Med beds, the Jabs & “the Great Reset”. What’s Going on with All?

Many people wonder whether the med beds will reverse the harmful effects caused by the CV-19 “jabs” to their loved ones and whether the “Great Reset” is already being rolled out, or will manifest, as planned by the global self-appointed “Elites”. What are these med beds? What types of med beds are available and in use in the military and SSP?

Moreover, is the “great reset” progressing unabated or perhaps there’s something else going on. Would med beds cure those who were jabbed and how are med beds connected to the “great reset”?

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Med Bed


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What Are Med Beds?

Med Beds is a technology that heals your body to its perfect health “by using the original codes in your DNA.”

The focus of this technology is wellness, being healthy and not using medical intervention of any kind.

“The Secret Space Program has successfully used it over the last 50 years.” (Prepare for Change).

How Does it Look Like?

Watch this video:

Holographic Medical Pods

Med beds that are also called holographic medical pods is  suppressed super-advanced, unintrusive healing technology which is used by the Secret Space Programs (SSP) as revealed by whistleblowers like Emery Smith and Randy Cramer.

Extraterrestrial Technologies

According to Susan Price, investigative researcher and veterans advocate (, these are extraterrestrial technologies which were suppressed for decades by the usual suspects: the ABC intelligence agencies, the Military Industrial Complex, and DC politicians. (

Jared Rand, a secret space whistleblower and editor of “Stillness in the Storm,” confirms what Susan Price claims that these are off-world technologies in a talk about “the highly advanced off-world technologies such as tachyon healing chambers, portal technology, resurrection beds, replicators, and rejuvenation pills.” Not only does this technology have the ability the ability to cure diseases and grow back missing limbs, but also “rejuvenate the atoms and cells in the body and reverse the aging process.” (

What’s the Difference Between MRI and Med Bed?

According to the following video at 7:39 minute mark, MRI machine uses radiation and magnetics, while med beds use “plasmatic energy to work with you on a subatomic and vibrational level”. (Darren12345 on Bitchute)

According to this video, the so-called “health care system” will change from a system that doesn’t heal and camouflages the sickness and become a rejuvenation and health support system.

Help Healing Traumas

The med bed which is intended for age and memory regression (the 3rd type mentioned above) will also heal people who suffer from PTSD and traumatic memories. Moreover, as mentioned previously, this type of bed “will also help to return you to a more youthful appearance and feel.” (Darren12345 on Bitchute)


According to Dr. Michael Salla, the whistleblowers Randy Cramer, Corey Goode, and Michael Relfe, say at the end of their respective tours of duty, they “were age-regressed to become 20 years younger.” (

SSP Insider Ordered to Spill the Beans

Randy Cramer who served as a marine both on Mars (as security) and on the moon (as a pilot) for twenty years combined claims that he was authorized by a superior in the military to “spill the beans”. So he is sharing his experience and knowledge about these healing technologies used by the Cabal.

In my book Mass Awakening, I wrote that “The experience that really shook me was his description of the trauma of almost dying after a battle and “being put [back] together many times,” with technology that could “replace his whole body, and depending on what parts [organs] needed replacement, often took days to accomplish.”” (Mass Awakening, p. 133)

He said that thanks to this healing technology, he’s alive and whole. His was ‘put back’ many times after battles on Mars.

Cramer claims that “this
Holographic technology repairs not only limbs and wounds, but illnesses and diseases by mapping the DNA of the individual.” (this was discussed in The Goldfish Report No. 183 video published on Jan 20, 2018[which, unfortunately, is unavailable anymore])” (Mass Awakening, p. 214)

Watch here Randy Cramer giving a talk about what med beds can do from his own experience (from the end of 2015):

“holographic regenerating medical beds that can regrow limbs, restore damaged organs within hours, or days depending on the organ, which makes any other medical technology you have heard of “Dark Age obsolete”.

He says, “basically, we’re talking about the ability to cure and restore any cellular biological process to blueprint perfection in a matter of hours or days. Anything.”

The good news is that he, together with engineers, know how to replicate this extraordinary technology.

These Technologies Are Real

According to Sacha Stone, these technologies or Life Pods, as he calls them, are very real as he witnessed them in person in Romania. You can watch this talk with him here:

AI Healing Technologies

I’m usually very suspicious when AI is involved in anything these days, as it’s totally weaponized against us, against humanity. But here’s a different case for this technology:

“This AI-Computer program would create healing within the body, renewing it systemically through a painless atomization process, unaffecting the (memory, wisdom, knowledge, qualities, etc.) where the patient lies in the med-bed and goes into a deep sleep.” (

How Does It Work?

Healthcare professionals would be trained to manage these miraculous healing devices. They will scan the patient’s body to identify the DNA to detect imperfections, and then use “plasma and tachyon technology with a controllable AI computer to treat according to the person’s desire.” (

The Cabal Told Us Through Movies

Med bed in the movie Elysium. Watch from 0:48 second to 1:15 minute.

And in the movie Passengers where Aurora saves Jim. Watch from 2:14 minute mark.

Types of Med Beds

Jared Rand (on mentions three types of med beds, which I’ve mentioned in the article entitled God Wins. We Win.

  1. Holographic med beds
  2. Regenerative med beds that regenerates organs and tissue
  3. Re-atomization med beds which will regenerate the whole human body within a few minutes.

Who Will Have Access to these Healing Technologies?

The first people to receive the healing sessions on med beds will be those who suffer the most severe and painful conditions. Over time, it is said, that every home will own such a device. (

Reversing Covid-19 Jab Damage

In a recent video, Skye Prince said that those who were vaxxed would not be able to heal by these extraordinary technology, as it requires a fresh DNA sample prior to the healing session. Those who jabbed have their DNA altered so, unfortunately, it would not reverse the damage done to their body. I don’t know how they will be treated. We need to wait and see.

Not All Hope Is Lost

Moran Eden Bergan mentioned that according to Dr. Lee Merritt, a physician and a surgeon, scalar energy would be available to potentially remedy, or reverse, the damage to DNA (genetic damage) caused by the Covid-19 injections soon, as long as some of proper genetic material is left (echoing what Skye Prince recently said), the genetic material can be restored by this technology (7:20 minute in the video below).

You can watch this talk here. She starts talking about the remedy to spike protein in the jabs from 5:10 minute mark:

How to detox from Covid

What Is Scalar Energy?

“Scalar Energy is a subtle energy that produces healing energy frequencies that can be harnessed.” (

Apparently, this energy is so effective in healing that both the Australian and the Israeli governments warn against using it.

To understand what scalar energy is, you can read more on

Healing Pets, Earth, Not Only Humans

Not only this remarkable technology can heal humans, med beds can heal pets, too. That includes every animal, including horses, dogs, cats. (Prepare for Change)

Environmental Healing

There are amazing ways to heal the environment that are suppressed too. A microbe which is 600 million-year-old, according to, cleans the oceans, plants, soil, and more when this microbe is properly fermented.

“…it has the ability to clean up oil spills, and after the cleanup, it exhausts itself, leaving only nitrogen and oxygen behind.” (

After the Med Bed Healing Session

In order not to be dependent on med beds after a healing session and maintain the results over time, people will need to be educated how to make better lifestyle choices and maintain a healthy life style. (Prepare for Change)

The Big Picture about Med Beds

In Welcome to the Future by Megan Rose (p. 59)
Megan Rose (MR) claims that the mass production of both advanced health and antigravity technologies is happening now in Antarctica and on the moon and will be distributed by the Earth Alliance. She goes on in the same book (pp. 67-68) and provides more details about the alliance that provided medical care in “facilities that were set up by their military” all over Earth which she calls Terra.

She describes these facilities and other facilities “floating in the sky, that belonged to the Galactic Federation of Worlds have been used to help heal these children [hybrids and trafficked children].” (Welcome to the Future, pp. 67-68)

Megan Rose confirms what other sources revealed that this healing technology “uses a magnetic frequency to identify the magnetic polarities of the DNA and re-arrange it to its proper sequence using sound and magnetic force.” (Welcome to the Future, pp. 67-68)

How Does it Work?

The National Centre for Electromagnetic Therapies CIC explains in detail how med beds actually heal.

The process goes like this: scanning the damaged organ, problem detected, analysis of the weakened organ, treatment, and then send frequencies of a healthy cells of the damaged organ. If the liver, for example, is weakened, then frequencies of healthy cells of liver would be sent to the damaged one.

Is It Available to the Public Now?

This center offers portable med beds that are affordable risking a lot. As you know, Big Pharma doesn’t like competitors who can actually heal people and not the other way around.

The Military Industrial Complex Suppresses These Technologies

These technologies have been suppressed for a least seven decades by the military industrial complex, which is according to Susan Price (, a secret transnational political elite and organization that guarded these technologies underground and weaponized the Secret Space Programs against humanity. Today, these incredible healing technologies left by ET races on earth are being revealed.

5000 Patents Suppressed

The U.S. government has suppressed over 5000 patents for free energy and other groundbreaking inventions. (Mass Awakening, p. 120) also mentioned these suppressed patents by the U.S. government. reveals that these patents were suppressed under the “Invention Secrecy Act of 1951”[…]

Steven Aftergood exposed this in several articles that according to the American Federation of Scientists dated Oct 21, 2010,

“There were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office told Secrecy News last week. It’s a 1% rise over the year before, and the highest total in more than a decade.”(

If you think that you could request the “list of technology areas used to screen patent application” for potential restrictions under this act under the Freedom of Information Act, then you’re going to be disappointed as it has been denied (

The Great Reset

It’s a Conspiracy Theory

Professor Michael Rectenwald, a Professor at NYU and the author of eleven books, half jokingly asks, “Isn’t the Great Reset simply a “conspiracy theory” concocted and circulated by “rightwing extremists?”

Let’s look at this so-called conspiracy theory called “the Great Reset”

It is “a plot hatched by a technocratic global elite to establish a socialist-communist New World Order. The Great Reset will abolish the property rights of the majority, as well as individual and national sovereignty, and wipe out the last vestiges of personal freedom. It uses covid-19 and climate change as pretexts to enslave what will remain of humanity, using never-ending lockdowns, experimental vaccines, and pervasive and inescapable surveillance. ” (

Is It Really?

Dr. Harari, a historian, philosopher and the author (, who is also a top advisor to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) (, blatantly reveals the great reset’s sinister agenda in a talk before the WEF. You can watch this talk in the video below.

At 7:28 minute mark he explicitly talks about humans becoming “hackable animals” who no longer have mysterious souls and that corporations and governments could hack all the people, something that the tyrants weren’t capable of doing so in the past because of lack in knowledge in biology and computing power.

He admits in this talk that the fusion of technology and human life will only benefit a small group of “elites” and not the average man or woman.

In his words, these “elites” will “build digital dictatorships” for themselves, as we can already see is happening in China; especially, the current horrible lockdown in Shanghai. In this talk, Harari goes on and says, “Everything is being digitalized. Everything is being monitored.”
And “that you should never allow a good crisis to go to waste, because a [COVID] crisis is an opportunity to also do good reforms that in normal times people will never agree to” ( which is a message that Klaus Schwab also reiterates a couple of times in his book co-authored with Thierry Malleret Covid 19: the Great Reset. Read the readers’ priceless comments on it.

The Global Elites Openly Discuss and Push the “Great Reset”

Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, downplays the Great Reset as “merely an attempt to address the weaknesses of capitalism exposed by the Covid crisis” and also help tackle imminent catastrophes posed by the supposedly “climate change”. If this was just a “vast leftwing conspiracy to create a totalitarian one-world government?” (, then why publish an entire book about the great reset that details their plans for such a government which will totally enslave humanity?

Some quotes from this book to show how the great reset is a real plan, not a theory at all.

“It runs along these lines that the COVID-19 crisis cannot go to waste and that now is the time to enact sustainable environmental policies.” (COVID-19: The Great Reset, p. 110)

“We will see how contact tracing has an unequalled capacity and quasi-essential place in the armoury needed to combat COVID-19, while at the same time being positioned to become an enabler of mass surveillance.” (COVID-19: The Great Reset, p. 151)

The Great Reset’s Timeline

The “Great Reset” can be traced to the European Management Forum founded in 1971, the predecessor of the World Economic Forum founded by Klaus Schwab, an economist and engineer by training (

According to Dr. Michael Rectenwald, the World Economic Forum (WEF)  organized two events prior to the CV plandemic that creepily predicted Covid-19, which was the pretext for the rollout of the Great Reset worldwide a few months later. In October 2019, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together with the WEF collaborated with Johns Hopkins University to produce Event 201 yet another event that simulated a pandemic exercise  and the international response to it two months before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the covid-19 outbreak a pandemic (

The Great Reset’s official launch was announced in June 2020, when the World Economic Forum held its Great Reset summit (

On July 19, 2020, only a few months into the Covid crisis, Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret published the book Covid 19: the Great Reset, in which they blatantly declare, “that covid-19 represents an “opportunity [that] can be seized,” and “we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world,” (

Newspaper caption of WHO releases plan for global digital vaccine passports funded by BG


“The Great Reset combines resets in all conceivable domains of human life: economic, environmental, geopolitical, governmental, industrial, technological, social, and individual.[…]what I’ve called “corporate socialism” and “capitalism with Chinese characteristics,””(

Economic Fascism

The Great Reset, according to Dr. Rectenwald, greatly increases corporatism or what he terms ‘economic fascism’, the tendency of this agenda toward monopolization

“vesting as much control over production and distribution in these favored corporations as possible, while eliminating industries and producers deemed either unnecessary or inimical.” (

Wreaking Havoc on Small Businesses

The Covid-19 draconian lockdowns imposed by governments have accomplished what WEF corporate socialists  and their collaborators apparently wanted. They eliminated competitors by destroying 40 percent of small businesses in the U.S. alone (

Meanwhile, Big Tech, Big Digital giants, including Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, reaped massive gains.

“During the three months ending in June 2020, for example, Amazon’s “quarterly profit of $5.2bn (£4bn) was the biggest since the company’s start in 1994 and came despite heavy spending on protective gear and other measures due to the virus.”

These measures constitute an attack on the majority, on humanity itself, while the state is  extended, as a result. Moreover, the state’s funding is funneled toward “sustainable development” which excludes the non-compliant and uses 5G, AI, and Big Data to track and control citizens (

“In the case of the covid vaccine regime, the state grants Big Pharma monopoly protection and indemnity from liability in exchange for a vehicle to expand its powers of coercion.” (

All these ‘resets’ challenge “what it means to be human.” (

The Fourth Industrial Revolution & the Great Reset

The “great reset” is connected to The Fourth Industrial Revolution, another book written by Klaus Schwab about the transformation of our society by AI, the Internet of Things, and robotics [and transhumanism].

What Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

According to, not only will the Fourth Industrial Revolution change what we do but also who we are.

“It will affect our identity and all the issues associated with it: our sense of privacy, our notions of ownership, our consumption patterns,” (

In the following video, the presenter of the talk, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, ridiculously or brazenly claims, “We are probably one of the last generations of homo sapiens.”[…]He talks about being able to “hack a human being,” as if the human person is a computer.” (

Evolutionary Progression leading to Trans-humanism

Illustration: Evolutionary Progression leading to Trans-humanism (

Apparently, this man knows that the human race is about to be obsolete.

That clip is taken from a larger talk called “Will the Future Be Human?””

And here is another presenter at the Davos 2020 event wants to become a cyborg, “which is a hybrid of human and machine” ( so much and of course, turn us all into cyborgs….

The Great Reset’s Fatal Flaw

The proponents of the Great Reset do not realize that their plan’s fatal flaw is that they

“don’t understand what human beings are, and therefore cannot govern them.

You and I will not eat bugs. You and I will not wear masks forever. You and I will not LARP as cyborgs. And you and I will not shove experimental medication in our arms ad infinitum.

You and I are human beings, and we are free. We will not live as slaves to some lunatic science fiction cult.” (

As Much As They Want and Try

They use words to manipulate us to agree to a “sustainable world” and equality for all not realizing their intention is to make us all dependent on these tyrants and equally poor and starving unless we comply. They make it sound so nice until you realize that their end goal is total control of the general populace:

“governments will gain new technological powers to increase their control over populations, based on pervasive surveillance systems and the ability to control digital infrastructure.” (

You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy

Here’s the World Economic Forum’s video that explains to the “useless eaters” [my words] what the globalists planned for all of us: “You’ll own nothing and be happy”; namely, you’ll rent everything from Amazon, of course, and lose your assets being totally dependent on the state (like CCP China). It means that you’ll own nothing, because they’ll own everything.

Watch here:

Klaus Schwab was seen in a meeting of the CCP and he admires the Chinese regime so much that he wants to spread it worldwide.

Despite these worrisome plans, Kennedy Hall, a Catholic author journalist, and broadcaster, is convinced that their plan will eventually fail. Nevertheless, it will still cause much damage (

A Note of Hope

Dr. Michael Rectenwald offers some hope that the great reset, or resets, would fail because achieving this agenda’s goals relies on wiping out free will and individual liberty, not only the elimination of free markets which perhaps ironically, makes it unsustainable. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be disastrous “which is all the more reason to oppose it now and with all our might.” (

Cautious Optimism

Kevin Smith on argues that we have “some grounds for optimism” by presenting the case of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an attorney who is well known for successfully taking out legal actions against huge companies, such as Volkswagen, and also Deutsche Bank. In 2020, at the beginning of the CV so-called pandemic, he, together with other attorneys worldwide, sensed a foul play about the response to the so-called Coronavirus crisis and set up the German Corona Investigative Committee to investigate it.

This committee has conducted their inquiries and “are proceeding with legal actions globally.” (

According to Kevin Smith (, he found out that “there are about 3,000 people in the world most directly complicit acting against a population of around 8 billion.” He refers to these people who are allegedly complicit in this fraud as the ‘Davos Clique’. But he also estimates that between 10 and 20% of people in the world have awakened to this agenda and there are possibly many more who will awaken to it soon.

“He says that he was told by a whistle-blower that the original plan was to introduce the reset in 2050. This was brought forward to 2030 and then to now as some elements within this group became impatient. He says that he believes this being rushed through now is why they are making so many obvious mistakes that can be exploited.[…]He says that, if we fail, it could be the end of humanity, so we can’t fail.” (

The Smart Mask that Tells You when to Wash it

They Need 70% to Rollout the Digital Social Credit System

The digital social credit system, vaxx passport, is one of the means to be used to usher the “great reset” dystopia. According to Dr Tedros Adhanom, the World Health Organisation Director-General, the ‘elites’ need to have 70% of the world population fully vaxxed in order to successful implement the “great reset”.

Watch here:

Have The Globalists Achieved this Goal?

To demonstrate how successful the globalists really are in pushing this injection campaign, the case of Israel, which is one of the highest “vaccinated” countries in the world, would be presented.

According to Israel’s Ministry of Health dashboard on April 16, 2022, this is the data of the COVID-19 “vaccinated” rates in Israel, one of the ultra-vaxxed countries in the world.

Covid-19 vaccination rate in Israel updated April 16, 2022

To calculate Israel’s vaccination rate, we need to check what is its population. “The State of Israel has a population of approximately 9,408,100 inhabitants as of September 2021.” (Wikipedia)

The average vaccination rate in Israel up-to-date (April 16, 2022) is 45% combined of all Covid-19 shots, while less than 10% took the 4th shot.

Look at the death rate occurring after the supposedly different “variants” which mysteriously appear after vaccination campaigns. And the newspaper manipulatively calls them “Covid-19 deaths”.

Israel daily new confirmed Covid-19 deaths


And how is it that Africa, as a non-jabbed continent, fares so much better than the ultra-jabbed country Israel? Check this chart

coronavirus-data-explorer Israel vs. Africa


It’s a Big Club

WEF young leaders

Team Schwab with dignitaries from all over the world

Zuck deletes posts

So Do They Succeed?

Joaquin Flores rightly states that as the so-called “elites” (globalists/Cabal) repress and censor the counter narrative of the “great reset”, they actually prove that it’s false (

“Elites have fallen into a vicious cycle, as the populist counter-narrative is proven in part by that very censorship and repression. The more they push, the weaker they become.” (

The Great Reset Rollout

ID2020 – Before Covid-19

Digital ID (by vaccination) according to the ID2020 proponents required 100% coverage rates of children regarding “global health and digital identity” ( However, according to, only 37% of the children in the poorest countries receive all the vaccination doses to be considered “fully immunized”.

“Without a persistent, portable record that can be uniquely linked to the child, it’s often difficult to ascertain the care a child needs.” (

And this is before the CV plandemic.

During the Covid-19

According to, ten states in the U.S. introduced requirements of digital vax  credentials – some are mandatory and some not – while twenty states banned such vaccine passports. The states that require digital vax credentials include California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. Incidentally, all blue states.

The states that ban such vaccine passports are: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgian, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming. Most of these are red states.

They Are Desperate

Abdulla Shahid, the president of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, warned that  “It is not okay that 27 countries have vaccinated less than 10 percent of their populations while others are rolling out boosters or lifting restrictions entirely,” (

According to, these are the least Covid-19 jabbed countries in the world:

“Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti are the least vaccinated countries in the world against Covid-19, data has shown.
Just 0.05% of Burundi’s population has received at least one Covid vaccination dose, according to statistics compiled by Our World in Data.” (

Digital Vax Credentials Are Not a Health Measure

Another source on the excellent alternative news site, rightly states that

“Vaccine passports are completely worthless as a medical prevention measure, but fulfill a major role in the Great Reset scheme to electronically track every human being and restrict them if they do not comply and obey.”

Why Is the Vaccination Rate So Important to Them?

I’ve just watched a brilliant video and had to share it with you.

The message is:

Without the global digital social score, digital credentials, they cannot conduct the Great Reset!

Watch here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

The Truth Is Getting Through

“They lied and people died. No matter how strident their propaganda efforts and clamp down on truth tellers, the truth is getting through. ” (

Admitting Failure

To know whether the globalists succeed in pushing their narratives on the general populace worldwide, you have to follow their gatherings.

Ngaire Woods, Professor of Global Economic Governance at Oxford University and panelist at a WEF forum gathering in Dubai on November 11, 2021, “that one obstacle to governments’ Covid restrictions and climate measures in the coming years was that “the majority of people trust their elites less.”” (

“The bad news is that in every single country they were polling, the majority of people trusted their elite less. So we can lead but if people aren’t following we aren’t going to get to where we want to go.” (

Indication that the Great Reset Is Crumbling

Watch Big-pharma falling apart as investors are letting Pfizer and Moderna ships sink despite their record high earnings per share.

“Moderna is down 70 percent from its high, while Pfizer is off 19 percent. Former Blackrock Executive and investment adviser Edward Dowd calls for Moderna to go to zero and Pfizer to end under ten dollars per share.” (

“The FDA is the trusted third-party verification of pharmaceutical products. 50% of their budget comes from Pharma…due to the institutional imperative that was in place at the time and the speed with which they tried to approve these unproven products with this unproven technology, fraud did occur, and what’s my proof of that? The FDA, together with Pfizer, were trying to hide the clinical data.(Edward Dowd, a savvy investor who “saw the dot com bubble ready to burst and acted accordingly”) (

Hail the Resistance

Thanks to popular resistance, the great reset didn’t succeed as planned. I will only mention here the Canadian Truck Convoy that appears to have lost their case.

“And yet the hurried pace of the Covid-19 introduced Great Reset, and the way that a sizable portion of the populace has been able to expose it, reject it, and organize with some successes against it, also raises questions.

According to, although the “great reset” scheme succeeded to some degree, it definitely had not attained the goals that the globalists planned to achieve.

“The need to openly talk about ‘narratives’ and combatting fake news as the WEF does, is itself a sign of the times and a sign of their own weakness.” (

Newsflash to Mr. Schwab and the WEF makes a statement as a response to the WEF and the globalists’ horrific plans for humanity:

“We are onto you. If you think we “non-elites” will lay down and let us this happen, you are very much mistaken.” (

How Can We Know that We’re Heading the Golden Age?

I asked Brad Olsen, a veteran explorer of Antarctica and the author of Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet, if he has any idea what percentage of the world/country population needs to take the Covid shot to be able to successfully roll out the great reset?

And that was Olsen’s reply:

“It’s my understanding the globalists wanted 90%+ of all world citizens vaxxed, but it’s not even close to that. Not even 50%, and the countries like in Africa they wanted the most, are some of the lowest. There were also supposed to be other false flag events, and the lockdown period was supposed to be 5 years (not 2). Things are not going along with the grand plan. Why’s that? Do you know about Timeline 1 (Golden Age) and Timeline 2 (Global Destruction)? Timeline 1 is winning out!”

I also asked Gene Decode, retired military, the Blessed to Serve Ekklesia legal team B2T (Blessed to Teach YouTube Channel) who has been studying the Cabal for 30 years, the same question and he replied that it was 70%.

Health “Authorities” Required Vaxxination Rates which mentions Francis Collins, MD, and the director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)”, warned that 70 to 80 percent of Americans will need to get the Covid shot in order for to end it (

Fauci (I can’t call him a ‘doctor’ unless you title him “doctor evil”) even goes farther and require a higher vaccination rate

“At least 80 to 85 percent of people would need to be vaccinated to meaningfully reduce infection rates,” (

The WHO’s Vaccination Rates Goal

The White House site also states that the required vaccination rate by the World Health Organization (WHO) was “at least 70 percent of the global population in every country by UNGA 2022” (

Building Back Better

When politicians and other self-proclaimed elites talk about Building Back Better, they refer to the great reset.

““Building Back Better” – The Buzzword Code Phrase Great Reset Proponents Use to Signal They’re On the Team” (

The Connection between Med Beds and the Great Reset

Med beds belong to timeline 1 of golden age and new earth, while the great reset is the outcome of timeline 2 dystopia. Brad Olsen talks about two timelines, as mentioned above and he argues that timeline 1 of the golden age is winning.

A War Over Timelines

What we currently experience is a war over timelines between the dark forces and the light forces. To understand more what timelines are, please read my article about the Mandela Effect.

We Have the Power

We can affect the timeline and shift the timeline in our favor. Everyone can help do so. Don’t underestimate your creation abilities to manifest and they are much more powerful when we do it collectively.

Please watch this amazing revelation here by Frank Jacob, an award-winning independent filmmaker, director, editor, creative designer, and composer ( who produced such compelling documentaries like Solar Revolution which I mentioned in my article entitled Ascension & How We Shift.

What Can We Do to Stop the Great Reset Nightmare?

Reiner inspires us to connect with those who have doubts about what’s going on and like-minded individuals and also concentrate on spreading the message.

Kevin Smith on goes further and tells the awakened ones:

“Use strong language, call this agenda for what it is. Communism, fascism, eco-authoritarianism or analogies with Nazi Germany[…]Use fear of their real, terrifying agenda, just as they have used fear of a “virus” which is not a threat, against us. When spreading this information use images, ridicule and humour.” (

the wording we're watching the death of the control matrix

I would like to share this very powerful message that I received from my friend in Uganda, David Eseru Livingstone

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.

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