Full Disclosure Is Fast Approaching, Release the Kraken!

Release the kraken, the catchphrase used by Sidney Powell, the attorney of Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor for the Trump Administration and retired United States Army lieutenant general (Michael Flynn’s Telegram channel), refers to exposing all the details about the 2020 U.S. election fraud. From the sources I’m following, not only will there be a disclosure of this huge fraud but also full disclosure about our reality, including UFOs, ultra-advanced unharmful technologies, the new financial system QFS, NESARA/GESARA, crimes against humanity committed by the evil Cabal, or global Elites, and the reality matrix as whole, that is approaching fast. Read here.

In this article, I’m going to pay a tribute to one of the greatest white hats, light warriors, out there: Sidney Powell.

Sidney Powel author of the bestseller licensed to lie

Photo: Sidney Powell, the author of the bestseller Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice

My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist and activist from Israel. My book, Mass Awakening, tells the story of my personal awakening, as well as that of all humanity, to the massive deception of the world’s Elite controllers and their devastating agendas. It is an exposé on dark agendas and how people are fighting back offering hope for the future.

I could’ve gone into denial, but Mass Awakening is my way of “fighting back” by documenting humanity awakening to these generational abusers.

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A Tribute to One of the Greatest White Hats of Our Time

The title of this article contains the catchphrase “Release the Kraken” as a tribute to one of the most amazing light warriors of our time – together with General Michael Flynn, attorney Lin Wood and many others – attorney Sidney Powell. I was inspired to write this article after watching a video with the title Release the Kraken, the catchphrase used by Sidney Powell, made by Mark Attwood (The Mark Attwood Show Adventures in a Cosmic Suit 2 YouTube channel).

Who Is Sidney Powell?

Sidney Powell (Sidney Katherine Powell, according to gossipgist.com) is the former federal prosecutor (www.thegatewaypundit.com), a former member of President Donald Trump’s legal team (gossipgist.com), and the author of the bestseller Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice

I’ve also read somewhere that she allegedly “is conducting Military Tribunals as Trump gave her that authority in Jan/21”. I don’t have confirmation for this, but if it’s true, it wouldn’t surprise me.


The themarshallreport.wordpress.com reveals that Sydney Powell is a registered military lawyer and is “the only one who can prosecute treason at a tribunal!”

According to themarshallreport.wordpress.com, she’s the woman who is taking down “the giants of the swamp!”.

That’s the reason why the Cabal’s MSM is telling you all the lies about her. She’s dangerous to them and they know it.

When Did Sydney Powell Use This Phrase?

According to Newsweek, Sydney Powell said this phrase in reference to the 2020 U.S. election fraud.

“I’m going to release the Kraken,” Powell declared defiantly while saying she would expose the deck was stacked against Trump in the election by “Silicon Valley people, the big tech companies, the social media and even the media companies.” (Newsweek)

Mention of Release the Kraken 

This phrase was taken from the fantasy adventure movie from 1981 Clash of the Titans uttered in this scene:

The word “kraken” in this movie refers to “a terrifying force of nature” (movie’s description on Movieclips YouTube channel).

According to Dailydot.com, in this movie the actor Liam Neeson playing Zeus shouts this line “in a dramatic moment in which the Greek god is ordering his men to unleash the legendary squid monster.” (Dailydot.com)

According to BBC, “The Kraken is a gigantic sea monster from Scandinavian folklore that rises up from the ocean to devour its enemies.”

Had Sydney Powell hinted at releasing a terrifying force to handle the 2020 U.S. elections fraud? What are your thoughts on this? Please comment below this article.

Kraken also Refers to a Military Intelligence  System

Not only is the “kraken” a terrifying monster, it is also a “real-time military intelligence hacking system”, according to grayseconomy.com, a blog run by a business journalist for a major metropolitan newspaper in the past (grayseconomy.com).

What Is Full Disclosure?

In business legal terms, according to legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com, “full disclosure” means the need to tell the whole truth in business transactions.

Full disclosure is an event when all the truth suppressed about our reality is revealed by all means of communication, including MSM (television, radio, press), alternative media, search engines, and video sharing platforms that massively suppress this information at the moment on all devices. This event can happen in several ways that one of the most well known is by the EBS, Emergency Broadcast System.

Starlink satellite

Image: Kat on Operation Disclosure

The dam of truth is going to burst entirely for everyone worldwide to be exposed to the truth on our real reality.

truth meter

Photo: OperationDisclosureOfficial.com

Multi-front Battle Ongoing behind the Scenes 

“There’s a multi-front battle going on for exposing the information hidden from us, whether it’s partial disclosure of some concealed information or a full disclosure which would divulge everything hidden from us—all the truth and nothing but the truth will free us.” (Mass Awakening, Chapter Four, p. 79)

Partial disclosure is ongoing for several years, leaking suppressed information drip by drip about the DUMBs, the crimes against humanity committed by the global elite, and ultra-advanced technologies mentioned in previous articles.

Why Is Full Disclosure Necessary?

This question may sound like self evident. However, for most humanity which is unawakened, and perhaps is in denial, this is a very significant question to answer.

“Full Disclosure is necessary to reveal the full scope of human slavery, which extends off-planet and into many other civilizations of which earth humans, many of them children, are used for sex and trafficking. In most of these cases, the massive profits for human slavery, sexual slavery, and free labor for the negative alien agenda (NAA) (ascensionglossary.com) is involved.” (ascensionglossary.com) (Mass Awakening, Chapter Six, p. 152)

We can transform this reality for the better only if we acknowledge the darkness and everything involved with it.

Full Disclosure Will Lead to the Mass Awakening

When full disclosure eventually happens, even those in complete denial will be unable to ignore the truth on our reality. This will lead to the very traumatizing mass awakening of humanity globally. According to certain sources, not everyone, unfortunately, will survive the full disclosure and move forward to 5D new earth.

“The MSM can no longer hide the truth anymore. They cannot stop the revelation of all the hidden secrets and the matrix of control, whether it’s the depopulation agendas, false flag attacks, government black projects like the secret space programs—all is being exposed and will continue to be exposed until there’s full disclosure. The real apocalypse is the lifting of the veil of the matrix of lies, manipulation, and deception.
Together we could reach many more people and help expedite this positive shift worldwide.” (Mass Awakening, Chapter Five, p. 124)


The anti-life and anti-human policies imposed on humanity last year and a half had led to the mass awakening of humanity globally. Reports about huge marches against the green pass and lockdowns have been suppressed or downplayed by the MSM.

Anti lockdown rally in London

Photo: Anti-lockdown Rally in London, August 2020

London Protest Aug. 2020

Photo: StandUpX – London protest August, 2020

Nevertheless, mass awakening is happening as a result of the CV hoax perpetrated for over a year.


There was a low voting turnout in the last general election in Israel on March 23, 2021 (67% according to Jerusalem Post which I don’t believe), while Benny (I use an alias as per his request to maintain his relative anonymity), an Israeli medium that I mentioned in a previous article said that only 43% of the eligible voters showed up to cast their vote.

He also told me in a personal message that in September-October, 2021, Israelis will realize that the regime is gone and there’s no one to pay taxes to, not to the state or to the municipality. There will also be no banks to pay debts to. I asked him if this is part of GESARA and he replied that this is not part of it. This is simply what is going to occur, according to Benny.

On Israel’s Independence Day on April 14, 2021, there were barely any cars flying the Israeli flag which was very common in previous years.


Israeli photographers and reporters have been attacked not only by Ultra-Orthodox Jews as the MSM would like you to believe.

Mass Awakening Telegram chat group, [17.05.21 07:57]

Israeli photographers and reporters complain that the Israeli people has awakened and began attacking them. How much have you lied to us only in the last year? How much have you divided our people and incited one against another throughout the years? P.S. to walk around in a shirt of the Reich in Bnei Brak (an Ultra-orthodox city near Tel Aviv) and then complain that you’ve been attacked.

The “reporter” on the right side said: “We are the target for them [the populace]. We are the devil/Satan for them.” Very interesting observation. I wonder why.

Israeli reporters and photographers being attacked

Photo and the observation about the photo above: נִילִ”י 21 Telegram channel

As Steve Beckow (Golden Age of Gaia) called it on Operation Disclosure: “We are developing herd immunity to deep state psy ops.”


Daily Mail reports that more than 120 U.S. retired generals signed ‘an open letter from retired generals and admirals’ that questions Biden’s mental health and the integrity of the 2020 U.S. election.


According to David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer to Operation Disclosure, the French military fears that France “will end up destroyed as the United States is already destroyed.” In the U.S., the percentage of non-Americans is 40%, while in France it’s 20%. They are warning about a brewing civil war in France. According to Lifschultz, the majority of the French people support “the generals’ platform, a disavowal for the government and the left.” (David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer to Operation Disclosure)

The globalists who place their minions as presidents and prime ministers are the ones responsible for creating the conditions for mass migration into Europe, the U.S., and also Israel, as I wrote in my book.

Full Disclosure Is The Dark Night of the Soul of Humanity

According to Lorie Ladd in a very powerful video, we’re going through evolution, an awakening, right now.

She says that the awakening can be “the most challenging and courageous moments of your life.” (0:52 minute mark)

1:13 – “You’re also recognizing that the world that you’ve lived in may not be the way you always thought it was.”

1:35 – According to Lorie Ladd, in order to move forward we need to see the dark, to see evil.

2:15 – Why do we need to face this darkness, this evil? Because this world is polarity which means duality of good and evil. If you have love, you also have fear. When you have joy, you also have depression. “When you have peace, you’re going to have war.”

2:42 – Here’s the most powerful message of this video: “If you cannot see evil, you will not be able to evolve.”

2:45 – “and so right now, the entire human collective is on a very fast timeline of “waking up” (she indicates the inverted commas with her hands) or evolving or ascending.

5:00 – What is the purpose of this unraveling of the truth about the evil in our reality? Because, according to Lorie Ladd, “we heal the world by looking at that which we can’t fathom.[…]by feeling the emotions around what we are watching unravel that is nauseating, that makes us angry, frustrated, sad, depressed.”

6:20 – “You can’t escape what’s coming” which reminds me what President Trump and retired general Michael Flynn and others said: “You can’t stop what’s coming. No one can.”

7:58 – “We are literally walking into a huge dark night of the collective soul.[…]Millions upon millions of humans are going to pass [away].”

Mass Cognitive Dissonance Coming

Jason Shurka shares his personal experience of how unawakened people reacted in a WhatsApp chat group when evidence for the CV hoax and that it didn’t originate from a bat came out recently (hint hint: look up Fauci emails) after he exposed this from the beginning of the plandemic (around March-April, 2020 when it supposedly started). Some left the chat, while others continued to deflect the facts, the evidence and falsify the evidence.

2:34 minute mark – If no proof or evidence that comes forth, like it did over the past few days [Fauci’s emails], doesn’t show you what our true reality is, then you’re not willing to see it.

This is called cognitive dissonance. Please watch this video. It’s very powerful and insightful about the human collective.

2:39 – “Now, truth is most of humanity right now, the collective right now is experiencing a major state of cognitive dissonance and it’s not comfortable. But it is happening.”

Jason Shurka perfectly portrays some of the reactions of the unawakened which we might see after the full disclosure. The unawakened might resist the awakening even when presented with hard evidence on all mainstream media.

We might see even a more massive cognitive dissonance when full disclosure finally occurs.

You can check out Fauci’s emails on www.documentcloud.org

To understand why these emails are so significant for revealing the truth about the CV plandemic, you can read this NY Post article.

Just a short recap of this article:

These emails show that Fauci was tipped, or warned, that this so called “pandemic” outbreak was engineered. Not only did he receive such warning from laymans, non-experts, but also from a U.S. virus researcher “who wrote that “unusual features” of the virus may indicate it was “engineered.”” (NY Post).

How Is It Going to Happen?

Perhaps a recent Q drop hints to what is coming soon.

Starlink Satellites Going Online
The Great Awakening
Enjoy The Show


Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, therapist ret, journalist, and author (Restored Republic via GCR update on June 12, 2021) provides more details:

The GCR (the Global Currency Reset), or “the reset” in Judy Byington’s words, will occur at the same time with a lockdown. So, she advises as many others, to have some extra groceries at hand when it would happen. I would also suggest that you have a full tank at all times, medications if you need, and cash for two weeks.

She also gives the readers the heads up to “be prepared for a limited time to lose access to phones and the Internet.”

The Blackout Events

Judy Byington (Restored Republic via GCR update on June 12, 2021) reveals that there would be two blackout events and not only one, as it was assumed previously.

There would be a three-day worldwide blackout event “to make a quick change over to TESLA Free Energy” (Restored Republic via GCR update on June 12, 2021).

The second event is the ten days of darkness which would be preceded by wiping out the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird MSM satellites. During this period, there would be no phone calls or texting, and no Internet. Only an Emergency Broadcast System which will use the Tesla Free Energy which “disclose worldwide events by way of three eight hour documentaries playing in many languages over the TV 24/7 for ten days” (Restored Republic via GCR update on June 12, 2021). Other sources claim that you’ll be able to watch these revelations not only on TV (I don’t have one), but also on smartphones and PCs. There will simply be one channel which will broadcast these revelations on these devices 24/7.

We The People Are the Disclosure 

Citizen journalists, retired military and intelligence agencies are the ones disclosing information about all the hidden aspects of our reality. As I said in a video two years ago: we are the mainstream media now.

Today, independent content creators have more viewers than all the MSM combined!

17 content creators down their combined views were almost 1 Billion.

If the Cabal Can’t Win This, They Smear Anons

people who attack anons

Image: Kat on Operation Disclosure

Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich under A Hitler, 1933 – 1945

truth is the greatest enemy of the state

Image: Kat on Operation Disclosure

How to Spot False Light?

Recently, I noticed how the awakened ones are confused as they see truthers smearing other truthers, or truth seekers.

I shared few of the following suggestions on how to spot a false truth seeker, lightworker, in my Telegram chat group. I’d love to hear from you more suggestions in the comments section.

  1. A “truther” who smears another may not be a true truth seeker but something else. Look how the smeared one reacts. Is he smearing back? It will show you a lot about the people involved. Just observe and decide for yourself who is who.
  2. False light may consider themselves as highly spiritual who are already dwelling in 5D. However, they will tell you after less than 5 minutes of knowing you what you should or shouldn’t do with your life, labeling you as they please, posing themselves as kind of “gurus”. Beware.
  3. On the other hand, if you want to find a true light worker, or light warrior, look out for authenticity.

The main point that I’m trying to make here is that anyone who empowers you to find the solutions and answers within yourself, following your intuition, is probably of the light, while those who take your power by imposing their beliefs and use scare tactics so that you follow them, they might be of the dark despite posing as light. Please trust your intuition when you’re in doubt. I urge you to take back your power. We gave our power to the Cabal for too long. We have been programmed to do so and that’s the reason that so many awakened ones are still willing to follow these false light prophets, or those considering themselves as more highly evolved than everyone (although they will strongly deny it).

Are the Blackout Events Near?

Someone asked me this question and I’m trying to find out whether it’s going to happen very soon.

I can only tell that we’re probably the closest to these events than ever because of the activities taking place worldwide which are exposed to us. I indirectly know this as more information is coming out about the most sensitive topics as in this mind blowing interview of Gene Decode, retired military, the Blessed to Serve Ekklesia legal team B2T (Blessed to Teach YouTube Channel) and Michael Jaco, former Navy SEAL and CIA security officer (Michael Jaco’s YouTube channel).

Please watch this interview on Bitchute, because when I’m embedding the video on this platform, it deletes the text after the video.

Some important pointers from this interview:

6:12 – Gene Decode says that the militaries are doing stuff all over the world.
6:39 – The military in Myanmar took action against the election fraud (declared martial law… the election fraud was committed in Myanmar by the same companies, same softwares) which happened just as in the U.S.
7:20 – They are blowing up DUMBs in China right now.
16:07 – A lot of these ultra-advanced technologies like the med beds are being leaked slowly and used.
16:22 – Some companies are already getting ready for mass production of these med beds.
19:36 – Change is happening even in the big pharma. Merck, one of the three biggest vaccine makers is cleaning their leadership and stated that they are not going to be involved/produce vaccines anymore but turn to natural health and herbs because it gives greater benefit and immune response than vaccines! They are changing their path.
47:42 – The rising of the frequency of earth from 3D to 4D to 5D
53:20 – The energy that raises human consciousness primarily comes from the sun (Gene Decode), from the sun inside earth from the poles because earth is hollow (just as I said in the article about inner earth).
57:23 – The central sun is inside earth!!!!
57:40 – About “the event”!!!
58:20 – “The Event” is the ascension event! It’s not a negative event. It’s a positive event. Nothing can’t stop what’s coming!
58:25 – The Cabal know about the event and they tried to hijack this event to turn it into a negative event. It’s a negative event on negative 3D, 4D, and 5D earths! 58:45 – A couple from India sent him photos of these earths.
58:52 – The separation is already happening between the positive and negative timelines coming to the choice where you want to be!!!!
59:38 – They already know this in the secret space programs.
1:08:16 hour – Truth always wins!
1:08:31 – The cabal don’t have a soul because they gave it away for power.

At 1:13:57 hour – a photo of the two suns: 3D and 5D (Gene Decode’s wife)

two suns simultaneously - Gene Decode's wife

The Event and Disclosure

Michael DellaRocca, guiding through your spiritual evolution (Our Everyday Lives YouTube channel) describes what will happen when “The Event” finally occurs regarding disclosure.

According to him, the 5th part of “the event” will be the disclosure of other life forms (11:47 minute mark) and they can come in many forms.

11:59 – Some of them you might see in the physical. But some of them, you might not be able to see.

12:19 – You might not be able to see some of these extraterrestrial beings, as they vibrate on a different frequency. They could be standing right next to you and you might not be able to see them.

12:48 – “Now we are going to have mass disclosure of all the things that could serve our greatest purpose and the disclosure of extraterrestrial beings.”

13:07 – “Those who were doing the negative things to our people and those that are here to bring forth the victory of the light.

Moving to 5D is a collaborative effort (14:13 minute mark). See how you get involved and comment below.

“The Event is actually many things at the same moment. It is when the light forces take over the mass media and release intel about ET involvement, about the crimes of the Cabal, about the advanced technologies, so FULL disclosure. This is part of it.” (Mass Awakening, Introduction, p. xxi)

We the People Are Taking Back Our Power

The huge march against the medical tyranny (anti-vaccine passports) on 29 May, 2021 in London.

Clearing the Debt of All Countries

NESARA has already been implemented low key wiping out student loans and credit card debt, as you can see in the comments below the respective video and article about the NESARA/GESARA.

According to operationdisclosureofficial.com, U.S. national debt has been cleared leading the way to clearing the debts of all countries. Moreover, the federalist.com also shared that President Donald Trump demanded that

“As a first step, all countries should collectively cancel any debt they owe to China as a down payment on reparations. The nations of the world should no longer owe money to China.”

The amount of reparations President Donald Trump mentioned is:

“Communist China pay a minimum of $10 trillion in reparations to compensate for damages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.” (the federalist.com)

Digital Soldiers’ Monumental Role in Full Disclosure

All of you who spread the truth are soldiers in this information warfare and play a tremendous role in full disclosure. You are the embodiment of what red pilling humanity worldwide is.

See what Q wrote about it.

information warfare and digital soldiers

Image: Dinar Chronicles, June 13, 2021

And from Romana Didulo, who according to Gene Decode, she is the legitimate Canada Head of State and Commander-in-Chief (operationdisclosureofficial.com)

Romana Didulo addressing digital soldiers, June 10, 2021

Image: ROMANA Didulo ~ Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada Telegram Channel

Gene Decode elaborates on Romana Didulo on OperationDisclosureOfficial.com:

“It’s a temporary holding maneuver by the Alliance until they get Trump in and until they can get a Constitutional Republic in place in Canada. “

The QFS Is Up and Running

Many people question how the debt jubilee will occur, how can so much debt be covered instantly out-of-thin-air?

Gene Decode indirectly answers these questions in yet another mind-blowing interview with him, which is transcribed by Kat.

“34:39 It turns out the Gold in the D.U.M.B. they’re going further into the Vatican D.U.M.B. towards Jerusalem and they found MORE Gold in the 1500 mile Vatican D.U.M.B. It’s not 34.7 QUINTILLION… that’s what they’ve already removed…

34:55 Now they got into another part… That D.U.M.B. goes from Rome, the Vatican, through Albania, down through Greece and all the way to Jerusalem.

34:55 Now, as they’re going into this area here… black pointer, they found more gold…” (OperationDisclosureOfficial.com)


Image: Gene Decode’s computer as published on OperationDisclosureOfficial.com


Image: Gene Decode’s computer as published on OperationDisclosureOfficial.com

“Kat Note: Charlie Ward said the other day, “There’s so much abundance on Earth it’s staggering. In numbers incomprehensible. All will be reappropriated to We The People” from whom it was stolen and who created it in the first place. […] Everyone will have everything they could ever need or want. THAT is God’s plan. Always was, imo.” (OperationDisclosureOfficial.com)

Michael Flynn's Telegram wording the end is near

Image: Michael Flynn Telegram channel

wording may it all be exposed with a sunset

Full disclosure will occur. It will be a traumatic event for everyone. Some will not be able to take this information, but many will. This disclosure will lead to an amazing future for all of us worldwide.

“They will lose their power; they know it, and they’re fighting back. This shift in consciousness will bring
world peace and a higher standard of living for everyone, because those who perpetrate the wars and their reigns of terror, who gobble up our food and energy resources, will have their day of reckoning.
So there will be peace on earth, as the unshackled mainstream media starts broadcasting the truth about the hidden technologies withheld from us that can be used for the benefit of humanity and elimination
of poverty and hunger worldwide.” (Mass Awakening, Introduction, p. xviii)

 Let’s make earth great again

To the Victory of the Light in different languages below

Hebrew: לנצחון האור

Kiswhili (Uganda, East Africa): kwa ushindi wa mwanga

German: Für den Sieg des Lichts 

Russian: Победа Света

Italian: Per la vittoria della luce

Spanish: Por la victoria de la Luz

French: Pour la victoire de la lumière

Hungarian: A fény győzelmére 

Romanian: Pentru victoria luminii

Swedish: till ljusets seger


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