The Mass Awakening in Israel

There’s a mass awakening happening in Israel which is seen in many aspects of life, including election, political system, and different protests happening nationwide.
Sunrise in Israel

Sunrise at Masada

My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist and activist from Israel. My book, Mass Awakening, tells the story of my personal awakening, as well as that of all humanity, to the massive deception of the world’s Elite controllers and their devastating agendas. It is an exposé on dark agendas and how people are fighting back offering hope for the future.

I could’ve gone into denial, but Mass Awakening is my way of “fighting back” by documenting humanity awakening to these generational abusers.

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Israelis Beginning to Realize that the General Elections Are a Hoax

From comments on social media and conversations with acquaintances, I believe that Israelis are gradually becoming aware that electing parties to represent them in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, once every four years, does not bring about desired change.

I think they’re beginning to realize that it actually has a negative effect on their lives.

I believe that Israelis are starting to see that the elected officials (MKs or Members of the Knesset) and the government are in fact working against the people, including passing such laws as:

  • mandatory national IDs and biometric databases according to Haaretz,
  • mandatory vaccinations (right before the last elections on April 9, 2019),
  • the fluoridation of the water,
  • the fast 5G rollout,
  • transferring money to the Hamas while they shoot missiles toward Israel (recently they even hit a city in the greater Tel Aviv area), and so on.

I believe that Israelis feel betrayed by the elected officials as no matter which way they vote, the real “government” isn’t elected at all. The real government is the Supreme Court (its building was designed according to Cabal/Illuminati architecture), the controlled mainstream media, and other unelected elements.

The voter turnout in Israel is constantly declining, representing, I think, a protest against the system that doesn’t represent “we the people.” The voter turnout in recent elections was so low that in 2018, a law mandating compulsory voting for all eligible voters in Israel was suggested in the Knesset.

To illustrate this decline, here are some figures from ElectionGuide: in 1999, the voter turnout was 78.73% while in the last elections on April 9, 2019, the voter turnout decreased to 67.22%, which is a decline of 11.6% from 1999. In numbers, it’s 735K of the 6.3 million registered voters (as of April 11, 2019).

The Elected Officials Are a PR Front 

In my opinion, no matter who’s elected, the person is only a tool of the Cabal and pledged to keep their secrets. He or she serves merely to make us think that we have a choice in our governance.

This same deception applies not only to Israel but to other countries with so-called free elections as well.

(I even argued with my family during lunch before the previous elections here in Israel, March 2015, that it’s all a show and the results are pre-planned in advance. I asked them, “Do you want me to prove it to you?” And everyone around the table shouted in unison “No.”). You can read more about it in my book Mass Awakening.

The Manifestation of a Great Awakening in Israel

Before the elections, there were some notable indications that Israelis want to break free from the chains of this fake system of governance. However, the parties that were real grassroots or could make a real change in Israel were all blocked in their tracks.
Kol Ha’am (the Voice of the People) (2.3K followers on Facebook), a real grassroots party for direct democracy, founded in 2011 and consisting of volunteers from all over Israel ,was blocked by Likud activists falsely presenting themselves as Kol Ha’am to the Central Elections Committee.

In this linked video (in Hebrew), Guy Jana, one of the activists explains how this party was blocked from running in the last general elections by these Likud activists and those judges supervising the elections in the Central Elections Committee.

The aim of this party was to give power to the people to legislate laws, determine policies by carrying out referenda, promote active citizenship and public responsibility, and decentralize the economy to create abundance for all.

Zehut is another party that I mentioned in previous updates and videos, which stands for for freedom, minimizing the intervention of the state in the citizens’ lives, separation of church and state, the legalization of cannabis, and creation of a free economy.

It united Israelis from all sectors, including Jews, Arabs, left, right, young people, religious and secular Jews because of its unusual mix of ideas. According to a poll by Maagar Mohot published before the elections in the daily newspaper Israel Hayom, Zehut could have crossed the threshold with four seats (out of 120 seats).

Social Media Become the MSM

From sources on social media, the elections were rigged by those supervising it in the Central Elections Committee and allegedly, the results do not reflect the real wishes including those parties that didn’t pass the threshold like Zehut.

Today Israelis quickly react and expose the truth on social media about the things that are totally suppressed in the mainstream media and Google, such as the rigging of the last elections in Israel (on April 9, 2019) by those who are supposed to supervise and be responsible for the counting of votes.

I checked Google and there was nothing there about how compromised the elections were. There were posts on Facebook right after the elections exposing that observers who allegedly caught a “supervisor” red-handed when he deleted votes (soldiers’ votes) for the right and replaced them with votes for the Arab parties – that are hell bent on the destruction of Israel – were asked to leave the room.

This was mocked by hundreds of Israelis on social media. I don’t recall such uproar against the judicial system and the rigging of the elections here in previous years. This individual supposedly rigged the votes so much that the total numbers didn’t add up so he completely deleted an entire voters file.

In my view, the more the Deep State, whether in Israel or in other countries, is exposed, the more people awaken to the truth. The more they awaken, the less people trust the matrix of control system and wish to see leaders who are real servants of the people or an entirely new system which serves the people.

The Increasing Awakening in Israel as Reflected on Social Media

In 2013, when I started awakening to the dark agenda and the shift in consciousness worldwide, there was only one small Israeli group on Facebook discussing chemtrails.

But later on many groups discussing and sharing information on this topic began their work, with thousands of active participants today.

One of these groups is entitled “Geoengineering Israel“. The protest against this practice reached such heights that the founder of this group, Aharon Amir, was invited on the morning news program of Channel 10, one of the leading TV channels in Israel.

The anchor tried to ridicule and deride him, but Amir was eloquent and provided data and evidence of this practice and simply asked questions that hung in the air with no rebuttal—not even from the “scientist” on the panel.

This show potentially reached tens of thousands here, as the scientist claimed he didn’t know about this practice, but this scientist actually shared his knowledge on experiments done to control the weather on a small scale, which planted seeds of doubt in those watching the program, even if some refused to believe that there is such program.

Most people outside Israel don’t know what’s happening in Israeli social media. I’d like to mention a few groups that have major influence on Facebook, with thousands of followers including Ma’alim Et Hateder (Raising the Vibration, 12K followers). This is a lot of followers in a small country like Israel.

It discusses health, consciousness, education, radiation dangers, 5G protection, GMO dangers, etc. It includes interviews with researchers and experts from Israel and other countries.

Its recent series is called “Fake News,” whose intent to bypass the censorship in the MSM and also to troll the deep state and the establishment’s real fake news here in Israel.

Project Emet Aheret (Alternative Truth Project with almost 10K followers)

is another highly influential site which helped awaken me when I found out about the Cabal’s dark agenda. This group shares suppressed information about vaccines, chemtrails, alternative lifestyles, fluoridation, and radiation.

Other sites with thousands of followers include the Red Pill (4K followers on Facebook) and Conspil which provides a lot of information about the elite ruling the world and excellent commentary on related topics (and about who is ruling Israel) making this information accessible to Israelis.

Social Activism & the Shift in Awareness of the Unawakened throughout the Years

Here’s an example how we’re our own saviors when we’re moved to act.

I’m donating to various causes like fighting corruption and the mandatory biometric database in Israel via crowd-funding.

I also personally went from one neighbor to another to explain why we all need to resist the installation of smart meters and had them sign a petition.

Overall, I’ve gotten a positive response. My brilliant friend, Nir, constantly speaks about these topics with his “unawakened” family members and colleagues at work. He was ridiculed at first, but then colleagues began to realize that he was right and silently began to support him and his family members, asking for more “signs” of what he was talking about.

His acquaintances now alert him and others when they see chemtrails or other suspicious activity.

Yes, tiny steps, but consciousness is contagious, and every right act is multiplied exponentially.

In Israel, half a world away, there were posts on the topic of DAPL [Dakota Access Pipeline] shared with many comments supporting this Native American cause.

I also remember how I felt—together with other Israeli activists—about the daily protests in France against the outrageous indefinite state of emergency in that country and the serious censorship of information, as reported in The Guardian before the Yellow Vest Protest started in Autumn of 2018.

Crowdfunding Campaigns to Fight the Laws Passed by the Knesset

In Israel, the anti-corruption grassroots movement is led by Rafi Rotem, a former celebrated official in the tax authority (equivalent to the IRS), who was financially and personally destroyed once he became a whistleblower and exposed the rampant corruption in this authority.

According to Haaretz newspaper, he wanders the streets of Tel Aviv and continues to be persecuted by the police who harasses him every time an article is published about him.

Rotem’s accusations are extremely serious and worrisome. He described the apparent cooperation between wealthy tycoons, smugglers, and big-time criminals and senior Tax Authority officials. This includes the mysterious death involving one of his informers, who Rotem believes was killed after being exposed by a Tax Authority employee as Rotem’s informant.

“The police closed the case claiming that it was suicide despite big question marks at the scene of the killing, according to Haaretz.

Here’s a footage of Rafi Rotem anti-corruption and other protests across Israel (French):

Not only did this activist managed to raise an outcry against corruption by his protests, he successfully managed to raise money by crowd-funding to sue the government and the tax authority in 2017.

His target goal was 200,000 NIS, approximately 56,000 USD, and he raised 202,000 NIS under the banner: “The Corrupt Ones Are Ruining Our Country, Let’s Sue Them.”

I also donated to this cause. This isn’t the only social cause that crowd-funding was used to fight against the government and Knesset (the Israeli parliament) in Israel.

This year I was excited to witness how a grassroots movement I was involved in for almost five years succeeded with its protest. This was against the mandatory biometric database of iris scans and fingerprints that are required to issue passports and IDs.

Five hundred activists called the offices of all 120 ministers and members of Knesset a few years ago to voice our resistance to this tyrannical measure. The government claims it’s for our security to prevent creation of double IDs, which barely exist. It does not prevent the creation of a false passport.

The target sum for funding the lawsuit in the Israeli Supreme Court was 60,000 NIS (crowd-funding sum). This target was reached and surpassed in less than 24 hours with 105,000 NIS collected.

Fighting the Matrix on Different Levels and Platforms

The struggle against “the agenda” is taking place on multiple levels and dealing with many issues, including the corruption of the government and parliament members and inflated municipality taxes,. It’s propagated on alternative media sites and even mainstream investigative reporting.

Crowd-funding is being used to establish an alternative platform broadcasted on prime-time TV to uncover sensitive financial and economic treachery. This includes the case of bank agents teaching about loans in public schools to create future lenders to enrich the banks and impoverish poor children later in life (to sustain the current debt-slavery banking system).

It also includes uncovering how toxic food is not allowed to be labeled because of the powerful lobbying of big food in the Israeli parliament (the Knesset). The Investigative Fund’s goal—Keren Ha’tahkirim in Hebrew—is focused on funding independent investigative reporting in Israel.

The fund’s most important exposé was the dangerous TTP and TTIP trade agreements that Israel secretly signed without allow any review.

The Fake Yellow Vest Protest

Many awakened Israelis are aware that all the protests here are orchestrated by the Deep State. So, it was very encouraging to see that despite the promotion of the fake Yellow Vest protest in Israel by the controlled MSM, barely any people showed up and the few that did were ridiculed on social media as people said that they left their 4WD away and then took taxis to the protest. Meaning it’s not the hard-working poor people who pay so much taxes but the rich ones (backed by their patrons). There were about 100 people at this protest including the media.

Mocking Conspiracies about the Deep State on Prime Time TV

The awakening in Israel might be more widespread than what I previously thought . On prime-time TV, the controlled MSM is mocking the “conspiracies” about the Deep State or the Left controlling the judicial system and MSM in Israel.

It seeks revenge on prime ministers who appoint conservative ministers of justice and attempt to bring back the Checks and Balances between the three branches of Government

Let me mention the previous PM Ehud Olmert, who is still in jail for corruption. He appointed a minister of justice who was opposed to the Supreme Court’s “activism.”

Israel Hayom

newspaper discusses this blunt threat by “the Powers that Be” over Netanyahu.

Please note that I didn’t vote in the last general elections and not in the previous ones. Moreover, I’m not a supporter of Likud Party headed by Benjamin Netanyahu as I’ve written in the article entitled Impeach Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

This episode showed the MSM literally threatening the newly-elected PM , he dares to appoint a particular minister for this office, he’ll face another year in prison.

In my view, it shows how threatened “the Powers that Be” must feel by this great awakening that they need to ridicule what people in Israel openly talk about.

It’s no secret anymore. They try to censor and thwart this discourse but, if I’m correct, to no avail. I’m convinced that the mass awakening in Israel, as well as anywhere else in the world, cannot be undone.

Another episode ridiculed the fake Apollo landing on the moon

Also Israel’s Beresheet (SpaceIL) botched landing on the moon to raise taxes for yet another landing on the moon according to the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

In this episode, the guest (stand-up comedian Guy Adler) explains that they could easily do it by renting a studio and even showing the host how to turn the lights on and off while the picture in the background shows the moon.

Watch here on Kan 11 Channel 8:25 minute mark. You’ll understand without knowing a word of Hebrew (over 14K views on YouTube).

I’ve never seen such disclosure on a main channel or such a denial and discrediting the information about the deep state and the rule of the left on prime time TV in Israel.

Jordan Sather agreed for an interview on Q with the Washington Post, the mouth piece of the Deep State as he explained on Edge of Wonder although he knew that he’s going to be discredited. But despite being aware of this he accepted the offer even if he only awakens one person.

But the fact that the Washington Post even asked him for an interview shows, I believe, that the Cabal is aware of the mass awakening and wish to thwart it. In my opinion, the same happens in Israel.

Free Energy Technology Cannot Be Suppressed

For decades, we’ve had to continue using polluting fossil fuel as our prime energy sources, since others were suppressed.

The Elite controls this industry and its enormous profits. Yes, the US government has suppressed 5000 patents for free energy and other innovative energy inventions, according to Wired Magazine and

Despite this heavy suppression, we recently saw how free energy has gone mainstream. There is Keshe’s invention of a bicycle that you can pedal for an hour that generates electricity for 24 hours. Another example was illustrated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who went out driving the Gal-Mobile—a mobile, integrated water desalination and purification vehicle, which turns seawater into safe high-quality drinking water. “The seawater fuels the car and the byproduct is desalination.” See the video here

The Largest Protest – Against the Cabal’s Gas Rigs

According to Jerusalem Post newspaper, almost a thousand surfers paddled out into the sea to demand the relocation of the planned gas rigs to 120km from the shoreline of Israel and not 10km as it is today. They created the largest circle of surfers in the world according to Guinness World Records.

You can see here the circle of surfers at 1:21 minute mark:

The organization that organized this event is called Shomrey Ha’bait (Homeland Guards) and on Facebook (58K followers).

Other events included a demonstration that 10K protesters attended. You can see the protest and hear Michael Jackson’s track “They Don’t Care about Us” in the background.

Drumming circle

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


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