52 hour mark (out of 2:30 hours).

He reveals that there was a “problem” when they approached 2012 and allegedly, this project was shut down due to this “problem”.

2:00:31 hour mark – According to Bill Wood’s understanding, the problem was that at a certain point in time, the timelines converge (sounds similar to what Mike Adams talks about in the previously-mentioned video).

He explains that from 2012, no matter what choices we (humanity as a collective) make, it doesn’t have an effect on a particular timeline that is set. This is in contrast with being able to influence the timelines (scenarios) before 2012.

2:03:10 – He says that very smart people realized that something big is coming, as a result of seeing only one particular future materializing in reality (despite the different probabilities fed into the Looking Glass device).

2:03:39 – “That’s the big secret.[..] All the possible timelines lead to the same set of history in the future.” (Bill Wood)

2:04:21 – He says that this secret sent everyone who knows this secret (including the Elites of the world) into a “blind panic” in Bill Wood’s words.

2:04:41 – From a time beyond December 21, 2012, nothing could be manipulated. It’s an end game for the so-called global Elites, Powers that Be (my hope is they will soon be the Powers that were).

2:05:18 – When Kerry Cassidy asked him when he was exposed to this information, he replies that it was while he was in the military prior to 1997!

2:07:48 – This timeline is inevitable event that would happen despite the Elites’ attempts to manipulate and control this timeline by telling us what will happen. They can only react to this particular timeline.

2:08:32 – But their (the Cabal’s) reaction will have an opposite effect and lead to their undesired outcome.

2:08:44 – And according to Bill Wood, this timeline is the awakening process. “It’s an evolution of consciousness (ascension) that cannot and will not no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation, it all resolves to one (scenario) which is coming to the truth. Becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that have been built.”

2:09:58 – When Kerry Cassidy asked him to verify whether all different types of looking glass devices, systems, were shut down, he says that yes, because they all came to the same timeline. It became useless to the Elites as they were unable to control or manipulate it.

2:11:02 – Bill Wood says that he thought back then when he was in the military that it was the end of the world. However, now he realizes that it’s the end “of their world”.

2:17:24 – “For all intents and purposes, what we believe to be true eventually becomes true. If somebody convinces us that a major disaster is going to happen in the very near future, a major disaster happens in the very near future. If we don’t buy into that fear and accept that there is really nothing that we know is going to happen […] that makes the convergence of timelines as naturally as possible.” (Bill Wood)

2:19:29 – According to Bill Wood, what we currently experience is a chess game between two master chess players and the loser can only prolong the game. Not to reverse the final outcome. “Both players know the game is over.” (Bill Wood)

You can see the entire interview on a mirrored YT channel, as the original video was removed from this platform.

More Confirmation that We’re on a Positive Timeline

As strange as it may sound, another whistleblower, Dan Burisch validates Bill Wood’s testimony’s conclusion that we, as humanity, are on a positive timeline.

“An attempt was made to look into the future, but no concrete data was able to be received past the infamous date of December 21st, 2012, suggesting that this date is a nexus point in time, whereby either timeline one or timeline two would gain momentum.” (

Burisch suggested that the positive timeline had an over 80% likelihood of coming to fruition and since today, we are nine years beyond that date in 2012 “and no major cataclysms have occurred, we are most likely well entrenched in the positive timeline.” (

Other Scenarios 

According to, Lyn Buchanan, a former military who participated in remote viewing projects in the army and the Executive Director of a company that provides remote viewing training and applications to both individuals and organizations (Problems>Solutions>Innovations(P>S>I)), shared in a talk with George Noory (that obviously was removed from YouTube) that he was tasked “to predict the situation in the United States up to 2050” in 1998 (Awaken_Now Bitchute channel).

Lyn Buchanan claimed in this interview with George Noory that “There will be a massive man-made die off.” He immediately adds that the end result is positive for humanity to which Noory instantly interjects and asks how it could be good for the human race. Buchanan answers to this that the survivors will, on one hand, enjoy all the scientific advances while, on the other hand, be free and self-sufficient agrarian society.

The Reason for the Massive Die-off

He was asked in another talk if the massive die-off had to do with the “vaccinations” campaign and he replied that it has everything to do with it (2:37 minute mark). This massive man-made die off is the result of the current injections campaign. Please watch these interviews in the video mentioned below on Bitchute.

“Beginning in the year 2020 a series of man-made natural disasters would start and last for about twenty years. By the end of the 20 years, so by 2040, 75% of the world’s population will be wiped-out.[…] From 2040 to 2050, for the survivors…everything got better and better.” (Awaken_Now Bitchute channel).

He saw that in 2020 people were isolated and communicated with relatives and others by technology showing with his hands that it’s the same as they had this talk… via technology. He added that he hoped he’s wrong about what he got from this remote viewing session. (Awaken_Now Bitchute channel).

Please watch the video on Bitchute as WordPress disables this video if I embed it here.

We Have No Say about Creating Our Destiny

From my experience, many people embrace a very defeatist perspective on our destiny. They think that we cannot affect our reality and move to a positive timeline for the good of humanity. I don’t subscribe to this view which ultimately results in inaction. From my own experience and knowledge, we have everything to say about our destiny and must choose and take action which will lead to the optimal timeline for humanity. Because we’re all in this together irrespective of religion, gender, culture, or belief system. 

To demonstrate this, I’ll share insights about our creative abilities and power to affect our reality from Mass Awakening (p. 44):

After reading the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy MD., I understood the principle and was “able to heal myself from a recurring health condition that was being treated by antibiotics and made me extremely weak during my studies in the UK. It was the only time when I cured myself without taking any medicine, only by applying the principles that Joseph Murphy discusses.” 

Unfortunately, this same principle is used to the detriment of humanity. People unconsciously are being manipulated into creating a horrifying reality without being aware of this inducement. 

Your Voice Matter 

Michael DellaRocca, the founder of Our Everyday Lives YouTube channel, tells in the following video that I warmly recommend to watch it that he wasn’t aware of the impact he had by making his videos until one day, a father whose son watches his videos approached him on the street and thanked him for his service and his messages.

In another video, he described how the 144,000 lightworkers, lightwarriors, are creating a grid across earth, across the world (9:07 minute mark). “So you need to keep moving forward.” (9:24)

11:21 – “We will burn this matrix to the ground!”

Watch here:

Our Future

David Icke’s made a powerful statement related to insider’s future (Bill Wood) according to the Looking Glass device.

“the people win as they awaken to the truth. We are in the darkest days in 2021/22 and into 23 before dawn breaks and a whole new reality emerges based on love and freedom. Stay strong, don’t submit to tyranny – freedom IS coming and the ‘all-powerful’ Cult is in its last desperate death throes” (

We Are the Creators of Our Destiny

Alex Collier, former CEO of an accounting practice, the author of several books, and a lecturer (Mass Awakening, p. 214), gave an amazing talk at Mount Shasta Summer Conference where he shared where we are and where we are going to in the very near future. 

In summary, there’s a huge awakening of humanity on planet Earth and we, the “conspiracy theorists”, nut jobs are providing the spoiler alerts to the awakening humanity.

What’s Going on Right Now

“There is amazing promise and hope to be had with the world.[…] This is all about us. It’s all about humanity.”

We are aware of all the governments, religions were created by royalties, royal families, the Vatican principalities etc. However, we are not aware about the war going underground or in the sky. But the reveal about this is coming out. It’s eminent.

5:12 – “The entire galaxy is here to support us.”

Then he shares what also Corey Goode, an SSP insider and whistleblower, exposed that “we are the sum total of 22 extraterrestrial races that have been here for hundreds of thousands of years who have interbreeded with humanity and left offspring.”

He mentions Blue Brain Project that the researchers found out that although we are third density in our physicality, some of us have fourth, fifth, sixth dimensional structures in our brain! (6:38 minute mark)

An incredible secret is than many children that are being born today they are born with a third strand of DNA.

8:32 – “You are remarkable spiritual beings who have been stuck in a really bad system.” And people are awakening now and see what they don’t want. But we need to look for what we do want.

9:03 – “You don’t want NWO, medical mafia, overreaching government, socialism, communism[…], you’ve got to decide what it is you want and you have to begin focusing on that. Because you’re the creators. You are.”

9:29 – “You can create whatever it is you want.”

Currently, the Schumann Resonance is increasing which affects our DNA, which is an antenna, expands and then contracts. What our DNA learns through these spikes in the Schumann Resonance is to hold more light, to hold the increased frequency.

11:31 – “So all of you are ascending whether you realize it or not.”

Gaia is expanding just as our DNA is expanding. It/She expands to hold larger population. She’s not done with us. We aren’t the virus, as the Cabal considers humanity. The virus is non-terrestrial beings.

12:46 – He asks us to think about what is going on on Earth as a multi-dimensional chess game (three, four, five, and now six dimensions) and there are four moves left for the freedom of humanity!

As the dark ones almost have no moves left, they are creating havoc, including Covid, Afghanistan and other false flags that we’re going to see very shortly, according to Alex Collier. They are doing this to delay to have a move, while the white hats – Earth humans and off-worlders (benevolent star nations) – are forcing the moves now.

13:37 – They, the benevolent star nations, “want this whole thing done and resolved by December on our clock.”

But he warns us that it’s going to get really wild and dirty, as they dark ones controlled this planet for over ten thousand years.

The Good News

14:15 – “Literally, when they are removed from power here, they will no longer exist. There are no plans to imprison. It’s terminate.”

I think this says it all.

I urge you to watch this incredible talk here:

Scorz – That’s Life

I would like to end this article with a track that I recently listened to and I feel it’s very relevant to our extremely chaotic times. It’s title is That’s Life by the Scorz (Armada Music).

Compared to the vastness of
outer space
We’re no more than a dot on
a canvas
A grain of sand in a stretch
of desert
A single snowflake on a
snow-capped mountain

But if you look closer
If you allow yourself to see
You’ll find the miracles in
lives lived
The wonder in these tiny

We learn, we grow
We explore and discover
We make decisions in an
attempt to be good
And try to make right for
the things done wrong
We learn to love each other,
learn to fight side by side
And try even harder to
accept ourselves and the
person we are

We then take our children by
the hand
Help them learn and help
them grow
Help them explore and
Only for the cycle to begin
That’s life

Watch here:

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.

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