Important News & Commentary about the Mass Awakening in Israel – video

Hello, fellow earth patriots, lightworkers and light warriors. I’m so excited to share with you important news from the last days and insights about the Mass Awakening in Israel. This is a topic very close to me and exposes things you may not be aware of.

Some Background Info

If you aren’t familiar with me and this the first time that you see my video, welcome! My name is Shoshi Herscu, an Israeli activist, investigative journalist, and a writer. My book Mass Awakening is an expose of the great awakening of humanity globally. It is a cover to cover full disclosure book exposing the Cabal’s dark agenda, and how humanity fights to unshackle itself from the debt-slavery financial system and in general, to regain its power and freedom from these dark forces.

In this video, I’m going to provide important news and commentary about the mass awakening in Israel.

If you have more information, please send me any updates.

We need to awaken as many people as possible before the shift actually happens. You are important to this mass awakening of humanity. Please remember this!

Watch the video here.

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To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


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