In the Media in Different Languages

I’ve published numerous articles related to topics that I’ve mentioned in my book during this year. I was glad to find out they have been translated into different languages, including Czech, French, German and recently, into Italian and Spanish, and Turkish.

Please click the headlines with the title of your language to read the articles. These articles were also published on well-known sites on full disclosure in English, too. So please spread the word in your language to awaken as many people as we can.

Thanks to all those who translated my articles into different languages.

My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist and activist from Israel. My book, Mass Awakening, tells the story of my personal awakening, as well as that of all humanity, to the massive deception of the world’s Elite controllers and their devastating agendas. It is an exposé on dark agendas and how people are fighting back offering hope for the future.

I could’ve gone into denial, but Mass Awakening is my way of “fighting back” by documenting humanity awakening to these generational abusers.

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In the media in different languages

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Interview about the Quantum Financial System and NESARA/GESARA in Spanish

In SpanishMisteri 1963 Blog

In Chinese – the Article Who Controls the World

who controls the world in Chinese

Source: PFC China

In Italian

In ItalianSa Defenza Blog

In Czech

In Czecg
The original source of this article is New Dawn Magazine which they didn’t mention in this article. We need to support such cutting-edge magazines.

In French


Agenda 21

Agenda 21 in French

About the Mass Awakening of Humanity Worldwide

About the mass awakening in French

About Agenda 21 – In German

The Article about the Secret Space Programs Mentioned In Russian

In Russian

On Exo News

Trump’s Space Force & Full Disclosure

The Interview about the Manifestations of the Mass Awakening Globally on Conscious Talk Radio published on Military Tribunals site

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


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