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Hello, my name is Shoshi Herscu, and I’m what Michael Flynn calls a “citizen journalist” from Haifa, Israel. My book “Mass Awakening” is a full disclosure book about the cabal’s dark agenda, secret space programs, the dumbing of the masses, and the great awakening of humanity globally. 

In this video, I’m going to provide you an update about the Mass Awakening worldwide and how Trump’s Space Force accelerates It.

Where Are We in the Great Awakening Process?

Despite the Yellow Vest peaceful protests that continue spreading across France since last November, the French police is increasingly becoming more aggressive and now use semi-automatic weapons with live ammunition! Protesters were killed and some lost eyes, legs but they continue. This protest is much more than about demanding Emmanuel Macron to resign, it is about regaining their sovereignty and rid themselves off globalism, which is actually a global dictatorship, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Russian Bear Is Awakening

Meanwhile, the Russian bear is also awakening and yesterday I received a news update from my friend in Moscow, who attended a rally against Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, threat to cut of Russia from the Internet. Unfortunately, they were too late as she told me that she can’t send me photos or videos by email as it was already cut off.

You can watch the video and pictures that I’ve uploaded yesterday to my Facebook and Twitter author’s pages.

The Military Tribunals

Many people are skeptical whether the military tribunals have started, so I decided to share with you my thoughts about it. In one of David Wilcock’s recent episodes on Edge of Wonder, he said that these tribunals have started and proceed for a while, according to his sources. However, they are secret. Apparently, the white hats don’t have enough people to make all the indictments at once and that’s why we’ve seen recently some posts about those people wearing orthopedic boots with GPS at their ankles. (remember John McCain?). Other sources also say that these tribunals have already started at the beginning of January 2019 as it was announced beforehand. I also didn’t see tweets from those who are supposedly indicted and in Gitmo for a few months. Just pay attention and please share with me any new information about this. These are historical times, fellow earth patriots wherever you are.

How Trump’s Space Force Accelerates the Great Awakening of Humanity?

By talking about and planning this space force, Trump, intentionally or unintentionally, seeds human consciousness and helps accelerate the long-awaited “full disclosure”, including about free energy and anti-gravity, secret space programs, and extraterrestrials, which will in turn accelerate the global mass awakening. By free energy and anti-gravity, I refer to those technologies described in the excellent documentary “Thrive” (not the use of solar, wind, or other such resources that are often erroneously called “free energy”).

For more information about Trump’s space force, read here:

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