NESARA and GESARA Act – Has It Already Been Enacted?

Some sources say that the NESARA and GESARA Act has been quietly enacted on November 2nd, 2020 right before the election by President Donald Trump. Is it true?

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The Global Currency Reset and Our Liberation from the Debt Slavery Financial System. Moreover, if you want to understand that we’re not moving to the globalists’ ‘Great Reset’ global fascism but to the Global Currency Reset (abbreviated GCR), please read my article Defeating the Invisible Enemy.

Nesara and Gesara

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What is Nesara/Gesara? The acronym NESARA stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act. According to, “The Act was passed by the American Congress in the year 2000 and never proclaimed. It was designed to provide a new economic system for the world during the present time of transition […] NESARA is designed to erase poverty and all its attendant ills from Earth during a transitional period preceding Ascension so that the planet’s sovereign citizens can again focus their spiritual attention on planetary transformation.”

Nesara Act

The following statement entitled National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2021 means so much at this time. President Donald Trump not only made this statement. He’s following it. Look at his record in stopping the horrendous crimes against humanity called human trafficking.

In my opinion, it also indicates what is going to happen in the near future in this regard. It’s going to be amazing. But we need to be patient.

national sanctity of human life 2021

NESARA is designed for the U.S., while GESARA is designed for the rest of the world (Mass Awakening, Chapter Nine, p. 212-213).

Why Is It So Important?

According to, this act “is legislation of the United States government that was designed by high-light beings in conjunction with spiritual beings on the planet as the LEGAL means to usher in the era of peace, love and harmony on Earth.”

Q Timeline, Nesara-Gesara
While this is a political act, it is also a spiritual one at the same time. It reminds me of what Neale Donald Walsch
discussed in his series Conversations with God about spiritual politics (although it sounds like an oxymoron) (Mass Awakening, Chapter Nine, p. 212-213).

The Amazing Positive Transformation to Be Ushered into Our Lives by the NESARA and GESARA Act

The benefits that NESARA provides the Americans (and GESARA to the population of the world), according to
1. Forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for
bank frauds;
2. Creates U.S. Treasury Bank system which absorbs the
Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S.
Treasury currency;
3. Restores Constitutional Law;
4. Requires resignations of Bush and Cheney (circa 2000) to be
replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President
and Vice President Designates until new elections;
5. Requires the President Designate to declare “Peace” and
ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately;
6. Abolishes IRS; flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales
tax revenue for government, and many more improvements.

(Mass Awakening, Chapter Nine, p. 212-213).

NESARA, Sheldan Nidle, 2006

Image: NESARA, Sheldan Nidle, 2016

NESARA/GESARA = Abundance for All

Kat, who transcribed David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley’s video below, mentions one aspect of this act that I feel everyone who knows about it awaits it to be implemented: a global debt jubilee “and the release of a tsunami of abundance for all” (Kat, Operation Disclosure). Moreover, 6,000 suppressed patents will be released, including “miraculous technologies that will clean and heal Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity.” (Kat, Operation Disclosure)

The NESARA/GESARA Law will herald the golden age of global peace and prosperity: “The end of poverty, the end of debt, the beginning of a new golden age!” (

The Disclosure of Suppressed Technologies Has Started

Clause 19 of the NESARA Law states the release of 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies:

“19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.” (the blog A Place to Open Your Mind)

Check out this photo of a medbed in a post about MedBeds on BeesBuzz blog (in French)

MedBeds on BeesBuzz blog

And The Renault Float Hover Car

Renault Hovering Car


Has NESARA Been Quietly Enacted?

According to Kat, a contributing writer to Operation Disclosure, it was allegedly enacted by President Donald Trump who signed the EO on Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission issued on November 2, 2020, a day before the U.S. election (you can read the EO here:

our journey has just begun - Kat

NESARA been slipped quietly, Juan

Jo Hull shares the same view as Kat and Juan O Savin in a talk with Charlie Ward in which she revealed that NESARA/GESARA might have been activated.

The evidence:

10:28 minute mark – President Donald Trump changed his title on Facebook from President to a political candidate on November 2, 2020, a day before the election.

Jo Hull holds the screenshot of his Facebook page.

11:38 – The EO that President Trump signed on November 2, 2020 has in its title, as mentioned previously, the year 1776 in which American colonies declared their independence from Britain. It’s the year that the Declaration of Independence was issued on July 4, 1776 (

Set your clocks to 1776

She emphasizes that he signed this EO a day before the election!

She also mentions a twitt that says that 1776 will remove 1984 (the title of George Orwell’s dystopian novel), which is the situation we’re currently living in at the moment.

13:42-13:54 – Jo Hull talks about the EO mentioning “within 120 days of the date of this order” that reminded her of the NESARA/GESARA Act according to which they – the administration – need to announce a new election within 120 days.

“Sec. 2. The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission. (a) Within 120 days of the date of this order” (

14:32 – She realized that we are now in the 120 days of the NESARA/GESARA Act.

Everyone was following the election, so no one was looking at what EO he signed.

NESARA/GESARA Act Might Have Been Enacted, but Not Implemented Yet

According to Sabre, who provided great commentary on Operation Disclosure on January 7, 2021, the long awaited NESARA/GESARA can start being implemented once all the criminals are arrested and the populace is being safe from their harm.

According to her/him,

“When that happens the military will run government until we have new elections within 120 days of its implementation.” (Operation Disclosure)

The Dream of GESARA, It Couldn’t Have Come Faster

This excerpt is taken from a phenomenal poem by Mark Attwood (2:53 minute mark). I suggest that you check all his poems on his channel The Mark Attwood Show Adventures in a Meat Suit which are so relevant to these times of chaos and transition.

This is the verse I cited in the sub-headline:

“The dream of GESARA, it couldn’t have come faster, as all the debts they were paid, our souls reconstructed, our contracts retracted, we stood tall and no longer afraid.

The longest war, the spiritual fight.” (Mark Attwood)

Why Hasn’t NESARA/GESARA Act Been Enacted Until Now?

According to the blog A Place to Open Your Mind, many very powerful groups actually prevented the implementation of NESARA, including those in government, courts, banks. According to this source, many white hats involved in enacting this act, or law, have been assassinated.

“They are reported as having a massive heart attack or suicide, or a tragic car accident.”

After much negotiation, the Supreme Court justices ordered the Congress to Pass the NESARA resolutions on September 9, 2001. Alan Greenspan was scheduled to announce debt forgiveness to all U.S. citizens, the new US Treasury Bank system, and abolishment of the IRS, as part of the declaration of NESARA on September 11, 2001, at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time (the blog A Place to Open Your Mind).

However, you know what happened to prevent the implementation of the NESARA Act that was planned to precede the implementation of the GESARA Act worldwide.

“Just before the announcement at 9 am, Bush Sr. ordered the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers to stop the international banking computers on Floors 1and 2 in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. Explosives in the World Trade Center were planted by operatives and detonated remotely in Building 7, which was demolished later that day in order to cover-up their crime.” (the blog A Place to Open Your Mind)

According to, the Pentagon was later hit on that day where the special team supporting this law all convened “where they were going to implement the new law, the Pentagon.” (

According to this source, all those involved with the implementation of this law were all murdered that day, as the place they gathered at the Pentagon was hit with a remote controlled missile (

Trump Stepped Down but Not the Way You Think

American Media Periscope (no embed video option so press the highlighted hyperlink to watch the video) reported on January 13, 2021, that Trump is stepping not to Biden, but the military. The military operation is unfolding now. This is part of activating the NESARA/GESARA Act. This is part of the plan that Q told us “to trust the plan” and now it is shown to be the reality.

Gene Decode, retired military, the Blessed to Serve Ekklesia legal team B2T (Blessed to Teach YouTube Channel), provides more information on this topic.

43:22 minute mark – President Trump resigned as the President of the U.S. Inc. Corporation. He had to resign in order to become the President for the United States for America, the restored republic, to be able to indict all the traitors, all the CEOs of the U.S. Corporation (45 minute mark). Over a million to be arrested, as each sealed indictment can contain 99 people. It doesn’t mean each sealed indictment will have this amount of people but some might.

According to Gene Decode on Operation Disclosure, on January 11th, 2021, Trump became the 19th President of Republic. (#18 was Ulysses S. Grant).

52:50 minute mark – They are taking down the Internet in certain locations to clean up the Dark Web through which they traffic people, children. Right now, there are, according to Gene Decode, over 25 million people enslaved on worldwide now!!! It’s much bigger than what I thought which is bad enough (8 million people per year). They (the positive militaries worldwide?) are tracking them down, taking them away, and rescuing the children (52:48).

The dark ones have been doing so for thousands of years! (53:32) and that’s what we’re seeing coming to an end (54:50).

Gene decode doesn’t like the term ‘days of darkness’ which is associated with evil. He prefers the term loss of facilities, because that’s what it is (55:35) (i.e. Internet is part of the supply chain, so for three days there may be not stock/supplies in the stores).

The best is yet to come!

Full Martial Law

More sources say the same thing that the U.S. is under martial law (coming worldwide soon?). An air force pilot received this information, according to the video that I’m sharing below.

He said that “we need 100% of the people indoors to see what the U.S. military will broadcast on everyone’s TV sets worldwide. It’s going to be very painful but we can no longer have people divided. Around Sunday or Monday (January 17, 18, 2021), the President of the United States will send out a message that says: My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us. We will go to full global martial law.[…]The President will be on board Air Force One when he sends out seven presidential messages to everyone’s phones and TV sets worldwide on an emergency broadcasting system.[…]The U.S. military will shut down all media that’s internet, social media, phones, all TV programming will be on one channel and emergency services so the United States military can broadcast for ten days of the storm. Ten days of three sessions three-hour confessions from a military tribunal.[…] While this is happening, they will be removing government, making global arrests.”

Americans will be arrested worldwide (and potentially, non-Americans too, I suppose) of all those involved in the coup against the President of the United States.

Please watch this video

Twitter removed this twitt. But fortunately, I took a screenshot. I tried to find this video on Bitchute, Rumble and Brighteon but couldn’t find it. If you find it, please send it to me so I can share it with readers.

The storm is upon us, intel from a U.S. pilot

Today, October 15, 2021, a kind reader sent me this video. Please watch althouth, unfortunately, it didn’t come true.


Dr. Charlie Ward also received the same message, according to Judy Byington on Operation Disclosure. Trump enacted the Insurrection Act. So the United States is under martial law “with President Trump as Commander in Chief and General Flynn in charge of the Military.”

He also reports that Trump will send several announcements by using the emergency broadcasting system also revealing “his signing of multiple Executive Orders that among other powers, allowed for Military arrests and Tribunals.” (Operation Disclosure)

We were informed here in Israel to have certain things at hand, including flashlights/emergency lighting and radio on batteries (non-rechargeable). I also read somewhere that it is suggested to have cash, medications, food, water, fuel for two weeks which is aligned with what Dr. Charlie Ward said:

“During this coming weekend to 20 Jan. there may be food and supply shortages, on-off outages of communication, media and social media, plus ATM and credit card transaction disruptions.”

What Can We Expect to Be Revealed to the Unawakened Masses?

I hope that there would be a major disclosure about the CV plandemic because the unawakened are rushing to take their COVID vaccine. They get injuries, some die (see Norway and Israel), some get strokes and then die a few hours after taking the vaccine while others get different types of paralyses. It must stop!

If you want to awaken people around you, please send them this excellent documentary by Michael Bloom (No Censorship TV) about the CV Hoax entitled Is This the Biggest Scam in History?

Please watch it on Brighteon as apparently, WordPress removes it if I embed it here.

If this doesn’t work, please share this poem by Mark Attwood who spills out the beans for the unawakened Wake The F*ck Up (only the tip of the iceberg, of course)

What If the NESARA/GESARA Act Has Been Activated?

I think that Dr. Q sums it perfectly in his book Eyes Wide Open (Chapter 29):

“When people realize his administration [President Donald Trump’s administration] was not only coordinating the intricate cleanup of the deep state here in the US but also in over 180 countries worldwide, Trump Derangement Syndrome will become an actual diagnosable disease since it will show obvious insanity”.

A Special Version of NESARA/GESARA Act

According to Santa Surfing on Operation Disclosure, a special kind of this act has been enacted. She named it Trumpsara, which is Trump’s version of the NESARA/GESARA Act.

The Evidence for Trumpsara Being Activated?

You decide.

Trumpsara by Santa Surfing

Image: Santa Surfing on Operation Disclosure on January 11, 2021.

According to Santa Surfing, the Trump administration has already pre-selected GESARA/humanitarian projects to oversee. Moreover, the U.S. is reverting back to the original constitution of 1776 from the unconstitutional 1871 constitution of the United States Corporation.

What Is Going to Happen Now that the Crime of Voter Fraud Has Been Completed?

First, for those who are concerned with the current situation that the Congress certified the results of the fraudulent election, I would like to reiterate Q words (not the exact words): there are moves and countermoves to be taken. One of them was that the crime of voter fraud had to be completed. The white hats, the alliance, had to wait for this crime to be completed in order to take counter measures.

As I received concerned messages about Biden becoming the next President of the U.S., I’ll reiterate my message in my last video:

“Biden will not be the President of the U.S.. He will be the President of Gitmo or Chyna.” (I suspect he’ll not be the president of either of them).

According X22 Report (on Rubmle, the free speech video sharing platform)

“The patriots needed to wait until the crime was committed. On live TV the senate, house, MSM and SM pushed forward their crime of treason. They [knowingly] stole the election. The crime of treason has been completed.”

WordPress is blocking embedding any video from a free speech video sharing platform. I tried several times. Click the X22 Report hyperlink above to watch this video.


President Trump, according to Operation Disclosure tried every avenue possible, including the lower courts and the supreme court. But he was blocked at every turn.

The EO in the Event of Foreign Interference in the U.S. Election Is Ready for Enactment

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election issued on September 12, 2018 states what is going to happen after such an overwhelming foreign interference was so thoroughly documented and recorded.

“Sec. 2. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in: any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security:

(i) to have directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election;

(ii) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, any activity described in subsection (a)(i) of this section or any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(iii) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property or interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.” (

When We Come Out on the Other Side after a Potential Communication Blackout

I want to join Kat’s amazing uplifting message on January 10, 2021:

“With blessings unceasing and absolute confidence that all is well, all is going to be well, and when we come out the other side, what a gorgeous de*ep state free world we will CELEBRATE!!” (Operation Disclosure)

Trump Is Allowing a Smooth Transition but Not to B1Den

We may be in the transition to NESARA/GESARA already and according to Operation Disclosure, Trump stepped down as the U.S. president to allow a smooth transition of power to the military. It’s a transition into martial law.

General Flynn, Retired Army Lt. Gen. a former national security adviser and Defense Intelligence Agency chief, will be taking the reigns temporarily.

Military only way #NESARA

According to this intel source, this is part of NESARA and GESARA Act. The U.S. Corporation doesn’t exist anymore moving into the new administration mentioned in the above-mentioned EO mentioning 1776.

On the one hand, rejoice for the amazing future awaiting us worldwide, but on the other hand, be prepared for two horrendous weeks (full disclosure?).

Everything Is Ramping Up

Increasing violence as seen on the January 6 Trump March to show of solidarity with Trump and the Republic, unrestrained censorship of anyone who doesn’t follow the Cabal’s narrative including Trump, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell Twitter accounts, among others, being suspended.

Even the emergency communication system might not be available for Trump to communicate with the Americans, while his accounts on social media have been suspended.

2021 is 1776 not only for Americans, but for all humanity.

Patriots removing 1871 U.S. Inc.

JC Kay shared an amazing remote viewing session about Antarctica in which she received the message that this is the end of this matrix (the equivalent of 1776).

Watch here at 40:48 minute mark. I highly recommend that you watch it all.

At 1:01:56 hour she repeats this very intriguing that Antarctica is the beginning and the end of this matrix, which is the simulation construct that keeps all of us locked in.

1:07:09 hour – The good guys have it all. They have the control of this matrix now.

The NESARA Act Is Being Implemented Low-key

Important Update from May 14, 2021

Perhaps you’re not aware of that while reading this article, the NESARA Act is already being implemented in the U.S. and Canada.

See below the screenshots that I took of comments on my blog below this article about student loan of $50K being dropped, and comments on my YouTube channel about credit card debt being cancelled without any notice.

Janine revealed on her YouTube channel Tarot by Janine that her debt on three out of five credit cards had been dropped without a notice.

student loan of 50,000 USD dropped comment about credit card debt dropped

Make Earth Great Again caps from Santa Surfing

make earth great again best cap - credit to Santa Surfing

Image: Santa Surfing, Beach Broadcast

Let’s Make Earth Great Again the ending of the book Mass Awakening.

Let's make this earth great again resized

Let’s make earth great again

To the Victory of the Light 


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