The Mass Awakening of Humanity and Moving to New Earth

There are many theories on how humanity’s spiritual transition to 5D New Earth as a collective will happen. What is new earth? What is 5D about? How are we going to transition, or already transitioning, to this new earth? Read here.

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I could’ve gone into denial, but Mass Awakening is my way of “fighting back” by documenting humanity awakening to these generational abusers.


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Transition to New Earth

Two earths existing side by side simultaneously

Image: Two earths existing side by side simultaneously. Alloya Huckfield

Two Earth Realities

Alloya, a multidimensional guide and healer, describes this intriguing topic in a clear manner.

She first explains that we currently live in two spaces, two earth realities – the old reality and the new one – simultaneously. One that we know all too well is full of suffering to all, including humanity, animals, Gaia – earth itself and everything living on it.

“The humans which live in this world are experiencing war, hatred and pain. They are not the only ones who are suffering , the Earth itself is going through huge traumas, the animal kingdoms, plant and even the devic kingdoms are suffering along with Gaia in her old world expression.” (Alloya)

The New World, New Earth

According to Alloya, the new world, the new earth reality, is only just being born at the moment. The pivotal turning point happened in 1999, the time of the Great Solar Eclipse. According to David Wilcock, a New York Times bestselling author, TV personality, filmmaker, lecturer, and consciousness expert, the sun not only provides light, warmth and what we are familiar with. According to him, it is a form of intelligence that affects our – and apparently, other sentient beings – level of consciousness. In his new book Awakening in the Dream: Contact with the Divine, he divulges the messages he received, according to his account, “about an incredible upcoming event in which all life in our solar system will undergo a spontaneous transfiguration”, a consciousness upgrade.

the greatest collective awakening of humanity

According to COBRA (acronym consisting of the term “compression breakthrough” which describes what will happen at the moment of “The Event“), there’s going to be a cosmic event which will allegedly elevate humanity’s consciousness within a very short time, almost instantaneously.

New Earth Created while the Old One Being Played Out

As difficult as it may seem to comprehend and much less believe, the New Earth or the Golden Age is coming (with the dark era still being played out until its final collapse). (Mass Awakening, Chapter Ten, p. 228).

Alloya explains that Earth is actually undergoing this process of shifting from the old reality to the new one of New Earth. According to her, the truth frequency is being channeled by light workers into the darkest places which throws the Cabal into places they aren’t familiar with. They are used to controlling this reality unchallenged.

“They are not used to this, they are being backed into a corner and that is why they are reacting and laying down even more restrictive and binding rules and laws.” (Alloya)


Nikola Tesla said, “If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.“ (

Alloya explains that part of humanity, more specifically the “light workers” or “light warriors”, carries this possibility, or scenario, of new earth in the cells of their bodies by having an energetic coding they carry to create this reality.

“Previous to this time, many had been preparing, some of us had even travelled forward in time to experience this New Planet reality, to be able to hold the possibility of it occurring in the cells of our bodies. Those of us who travelled forward in time, brought back with us in energetic coding the possibility to create New Planet reality.” (Alloya)

Moving to New Earth Is a Choice

As planet earth is a freewill planet, everyone decides whether they stay in the “old” reality or move to new earth, according to Alloya. You cannot make people awaken to the truth and I understand how frustrating it is. I hear you. As I’ve explained in my article about ascension, each one of us chooses to ascend or not.

Another Scenario of How this Transition to New Earth Will Happen

There are many theories on how this spiritual transition to 5D New Earth will happen. You may have heard about Dolores Cannon who described this transformation, which I discuss in two articles about the ascension and “The Event”. I resonate most with David Wilcock’s perspective on how it will happen. Those who are “service to self” (Cabal, but not only), those who commit heinous crimes against humanity, the extremely dark ones will be removed, while those who are “service to others” even if only 51% will remain on earth which will become, as unbelievable as it may sound, “heaven on earth”.

“it’s more like a purge of the negative energy that allows the positive vibration to take root. Right now, the “evil ones” are being arrested (to be tried in military tribunals); while some are being killed, others are trying to escape their fate as detailed earlier. Those people who are solely “service to self” are going to be removed from earth one way or another.” (Mass Awakening, Chapter Ten, pp. 229-230)

The Awakening Is an Individual Process

According to Dr. Q: Eyes Wide Open (Chapter 15), “The journey of awakening is so complex and individualized that I don’t believe there are 2 humans that have a shared path.” That’s why “we”, the readers of such articles, the awakened ones, need to be patient with those who are unawakened. I know it’s hard. I hear you.

Dr. Q is a double board-certified physician who after he realized the lies perpetrated by the CDC and FDA, it led to ending his beloved 17-year career to become a warrior for truth (Dr. Q: Eyes Wide Open).

Many Unawakened Are Awakening & a Message to Lightworkers

Aaron Doughty, creator of content on spirituality and awareness, explains in a video that “pressure is what propels us into awakening.” And that’s what we’re seeing at the moment.

Even Aaron’s grandmother is waking up and asking questions 😊

You being yourself affects other people’s consciousness whether you’re aware of it or not.

4:59-5:06 minute – The interesting thing is now there’s a collective pressure that is being put on people and that’s why so many people are waking up.

5:48 – So many people are waking up that Aaron Doughty believes that it’s [the matrix] completely crumbling and what they are doing right now is they are spewing out the last couple of cards that are up their sleeves and that includes things that will put people into fear. And it’s so obvious what is happening. So many people are questioning things now.

He discusses the great awakening in detail from 8:37 minute mark. Very important information.
People are awakening at their own pace but it happens and will continue to happen.
No one is going to save us. We are the change we’ve been waiting for. Now is the time.
Learn but don’t stay there. Take action! (12:05)
12:08 – We are literally building what is called “The New Earth”. We are building a new way of being and you came here for that purpose. You came here to help rebuild it not to be on the bystander to kind of look and hope that things get better.
12:23 – We need to get rid of this saving mentality where we’re waiting for some savior to come and help us.

12:48 – He repeats the message: We are the change. And if we really want these really cool things to happen like really cool technology to be released that’s been suppressed for a long time or to be able to make contact with higher dimensional beings… we’re not the only ones basically (in this universe). And in this lifetime, I do believe we will have the ability to obtain contact with higher dimensional beings; physically as well.

13:00 minute mark – But we need to do the inner work and as a lightworker, stop waiting! Start being. Go after your passion whatever that is. But understand that the more that you’re waiting, is the more we’re prolonging our own transformation.

17:54 – You are powerful. You came here for a reason. Step into it. Stop waiting.

6:33 – They, the Elite, believe that if they can control the attention of the people – via mainstream media – then, they can control their energy. However, they are losing that power right now as we speak!

To lightworkers at 6:43 minute mark:
It’s very important that you know is that don’t buy into the craziness. It’s just the last cards they have up their sleeve.

7:46 – Question what is happening and realize that as we question it we’re dismantling the energy grid within ourselves, that energy power within ourselves.

Have you noticed how people who were totally unawakened a few months ago start asking questions about the ongoing COVID plandemic?

We Are Living during a Historical Time

I know how chaotic this reality looks like at the moment with lockdowns worldwide and threats, or more than threats, for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines to go back to “normal”.

BTW, this is the best reaction to the threat of mandatory vaccine that I’ve seen so far:

So it is hard to believe that we are living now during a truly historical time.

“When we look back to this period, we may characterize it as “the best times and the worst times.” Today it still appears messy, scary, and edgy, but on the other hand, those of us who have investigated these behind-the scenes machinations, see the changes.[…]Everything has been set in motion for this amazing future.” (Mass Awakening, Chapter Ten, p. 226).

The Mass Awakening Is Leading to Creating a New Reality, New Earth

Watching the mass awakening of humanity en-mass is very exciting. To see the masses demanding that the “black hats” are held accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity, including the lockdowns, the invasive, unreliable PCR testing, and the mandates for wearing masks and social distancing for a so-called “pandemic” with a 99.8% recovery rate.

Early estimates predicted that “the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%”, according to According to a CDC update (September 26, 2020),

“if you have the virus between the ages of 0 to 70, you have a 99% survival rate. And if you’re over 70, the survival rate is nearly 95%”.

Alloya explains how the deeply traumatic 9.11 event affected the light warriors and light workers to step into their positions to move us to New Earth, whether they are aware of this or not.

“All over the world people are waking up, taking up their positions. They are demanding truth, weeding out every little bit of hidden information they can find. This wave of truth is raising higher and higher everyday.” (Alloya)

“Stand strong in your truth, be in truth with love and respect but do not falter.”(Alloya)

Lightworkers Step into Their Positions

One such lightworker that stepped into her position and I’ve recently became familiar with her work is JC Kay. She is a psychic-medium, artist, spiritual warrior, truth seeker and cosmic traveller (description of her work from her YouTube channel Quantum Truths JC Kay). While she was meditating and remote viewing, she picked up about the vaccine rollout in the UK that people are so concerned with.

This is a summary of the message she received after the remote view session.

The dark sorcery which is the lynchpin that holds this entire matrix has been taken down.

“This is why the Matrix is coming apart, all in time for our natural Ascension process that is allowing for this greater awakening.” (JC Kay)

According to JC Kay, there are no COVID vaccines, only relabeled flu shots, old batch redistributed. Nothing to inject. Batch withdrawn, delays in distribution. Media not notified. Protocols made to create hysteria, hype, a buzz to make you live in a state of fear. There’s no vaccine. Only an old batch of flu vaccines.

From what I understand from this video, the Queen and the royal family were taken down and their power to control this matrix.

You can watch this video here.

Truth Energy Is Raising the Consciousness of Humanity Globally

It happens, even if you don’t believe this.

Truth energy is healing the planet, contrary to what you may have heard that the hard truth decreases the frequency.

Exposing the dark, with all its dark agendas, challenges the dark and leads to their inevitable demise. They can’t control an awakened humanity. And it doesn’t take all humanity to create this change.

“The elite cannot control billions of awakened people. And it doesn’t require this many people to shutter
the “matrix”—just a critical mass to achieve this goal. It’s the one hundredth monkey effect on our collective consciousness.[…]When enough people’s primary attention becomes focused through their heart chakras, then the ‘hundredth monkey effect’ will occur.” (Mass Awakening, Chapter Five, p. 125)

100th monkey effect explained

Stillness in the Storm explains this fascinating phenomenon the ‘hundredth monkey effect’.

According to Whisper’s Path,

“Truth vibrates at a high frequency.”

and also

“Anything that resonates at a high frequency is truth.”

By raising our frequency, we are moving to 5D consciousness. Please be aware that those who do not want to discuss the truth because it would decrease the frequency may be unaware that this is a misconception at best or even “fake light”.

One Truth Exposed Leads to More Truths Being Revealed

Exposing the U.S. 2020 election fraud is so important to understand and expose as it will lead to exposing election fraud worldwide.

Apparently, the awakening is contagious since this is the same insight that I received from a reader:

Druvi, South Asian country (December 8, 2020)
“I was also thinking how this election fraud revelations in US will have a domino effect all over the world with the Dominion systems where it has been used in many countries and its links to Chinese communist party etc. And also The world leaders who quickly jumped the gun on congratulating Biden.”

According to Yaron Gal Weis, a former Israeli diplomat who today exposes the truth on our reality, we are all digital soldiers, as Gen. Flynn says, and each one of us who is awakened and helps awakening others helps to win this war (Live no. 9 on December 20, 2020).

we have an army of digital soldiers

The Cabal Never Thought They Will Be Challenged

The Cabal ruled this planet unchallenged for millennia. They never thought they might be challenged or that they will actually lose the battle over planet earth. Yes. It’s a battle between dark and light. A battle between evil and good. It’s either the demise of humanity and earth or the demise of the Cabal and the victory of the light.

“They had become complacent, they have become arrogant, thinking their evil and dark agendas would never be realised and stopped. They thought there was nothing to challenge them. Now they are feeling the energy of truth coming on to the planet, they are indeed feeling threatened.” (Alloya)

What Is the 5D New Earth Consciousness?

Matt Kahn, an author, empathic healer and a spiritual teacher, talks about “the Love Commandos,” those people who are energetically sensitive and are here to anchor the new vibrations of love. So “here’s the love commando at your service.” This is his YouTube channel

He claims we will shift our collective frequency from 3D to 4D, and then to a 5D consciousness of love and harmony.

The emotion warriors are rising

And no, we’re not moving en masse to another planet, and please don’t believe this nonsense about boarding spaceships to be rescued from a catastrophe on earth. We’re staying right here in our bodies. The only thing that changes is our level of consciousness. We will move from a fear based duality to love, unity and harmony. (Mass Awakening, Chapter Ten, p. 227).

For me, the following song perfectly captures the “feel and touch” of this new vibration of love, of 5D New Earth, and I’d like to share it with you. It’s a famous Israeli song in Hebrew entitled Yahad (together). I attached some of the lyrics translated from Hebrew to English with the YouTube video that also includes the translation of the lyrics to English. (Mass Awakening, Chapter Ten, p. 227).

Translation of part of the lyrics:


As the heart opens up,
it embraces the world,
and with a great big shout
to sing for love.

Together, heart to heart
we’ll open, and we’ll see, the light in the sky.

Together, heart to heart
we’ll open with hope – for love.

(Mass Awakening, Chapter Ten, p. 228).

It’s Darkest before Dawn

A lot of people ask me how I can see the light when our reality is so dark; especially since February-March 2020. So now I’m going to show it to you.

From what I know and I’ve already reported about it (check the article God Wins. We Win.), many dark ones had already been tried in military tribunals since January 2019, according to David Wilcock. Many were executed, some are awaiting trials, and some are under house arrest or wearing this gismo on their “sprained” ankle, like sleepy Joe (as President Donald Trump calls Joe Biden) or celebrities who announce that they have COVID-19. The latter is a code for being arrested and investigated. Here’s the list of arrests and executions which was published on Reddit. The video with this list was removed from YouTube several times, so I’m sharing only these links. More updates on latest arrests on

joe with a broken foot

Macron tests covid-19 positive

celebrities with monitor on their ankles

more celebrities with ankle monitor

The Cabal Is Being Exposed Worldwide

The CCP Operatives in the West Are Being Revealed

The Chinese Communist Party is Cabal and China is the blueprint for the Cabal’s New World Order global dictatorship.

Australia Sky News, which is a mainstream media channel, exposes members of the Chinese Communist Party and the party itself, including the register “with the details of nearly two million CCP members” who many of them are working in Western companies worldwide and “how the party operates under Xi Jinping.” (Sharri Markson, Australia Sky News).

Do you think it’s a coincidence? Think again… I see “white hats” at work.

A Call to Prosecute WHO Chief for Genocide

Tedros Adhanom, WHO Chief, may face genocide charges, according to The Times.

David Steinman, an American economist nominated for the Nobel peace prize, has called for the prosecution of WHO Chief “for genocide over his alleged involvement in directing Ethiopia’s security forces” of the head of the World Health Organisation.

The Veil Is Coming Down

The apocalypse is about the great revealing, full disclosure, according to JC Kay in a talk with Mark Devlin. The truth on every aspect of our reality is being exposed. The media will be the Cabal’s last stronghold to be taken down by the Alliance, according to sources that I follow and JC Kay also mentioned this.

Watch here at 1:03:24 hour mark

Sign of the Mass Awakening

One major sign of the mass awakening is the plummeting ratings of MSM programs. In Israel, in particular, the most popular shows’ ratings took a dive by two thirds of what it used to be in the last years…. (Yaron Gal Weiss on Perspectiva, a Canadian YouTube channel in Hebrew on December 5, 2020).

Why Is This So Important?

In another talk on this channel (Nov. 16, 2020), Yaron Gal Weis shares that:

13:05 In Israel, as in the U.S., the intelligence agencies control the MSM. The Mossad controls the Israeli media. As the CIA controls 95% of the MSM in the U.S., except for NewsMax and OANN (need to check)
17:02 minute mark – the Israeli intelligence agencies and the government control all the content on Israeli MSM with proof…

So what they were doing for such a long time doesn’t work anymore and the MSM ratings will continue to decrease.

For those who understand Hebrew, you can watch here:

Important Updates

Operation Disclosure provided important intel about the current situation in the U.S. on December 11, 2020.

  • The Military were moving into hot spots in 18 cities.
  • The Quantum Voting System (QVS) was operating behind the scenes to verify the legitimate votes (through watermarked ballots).
  • There were 280 live cases of voter fraud.

Disclosure about Governments’ Connections with ETs & ETs 

David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley discuss the latest disclosure by Mr. Eshed, a former official in the Israeli space program, about ETs which is a huge disclosure to the general population worldwide although we don’t know whether Mr. Eshed is talking about the benevolent or malevolent ETs (2:23:29 hour mark).

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

David Wilcock discusses this topic for almost thirty years.

According to Wilcock, there are bad ETs who don’t want disclosure to happen (and are pressing the president not to disclose about them) because it disrupts their agenda while other ETs who might want disclosure can’t do this because of the universal law. “We cannot assume these are the “good guys” “(2:23:54).

2:24:25 – Massive disclosure, as he, Eshed, discloses about joint ET-human bases, talking about joint ET-human bases on Mars that David Wilcock discussed about since 2007. You can read more in the article Trump’s Space Force & Full Disclosure.

David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley also discuss about the ascension process which we’re all going through it right now.

2:25:29 – We are in the great awakening which is the ascension process (Dannion Brinkley, who sits near him, nods his head in agreement with Wilcock). […] It’s now.

2:25:32 – The choices you’re making right now determine how you’re going to ascend; where you’re going to go. According to Wilcock, everything that is ongoing with the elections, the DS, whether they (the DS) are being arrested is part of this process.

2:25:49 – It’s a necessary element of a global awakening […] because when enough of us see through the lies, the laws of physics themselves will change (Russian science backs it up).

2:26:11 – This [the ascension] could include people becoming more psychic, telepathic, maybe even levitation because the laws of physics on your planet will be tailored to the free will of your people.

2:35 hour great meditation. Please watch and follow if you’re guided to do it.

Disclosure about ETs Being Here on Earth

Jason Shurka, who works with TLS Organization (acronym of The Light System), and Lorie Ladd discuss this very intriguing topic in the video that I’m sharing below.

Jason explains about the TLS, an international organization with 7,000 individuals and not all agents are human… This organization asked him to share this information – perhaps to prepare humanity for what is coming.

What Is the Mission of TLS?

52:26 – TLS is here to assist and guide humanity in reaching higher levels of awareness; specifically, 5th dimensional awareness (which these higher dimensional beings refer to as gamma). Another name they would give is the age of love that Matt Kahn, who was mentioned before, also talks about.
5th dimensional beings don’t have war. They don’t have disease as we know it.

What Is the Purpose of ETs Presence on Earth?

It’s not only to bring unity to the planet but also to bring intergalactic unity.
16:59 – We experience war. We experience greed. But we will transcend that one day when we raise our collective vibration.
When Jason is faced with comments that war and greed are part of human nature, he replies that it’s not part of human nature. It’s part of the energy vibration/channel/energy bandwidth we experience, are in resonance with, at the moment. When we change our vibration – from channel 3 to channel 4 to channel 5 – anything that we will not be in resonance with, we will not experience it.
17:24 – Human reality is not dictated by human nature but by the resonance we exist. Human nature is limitless.
War is a frequency. Evil is a frequency. Very low frequency (Lorie Ladd).
29:10 – There’s a massive paradigm shift that’s about to happen with ETs and aliens … It’s going to be more real.

U.S. Is the Battle Ground of Good vs. Evil

Years ago, I told acquaintances in private conversations, that the U.S. is the spearhead, where the final battle between good and evil will take place and it will affect everyone worldwide. Today we see this actually happening.

The Epoch Times, an excellent newspaper, shares the powerful words of Michael Flynn, Retired Army Lt. Gen. a former national security adviser and Defense Intelligence Agency chief that the United States is in the middle of a “battle of Good vs. Evil.”

Flynn was recently pardoned by President Trump and is a supporter of Trump’s claims of election fraud.

He wrote an op-ed published on Dec. 10 in The Western Journal:

“We do not want a world governed by tyrants whom no one has elected and who want to have power in order to destroy us,” Flynn wrote in his article. “We understand what their plan is: to eliminate dissent, subdue any criticism and outlaw those who do not submit unconditionally to the dictatorship of the ‘new world order.’”

Simon Parkes reiterated this important message with more details about the U.S. election fraud and that it’s clear the white hats are in control in a recent video (watch the U.S. flag at the beginning of the video).

These are the main pointers of this video:

18:19 minute mark – “No one’s in any doubt that the white hats are firmly in control.”
19:33 – “the words coming through the military through the white hats is hold the line.”
20:51 – The American citizens will not let this to happen – to become the land of the chained from the land of the free. The military will not let this happen. President Trump is no way going to concede. Just hold on. Hold the line.
23:09 – So maybe we have to go through these very difficult days for as many people as possible to see the truth and then to come to the light. […]This is not about politics anymore. This is about good versus evil. This is what it’s all about.
23:43 – America is the place where the battle has to be fought and that’s exactly what is unfolding.

Simon Parkes was a British elected politician and served a full term of office (from Simon Parkes site).

The Cabal Are Losing Their Grip of Humanity and Dump on Us Whatever They Have Left in Store

The Cabal are aware that they face their near demise. They are losing their control over humanity and as occultists, they know the importance of December 21 this year (shift to the Age of Aquarius). As Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters) once said 2012 is 2020.

So they throw any means to harm us and prevent our evolution. These means include mandated COVID-19 vaccine that not only includes toxins like vaccines in general, but also nano particles that may prevent you from accessing your spiritual side, according to Mark Devlin, music journalist and researcher, specialising in black/ urban dance music, and exposing the manipulations of the music industry.

However, even if this is coming, we still need to resist their tyranny and agenda. We still have work to do and not just sit and watch the show. We need to push back their agenda in whichever way we can. “God helps those who help themselves.” (Mark Devlin).

Nuremberg Code Outlaws Any Forced Medical Procedure explains that vaccines are also medical procedures and as such, they cannot be mandated.

“forced vaccinations are a violation of the Nuremberg Code. Note the word, “forced”. In fact, any forced medical procedure or therapy is against the Nuremberg Code.

All medical procedures and therapies must have fully informed and freely given consent, to the greatest extent possible – which means that people who are conscious and able to decide things for themselves remain in control of their medical destiny.” (

87,000 nurses in the Netherlands refuse COVID-19 vaccine.

You can watch the hearing here on BitChute (WordPress platform makes it impossible to embed videos from alternative video sharing platforms, such as Bitchute or Brighteon. I tried multiple times in many ways).

In the U.S., 36% of the nurses also say, like their fellow Dutch nurses, that they would not voluntarily take COVID-19 vaccine.

Watch here:

Behind the Scenes, the Cabal Is Being Taken Down

The battle between good and evil is happening within countries, within intelligence agencies or between those agencies and the positive military (that are aligned with the light forces working for the benefit of humanity).

A recent example for this is the arrest of Gina Hasple, the CIA Director. According to Conspiracy Daily Update, she was injured during a raid in the Frankfurt Germany CIA building which purpose was to secure the servers with the votes for the U.S. 2020 election. According to this site, she was aware that such a raid was going to take place so she “pulled in some private special military trained security forces to protect the building from such a suspected raid” (Conspiracy Daily Update). According to this source, five of the special forces troops were killed together with a CIA official, while Hasple was injured. She was flown to Gitmo where she received a tribunal for treason.

Things are happening all the time!

The Snake’s Head Was Decapitated

I’ve also mentioned in a previous article and video – entitled Defeating the Invisible Enemy – that the snake’s head was decapitated a few months ago, according to Charlie Ward, and that the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, and Hollywood are empty. People were alarmed this summer when they watched videos of military patrolling Hollywood streets. I commented that it’s not martial law but apparently, the mass arrests of S_t_is_ts there.

Please see at 1:37 minute mark of the following video that the “Pope” isn’t real, but a hologram.

The Last Waltz of the Tyrants 

James Gilliland, a bestseller author, counselor, minister, an international lecturer, and the founder of ECETI, said that while he was meditating, he was told that (similarly to what other said and was mentioned previously in the article)

“The sun is going to become very active eventually taking down the grid and most satellites. It is also creating changes in consciousness.” (Operation Disclosure)

According to Gilliland, many of these satellites are not beneficial to humans or animals (I would go further and say that they are harmful to us) and need to be changed.

“The communication grid also needs to be changed using frequencies that are more healing then harmful.” (Operation Disclosure)

This old power grid is not only harmful to us physically but also keeps up in a lower vibration, frequency and prevents us from accessing the higher frequencies beneficial to our evolution.

You can check out my article about weaponized music that discusses the harmful frequencies and how to reverse their adverse effects on us.

For those who are very concerned at the moment with the outcome of the election and other pressing issues (i.e., mandatory vaccines by governments), he says that he was told after asking questions about these topics,

“I was told not to worry Creator wins, Universal Law will press hard and those not aligned with Universal Law will fall. It is what some call the last waltz of the tyrants. Their political puppets will not be successful.” (Operation Disclosure)

Evidence Gathered about the COVID-19 Vaccines

If you think that the Cabal is winning and we’re headed to a dystopia in which these toxic vaccines will be mandated by governments, think again.

Sabre, a contributor writer to Operation Disclosure, shared amazing intel about the Pfizer vaccines.

See Peacock tweet here:


I listened to President Trump’s briefing and heard both Pfizer and FISA. I hope peacock is right.

If this intel is true and the military turned down a second batch of Pfizer vaccine and will do purity check before distribution, this is huge for those concerned about our beloved sheep (the unawakened masses that we know so many of them) going, or more accurately, running to take this vaccine. It means that the distribution will be delayed in the U.S. and perhaps in other countries, too. Sky Palma on Rawstory writes that the government will not buy extra of Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Increased Military Air Traffic

In a talk between MilSpec Ops Monkey (Monkey Werx) and Mike Adams (the founder of Brighteon video sharing platform), Adams mentions that Werx talked about a huge increase in military air traffic maybe ten times the normal after the elections. Perhaps this is connected to the voter fraud. According to Operation Disclosure (November 25),

“Military rendition flights were all over the US. Hundreds of treasonous actors were being extracted, put onto flights and interrogated until they turned, with an emphasis on finding evidence of voter fraud. These Military flights were increasing in preparation for potential Antifa violence and RV release security.”

Werx says that there’s, on average, 250 military flights a day. He then saw a spike in the daily air traffic to 1600! He talks about a lot of activity in the Washington DC area.

Recent Increased Flight Activity — MonkeyWerx, since November 9

Image: The blog

He also was able to track flights to Gitmo (from 10:03 minute mark). He has tracked the Guantanamo Bay area for three years and shares his knowledge about “interrogation flights” (which he also calls rendition flights to black sites, remote international islands). You can see in the map above the air traffic taking place in international waters. They put a device on criminals that they can’t leave a certain area and if they do, these devices will be activated and the person will have like a cardiac arrest. It’s like a GPS embedded in you which is activated (kill switch) if you don’t collaborate (13:33 minute mark).

According to him, these are flights to Guantanamo Bay. It seems to him that this is a white hat operation catching the bad guys and not the other way around (19:49 minute mark). Mike Adams makes an important point at 20:05 minute mark that there are good guys and bad guys in all [U.S.] intelligence agencies, including CIA and FBI. The leadership of these agencies is awful, though.

Monkey Werx also mentions Honduras as one of these prison sites (not only Gitmo is a prison site) and that it’s overflowing. Interesting. He gathers this information from open source intelligence; not classified.

Monkey Werx is an Air Force veteran and worked for Lockheed Martin Corporation for thirty years. He’s also a commentator on social media who provides insight to military special operations, tracking of flights to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and guest podcasts (

You can watch the video on Brighteon as I’m unable to embed it on WordPress.

Military Assets Positioned Globally

In a recent interview on Brighteon between Mike Adams and Monkey Werx (December 17, 2020), Monkey Werx reveals that not only does the military air traffic take place near the U.S. shore but also globally.

11:52 mark – about the military assets positioned globally, not only in the U.S. as he exposed in another video (mentioned earlier)

12:40 – the locations of the military worldwide include Terceira Island off Portugal coast – in the Azores archipelago, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

A lot of flights coming out of Greece

12:57 – The Spanish Air Force bringing down people. Dominican Republic was also mentioned as an allegedly prison site.

13:21 – Iceland seems to be another prison site which makes Guantanamo Bay look like a playground.

You can watch the video here on Brighteon. Just click the highlighted text Brighteon.

Military Tribunals Becomes a Popular Term

It seems that the term “military tribunals” is suddenly popular among top alliance players, including Sidney Powell and General Flynn.

The Lightworkers Help the Alliance Win This War

According to Juan O’Savin, on Interdinar Chronicles Blogpost, the lightworkers and light warriors who are awakening and help awaken others are contributing to the war effort against the Cabal and are help to bring the victory of the light.

“And because of Lightworkers are helping the Alliance, EVERYONE who is awake or waking up, is contributing to this great Victory of the Light.” (Interdinar Chronicles Blogpost)

The Masses Awakening Demanding Freedom

PARIS: “Liberté! Liberté! Liberté”

The Plandemic is Over in Israel

Merry Gitmas everyone – not my words…. But Santa Surfing’s 😊

Let’s make earth great again

To the Victory of the Light 


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