CBDC & How to Push Back against It?

Many governments around the world currently create their own cryptocurrency CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

Of course, they say that it’s for our convenience to avoid using “dirty” bank notes and coins. All their plans are for our own good.

However, as always, the truth is suppressed and silenced.

Why do we have to be concerned about CBDC and its rollout?

How is the rollout of CBDC connected to Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, 15-minute cities, and digital ID? They all lead to technocracy.

These means are leading to the total enslavement and accelerated depopulation of humanity. Look at China. This is the Cabal’s blueprint for the entire world. But there’s an antidote to this dystopian plan. Continue reading here.

Close up shot of a bitcoin buried in the ground

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What Is CBDC?

CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital currency and it’s a centralized digital currency. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are decentralized, CBDCs are issued by central banks. They are fiat currencies backed by no real assets, but only by central banks (newstarget.com).

According to mckinsey.com,

“Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the digital form of a government-issued currency that isn’t pegged to a physical commodity.”

“emphasis added” as the bolded text was not part of the original text.

It means that it’s fiat money or, “monopoly money”, which has no value except for the value given to it.

What Is Fiat Money?

Fiat money is a kind of currency which isn’t backed by any goods or assets, such as gold or silver and in general, this type of money is issued by governments to be a legal tender (Wikipedia).

A Very Different Description of CBDC

According to Wide Awake Media, the definition of CBDC is quite a bit different than McKinsey’s,

“CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) will enable faceless, unelected central bankers to not only track every single transaction you make, but also to control every aspect of your life, including where you can go, what you can buy and whether or not you can even buy anything at all.

Every last remnant of human freedom depends on widespread rejection of CBDCs.”

How Is CBDC Promoted?

CBDC is promoted to the public as a more stable and reliable currency than cryptocurrency which isn’t backed or controlled by any government or authority.

According to the “powers that be” (hopefully soon to be, “the powers that were”),

“some of the main advantages of CBDCs are that they offer increased financial inclusion, greater payment system efficiency [can be used by anyone with internet connection or a smartphone], and improved monetary policy implementation.” (newstarget.com).

Reclaim the Net warned after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank that now over hundred of governments around the world will use this event to push the CBDCs with the talking points mentioned above to convince the masses that it’s for our benefit to hand out control over our money to them by making it digital; therefore, it cannot be counted or held.

More Talking Points for CBDC

“Talking Point 1: CBDCs will protect you from social media bank runs[…]

Talking Point 2: CBDCs will provide financial stability[…]

Talking Point 3: CBDCs should be used for customer deposit protection” (newstarget.com)

The Problem with CBDC

But here’s the catch with CBDC: Central governments own and control central banks (newstarget.com).

The concerns around this government-issued-and-controlled currency are that they could potentially be exploited for illegal and money laundering activities, provide hackers convenient targets containing huge amounts of personal financial data (newstarget.com).

CBDC Is the End Game 

While the official narrative makes you believe that CBDC is all for your best interests and it’s so much more convenient and “clean”, there are malevolent aspects to this currency which show that it’s the end game for humanity.

off-guardian.org explains the extreme dangers of CBDC very well. According to Iain Davis, an author, a researcher, and a journalist, CBDC will spell the end of human freedom despite promises of data protection and anonymity, and assurances of safeguards. What’s important is the intent behind the CBDC which is obscured by empty promises.

“Central Bank Digital Currency is the most comprehensive, far-reaching, authoritarian social control mechanism ever devised. Its “interoperability” will enable the CBDCs issued by various national central banks to be networked to form one, centralised global CBDC surveillance and control system.

Should we allow it to prevail, CBDC will deliver the global governance of humanity into the hands of the bankers.” (off-guardian.org)


According to techtarget.com, Interoperability which is pronounced IHN- tuhr -AHP- uhr -uh-BIHL- ih -tee

“is the ability of different systems, devices, applications or products to connect and communicate in a coordinated way, without effort from the end user.”

This means that the data is collected from multiple systems to be used by those who control the data. One of its functions is to enable the social credit system.

“interoperability helps organizations achieve higher efficiency and a more holistic view of information.” (techtarget.com)

CBDC IS Not Money

CBDC doesn’t resemble any type of “money” in use today. These are the CBDC properties which makes it something other than what we’re familiar with as “money”.

According to off-guardian.org, what distinguishes CBDC from other forms of money are the following properties:

CBDC is programmable which means that those who control it can write “smart contracts” into its code

“to control the terms and conditions of the transaction.” (off-guardian.org)

Any policy can be enforced by the CBDC by those controlling this sort of currency without requiring legislation. This currency will allow unprecedented surveillance, as each transaction will be monitored and controlled (off-guardian.org).

CBDC Will Be Linked to Digital IDs

When CBDC will be linked to digital IDs, the Cabal will be able to engineer humanity according to their wishes (off-guardian.org). It would be the perfect totalitarian state, or world, to them.

Digital ID = Digital Prison

Not only the goods you want to purchase will be monitored and controlled, but also your movements.

As CBDC will be connected to our jab certificates and carbon credit accounts, this currency will restrict our freedom to go where we want

“and enable our programmers to adjust our behaviour if we stray from our designated Technate function.” (off-guardian.org)

What Is Money?

Money can be defined, according to off-guardian.org as:

“A commodity accepted by general consent as a medium of economic exchange. […]It circulates from person to person and country to country, facilitating trade, and it is the principal measure of wealth.”

Money is a “means”, or a “medium” in the form of a coin, a digital token, a paper note, a gold nugget, or a casino chip which we agree to exchange with one another for goods and services. But bear in mind that it has whatever value that we attribute to it and agree on to allow us to use it to trade with one another (off-guardian.org).

The Banking Oligarchs’ Worst Nightmare

Decentralized finance and currency are the bankers’ worst nightmare as it empowers the people and takes their current control over humanity. They don’t want people to make their own decisions with their own currency. They want to preserve their control over humanity and even tighten their grip on an awakening humanity.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The BIS (the Bank of International Settlements) which, surprisingly or not, is located in Switzerland, published a report about the future monetary system in June 2022, as part of its annual report where the BIS members, the central banks conveyed their concerns about “crypto” replacing their “money”.

“The central banks (BIS members) effectively highlighted their concerns about the potential for the decentralised finance (DeFi), common to the “crypto universe,” to undermine their authority as the issuers of “money”” (off-guardian.org)

How Does the BIS Define DeFi?

This is the BIS’s definition of DeFi (Decentralized Finance):

“a set of activities across financial services built on “permissionless” DLT [Distributed Ledger Technology] such as blockchains.” (off-guardian.org)

“emphasis added” as the bolded text was not part of the original text.

The most well known cryptocurrencies [such as Bitcoin] are based upon “permissionless” blockchains. Such systems have no control access (off-guardian.org).

This is what preoccupies the BIS: it cannot have control over your currency.

Permissionless Blockchain Versus CBDC

Permissionless blockchain requires no “trusted intermediaries” like banks, as the records are being kept on blockchain by a multitude of self-interested, anonymous validators (off-guardian.org).

Was Bitcoin the Creation of the Deep State?

The question is why would the “deep state” create Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, that is built upon a permissionless DLT that doesn’t allow them to control it and doesn’t threaten human freedom whereas CBDC is controlled by the central banks and it’s basically the end game to human freedom (off-guardian.org).

Central Banks Are Private Banks

If you think that central banks are owned and operated by the government, then you’re in for a surprise and not a pleasant one.

“The US Federal Reserve (Fed) explain[s] how they deployed BlackRock’s ‘going direct’ plan:

This process of central banks issuing “currency” that then finds its way directly into private hands will find its ultimate expression through CBDC. […]CBDC will only be “issued” by the central banks.” (off-guardian.org).

We, the People, Have a Say on CBDC and Determine Its Success or Failure

According to McKinsey and Accenture, the global IT consultancy that is a founding member of the ID2020 Alliance global digital identity partnership, the CBDC needs to be widely adopted to be successful. In China, they didn’t have much success with China’s CBDC e-CNY (also abbreviated as digital RMB) and the regime tried to bribe the Chinese to use it by buying goods and services with CBDC credits. According to gsr.io, in 2020 China distributed $1.5 million USD (10 million yuan) worth coupons of CBDC in Shenzhen to test the water with this digital currency. In 2021, according to Forbes, 68% of the Chinese people expressed their concerns for the privacy of their digital data in one study (off-guardian.org).

CBDC Is Not “cash”

The BIS attempt to attract people to use the CBDC is to promote it as “a digital form of cash,” which is a lie (off-guardian.org).

“The central bank, or its commercial bank “partners,” cannot monitor where we exchange cash nor control what we buy with it. CBDC will empower them to do both.” (off-guardian.org)

The Digital Pound

Bank of England (BoE), UK’s central bank, recently published its technical specification for its CBDC which it misleadingly calls the “Digital Pound”.

It already announced that this CBDC “would not be anonymous because the ability to identify and verify users is needed to prevent financial crime and to meet applicable legal and regulatory obligations.” (off-guardian.org).

The “digital pound” cannot be considered cash by any means. Cash is anonymous and you don’t have to provide your personal information every time you purchase something.

Using this CBDC will require, according to the Bank of England statement,

“varying levels of identification” to be enforced in order to ensure that the CBDC control is “for all. No one would be able to escape this far-reaching surveillance and control grid (off-guardian.org).

Your willingness to comply with the CBDC policy will allow you to function in society while failing to comply will result “in you being unable to function as a citizen and ensure that you are effectively barred from mainstream society.” (off-guardian.org).

CBDC Will Eliminate Human Freedom

Accepting CBDC will put an end to any human freedom (off-guardian.org).

If we don’t concede to this nightmarish plan, then it will never become a reality. It’s up to all of us wherever we are.

Total Control

Watch this documentary from 2022 about the CBDC and how any aspect of our lives will be controlled if we accept this currency. Click on the title.

STATE OF CONTROL on Bitchute with such impressive cast of experts, such as

James Corbett
Bas Filippini
Ken van Ierlant
Lex Hoogduin
Cristian Theres
Brett Scott
Tijmen Wisman
Catherine Austin Fitts
Mahir Alkaya
Annie Machon
Co-Pierre Georg

What Is Digital ID?

From the “horse’s” mouth, globalgovernmentforum.com, here’s the explanation of what digital ID is:

“a single citizen digital identity system, built around either a ‘unique identifier’ – such as the reference numbers lying at the core of many national ID systems” (globalgovernmentforum.com)

Governments Started the Rollout of Digital ID

Different governments started the rollout of their CBDCs. Some governments, such as the Estonian government, uses its current national digital identity system to form their digital ID.  (globalgovernmentforum.com)

digital fingerprint

Image by Daniel Roberts from Pixabay

Other countries build their digital ID from scratch, including the UK, while other eight countries drafted their own principles to co-develop an interoperable and mutually recognized digital IDs infrastructure and systems (globalgovernmentforum.com).

The government of New Zealand also has planned to develop its own digital system framework since June 2021. (globalgovernmentforum.com)


Problem-Reaction-Solution in action: they created Covid-19 as an excuse to create digital IDs for our safety in opening areas and borders:

“The Digital Government Exchange (DGX) Digital Identity Working Group said that collaboration on digital ID could help facilitate economic recovery from COVID-19, for example to support the opening of domestic and international borders” (globalgovernmentforum.com)

The Collapse of the Banking System to Usher the CBDC

Ed Dowd, former BlackRock fund manager and founder of Phinance Technologies (Kitco NEWS), explains the machinations of launching this end game posing as “money” by creating engineered banks collapse in a recent tweet.

Edward Dowd tweet about the bank bailouts and CBDC

The Plan to Starve People to Death

Holomodor is a term given to a crime against humanity of governments killing their own populations by creating hunger.

This is the definition of Holomodor by Wikipedia:

“The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р, romanized: Holodomor, IPA: [ɦolodoˈmɔr];[7] derived from морити голодом, moryty holodom, ‘to kill by starvation’),[a][8][9][10] also known as the Terror-Famine[11][12][13] or the Great Famine,[14]”, a famine which was created by the Soviet Ukraine in the 20th century from 1932 to 1933 and killed millions of Ukrainians (Wikipedia).

It’s Not an Isolated Phenomenon

Wherever and whenever Communism was introduced, death as a result of famine (and also executions) occurred. Not only did it happen in Soviet Ukraine, but also in China.

This is what the oligarchs plan for those who do not belong to the elites, the many billions of people worldwide. This is the reason for their push to ban growing food, cattle etc. in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Recently, the globalists even started coming against growing rice that is a staple food for 3.5 billion people and again, the excuse is that CO2 emissions were highest in rice.

Why Is It Good to Be Hungry, the UN Statement

Watch here this video in which Mark Moss, a speaker, historian, privacy activist, and sound money advocate (Amazon.com) exposes what the UN openly stated: “why it’s good to be hungry”:

Fake Capitalists

This may sound strange to many that the oligarchs are not capitalists. I define capitalism as free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and against the creation of cartels and monopolies that serve the very few at the top. Our reality is the latter. The oligarchs aren’t against monopolies – the corporations they own – but against free enterprise and real capitalism. Think about Vanguard and BlackRock that control most of the assets in the world (and who is behind them?).

“Oxfam Research says that 82% of all earned money in 2017 went to those 1%.” (Omkar Chitnis on LinkedIn.com)

Think about what businesses were destroyed during the plandemic. Small businesses. The big corporations made a fortune because the rest of the businesses were not allowed to operate. Who decided who is essential and who not? Now you get the picture.

Fritz Springmeier (1995) discussed how the globalists are fake anti-commies in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati that I mentioned in my article Who Controls the World.

He explained that only on the surface the Cabal bloodlines (the oligarchs who control most of the world economy) seem to be against Communists. However, this is only double talk intended for “the people” to believe that Communists are against Capitalists. According to Springmeier, these families get along very well with Communists, as Communists, just like the super-rich families, are not the enemies of MONOPOLY CAPITALISM: they are the enemies of free enterprise (Untitled manuscript of David Hill, p. 215.)” (Who Controls the World)

Economy Based upon Voluntary Monetary System

As it was mentioned, “money” is only a medium of exchange. If many of us, we the people worldwide, collaborate in sufficient numbers, we can “create an economy based upon an entirely voluntary monetary system.” (zerohedge.com)

There’s no need in banks to use for or control our exchange transactions. Moreover, voluntary exchange is feasible on a global scale due to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)  (zerohedge.com).

The BIS is “exempt from all “law” and is arguably sovereign over the entire planet.” (zerohedge.com)

According to zerohedge.com, as its current monetary system power diminishes, it accelerates the rollout of CBDC to preserve and increase its authority. (zerohedge.com)

The the Atlantic Council, the NATO think tank that has the CBDC Tracker recently reported “that 114 countries, representing 95% of global GDP, are actively developing their CBDC. Of these, 11 have already launched.” (zerohedge.com)

They Can Decline All Your Means of Payment

This centralized global power (control of CBDC) will allow to target users, limit or block payments, enforce purchases, tax at source and in general, exploit this all-out-control range of such “functions” that CBDC will be programmed to do and be capable of doing almost instantaneously (zerohedge.com).

Regardless if CBDC is backed by oil, gold, weapons or unicorn horns, the proclaimed advantages of the CBDC are nothing but a means of control which doesn’t benefit the common people. It only benefits the global so-called “Elites”. (zerohedge.com)

Some Issues to To Think About

truthcomestolight.com raises a few questions to ponder on:

The digital pound, or British CBDC, will be much more convenient, as instead of self-assessment of the taxes you need to pay to the treasury, the bank will automatically deduct your small business income tax from your earnings.

They say that using CBDC will be entirely optional. However, the bank may require you to use it in order to open a business account.

Does it still sound optional to you? This is the BoE “model” of how they will rollout the CBDC and it’s not only the Bank of England doing so because central banks worldwide rollout their own CBDCs simultaneously globally.(truthcomestolight.com)

No, They Wouldn’t Do This. Of Course Not

Well, actually yes. They would. Here’s the infamous quote, from Agustín Carstens, a BIS general manager, who reveals the reason for the central bankers excitement about CBDC:

“We don’t know who’s using a $100 bill today and we don’t know who’s using a 1,000 peso bill today. The key difference with the CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and also we will have the technology to enforce that.” (off-guardian.org)

What Kind of “Rules” Will Central Banks Enforce?

The current Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the former Deputy Governor of the Bank of China, Bo Li, provided clarifications on how they are going to enforce CBDC at symposium CBDCs for Financial Inclusion: Risks and Rewards.

As many suspected, the CBDC can allow the private sector and government agencies to program smart-contracts for this currency which will enable them control over specific policy functions, such as food stamps, consumption coupons, welfare payments. This way, governments and those who actually control the governments, will be able to control what people can buy, if at all, what they can own (does “you’ll own nothing and be happy” ring a bell?) (off-guardian.org). It can also be turned off if you surpassed your “carbon footprint” allowance or wrote a comment on social media that isn’t allowed by the “authorities”.

Digital ID Will Be Connected to CBDC

I discussed how Nigeria launched its CBDC eNaira in my last article Ley Line – Earth Grids. What happened next was the BIS and the Nigerian central bank immediately used it as a means to roll out digital ID in Nigeria. (off-guardian.org)

The same applies to Banque de France, the French central bank that hosted a convention in September 2022 where the EU and US central bankers decided to force the digital ID upon users by using their CBDC (off-guardian.org).

This proves that all central banks effectively “ruled out” any option of “anonymous use” of their “programmable money.” (off-guardian.org)

Why Should We Be Concerned about CBDC Connected to Digital ID?

Currently if the state wants to limit the movement of their citizens to 15 minutes of their homes or lockdown them, they have no law or regulation which they can enforce on their populations. However, if people start using central bank digital currency which is connected to their Digital ID, including address, biometric, and other data, no regulation or legislation will be required to impose any policy they wish.

“They can simply switch off your “money,” making it impossible to use outside of your restriction zone. Potentially limiting you to online purchases made only from your registered IP address. CBDC will ensure your compliance.” (off-guardian.org)

We’ve already seen what the governments, or state authorities and agencies, are capable of doing during the last three years of the plandemic. So it doesn’t require much imagination to know that they will definitely do it.

PayPal wanted to fine users for writing comments which were against the official narrative. It later retracted this plan because of a massive backlash it received (reuters.com).

When peaceful Canadians protested against the jab mandates imposed on truck drivers (as well as other employees), the banks collaborated with the Canadian state to freeze the protesters accounts and stopped their funding streams. (off-guardian.org)

CBDC Is A Social Engineering Tool

Iain Davis exposes the CBDC as a social engineering tool to control the masses. We have a choice whether we succumb to this means of control or not.

“CBDC is a social engineering tool designed to establish a prison planet. Unless you want to be a slave, there is no possible justification for using CBDC. Submitting to CBDC enslavement truly is a “choice.”” (iaindavis.substack.com)

The Real Agenda of CBDC and Digital ID

The Dutch government forces farmers to almost hand in their lands, stop growing food, force them to cull cattle, chicken under various pretexts, such as the “climate change” hoax, to create hunger so they can push their “food” of bugs etc.

They also want to ban reliable cars that run on gas or diesel and replace them with polluting electric cars that you need to charge it every 200 to 490 km (wallbox.com) and they can remotely stop you from driving them. That’s the globalists’ goal. Total control. No privacy and humanity’s total enslavement by us using CBDC connected to digital ID.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Was the Excuse to Usher the CBDCs Worldwide

The Covid-19 pandemic was the excuse to create fake cash shortages, so that people get used to using more digital means of payment like their smartphones unaware where this is leading to.

“While physical currency is still widely used all around the world, people in some countries have been using it a lot less lately—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, with its cash shortages and hygiene concerns.” (mckinsey.com)

The Different Kinds of CBDCs

There are two types of CBDCs:

  1. DCash – an account-based model in which clients hold deposit accounts with the central bank. This type of CBDC is implemented in the Eastern Caribbean.
  2. Private banks distribute and maintain CBDC accounts for their customers (China’s e-CNY). (mckinsey.com)

The Main Difference between CBDC and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies, unlike CBDCs, are decentralized, while CBDCs are state issued and operated. (mckinsey.com)

Why Had Central Banks Become Interested in CBDC?

On the surface, what led central banks to become interested in CBDCs is the drastic decrease in cash usage.

According to mckinsey.com, cash usage in Europe dropped by one-third in the last decade between 2014 and 2021, while only 3 percent of payments are made with cash in Norway. In the U.S., according to balancingeverything.com, the cash usage was only 31% of all payments between 2016 and 2017. In 2020, this figure dropped even further to only 19%!

Not only was the declining use of cash allegedly the catalyst that led central banks to become interested in CBDCs, but also the increasing interest in decentralized, privately issued digital assets. 10 percent of adults in the UK said that they have or had held a digital asset, like cryptocurrency. According to the ECB (The European Central Bank),

“10 percent of households in six large EU countries own digital assets.” (mckinsey.com)

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBDCs?

Those advocating for CBDCs make claims about efficiency, security, and access. Some of the arguments are about reduced costs; financial service providers claim they will save $400 billion annually in direct costs. However, it must be measured against the costs of major investments in new technology required for CBDCs.

The argument that CBDC will provide greater access is also weak as only “under 5 percent of US adults don’t have bank accounts” (mckinsey.com)

What Are Some Concerns around CBDCs?

McKinsey analysts raised the issue of CBDC’s lack of technological stability today. Their evidence for this instability was that Eastern Caribbean CBDC DCash was offline for two months due to technological issues in January 2022 (mckinsey.com)

Sudden Deaths of CEOs or Founders of Cryptocurrency Companies

Coincidentally, many CEOs of independent, decentralized cryptocurrency companies “died suddenly” or get arrested.
Governments plan on eliminating cash and making it illegal to use so that people will be completely dependent on their meagre allowance under their conditions determined by the central bank, or government, to survive. Of course, they will decide what we eat if we eat at all. They will starve people like you and me…

Perhaps that’s the reason why so many investors and CEOs or founders of cryptocurrency companies “died suddenly”.

Even MSM had to discuss this as too many started questioning the official narrative about these deaths. Dailypost.ng (November 20, 2022) discusses the sudden deaths of three crypto moguls: Nikolai Mushegian, 29, Vyacheslav Taran, 53, and Tiantian Kullander, 30 who passed away under suspicious circumstances within four weeks.

Taran was a Russian billionaire and co-founder of Libertex, was killed in a helicopter crash.

Kullander (a.k.a. TT), the founder of Amber Group, died in his sleep, his Hong Kong-based company announced (Dailypost.ng).

Mushegian, co-founder of MakerDAO, drowned in San Juan, Puerto Rico (Dailypost.ng).

Obviously, MSM outlets, or paid “fact checkers”, denied any foul play. Look how Newsweek makes such an effort to suppress such rumors (repeating its denial twice in two paragraphs):

“Tiantian Kullander and Vyacheslav Taran, who both died within the past fortnight, had fortunes estimated to be worth billions of dollars and are now at the center of new conspiracy narratives on social media, despite limited-to-no evidence that either died as the result of a plot against them or other foul play.”

The death of Gerald Cotten, the founder of Quadriga CX, once Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is considered one of the most controversial deaths in the cryptocurrency industry. He died during his honeymoon with his wife, Jennifer Robertson, in India, in 2018 (Newsweek).

Gerald Gerry Cotten as seen in Netflix's documentary Trust No One The Hunt For The Crypto King

Photo: Gerald Gerry Cotten as seen in Netflix’s documentary Trust No One The Hunt For The Crypto King (Newsweek)

Matthew Mellon, a crypto billionaire and banking heir “died suddenly” in 2018. Then, in 2021, Mircea Popescu, Romanian Bitcoin investor and billionnaire, died. Again, it was said that he drowned off Costa Rica’s coast similarly to the drowning of Nikolai Mushegian (Newsweek).

According to CoinDesk (Newsweek), Mushegian was an early developer of MakerDAO, which was described as

“the largest decentralized finance protocol”—a type of financial technology designed to remove third parties and centralized institutions from monetary transactions.” (Newsweek).

In 2022, there was another death connected to cryptocurrency. Vyacheslav Taran, a billionaire and Forex Club founder, and had investments in blockchain-related projects died near his home in France in a helicopter crash (Newsweek).


As I believe that Netflix is on the evil side with themes like Lucifer and Hannibal Lecter, I cancelled my Netflix subscription years ago. But I share the link to this documentary as a service to the readers if you want to watch it.

How to Fight ULEZ = Ultra Low Emission Zones?

How We Will Win - ULEZ
How We Will Win – ULEZ

“When tyrants brazenly defy the will of the people, mass non-compliance is the only solution.” (@WideAwakeMedia on Telegram)

The History of the CBDC

The BIS – the Bank of International Settlements – which is located in Basel, Switzerland is the the organization that laid the foundation for the CBDC.

Its stated mission is “to support central banks’ pursuit of monetary and financial stability through international cooperation, and to act as a bank for central banks.” (bis.org)

It was established in 1930 by an intergovernmental agreement between Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is “owned by 63 central banks, representing countries from around the world that together account for about 95% of world GDP.” (bis.org)

The BIS has certain immunities in those states participating in it (Brussels Protocol 1936).

Between 1933 and 1945, the BIS board of directors included prominent Nazis such as Walther Funk, a prominent Nazi official, and Emil Puhl who was responsible for processing dental gold looted from victims in concentration camps, as well as the director of IG Farben, Hermann Schmitz, and Baron von Schroeder, the owner of the J.H. Stein Bank [de]. They all were later convicted of crimes against humanity.

The BIS was originally owned by both private individuals and central banks. (Wikipedia)

The BIS and the Development of CBDC

This is from the BIS site:

“If successful, CBDCs could ensure that, as economies go digital, the general public would retain access to the safest form of money – a claim on a central bank. This could promote diversity in payment options, make cross-border payments faster and cheaper, increase financial inclusion and possibly facilitate fiscal transfers in times of economic crisis (such as a pandemic).” (bis.org)

March 6, 2023

The central banks of Sweden, Norway and Israel and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) have concluded a project named Project Icebreaker that researched the potential advantages and challenges of using CBDCs in international payments (bis.org).

BIS Is the One Pushing CBDC Worldwide

According to coindesk.com, BIS asked countries worldwide for global collaboration on CBDC  designs. The report on this issue was produced by the BIS in collaboration with the World Bank and IMF.

The BIS asked countries to collaborate with their plan at the early stages of CBDC design to make it easier for systems to work across borders.

These are the BIS criteria for central banks to consider when implementing their CBDC plans:

“Central banks must do no harm, enhance efficiency, increase resilience, assure coexistence and interoperability with other systems, and bolster financial inclusion.” (coindesk.com)

Who Controls the BIS?

The BIS is controlled by the “usual suspects”, eight families who control the almost all the private central banks of the Western and developing nations, according to theeventchronicle.com,

To give you an idea about the power behind the BIS, the first President of this bank was Gates McGarrah, a Rockefeller banker – an official at the Federal Reserve and Chase Manhattan (theeventchronicle.com).

According to Brad Olsen, Historian Carroll Quigley wrote in his book Tragedy and Hope that BIS was part of a plan:

“To create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole…to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements[…]BIS promotes an agenda of monopoly capitalist fascism.” (Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet, p. 82)

So it may not be a surprise that BIS is headquartered in Switzerland which is the favorite hiding place for the global aristocracy. Switzerland is also the headquarters for the P-2 Italian Freemason’s Alpina Lodge (Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet, p. 82).

Other institutions controlled by these eight families include the WEF (World Economic Forum), the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Conference. (globalresearch.ca)

According to Gencosan (steemit.com), the Bilderberg meetings are also held in Davos, Switzerland (in the same region where the BIS is located). This place was chosen to make highly confidential decisions without drawing attention to the oligarchs who come there from the outside world.” (steemit.com)

BIS Clouted in Secrecy

“It is not surprising that the BIS, its offices, employees, directors and members share an incredible immunity from virtually all regulation, scrutiny and accountability.” (newswithviews.com)

A quick summary of their immunity, explained further below, includes

  • diplomatic immunity for persons and what they carry with them.
  • no oversight or knowledge of operations by any government authority
  • freedom from immigration restrictions
    freedom to encrypt any and all communications of any sort
  • freedom from any legal jurisdiction


According to Patrick Wood (newswithviews.com), Members of the BIS board of directors are also individually granted special advantages:

  • immunity from arrest or imprisonment and immunity from seizure of their personal baggage, save in flagrant cases of criminal offence
  • inviolability of all papers and documents
  • immunity from jurisdiction, even after their mission has been accomplished, for acts carried out in the discharge of their duties, including words spoken and writings
  • exemption for themselves, their spouses and children from any immigration restrictions, from any formalities concerning the registration of aliens and from any obligations relating to national service in Switzerland
  • the right to use codes in official communications or to receive or send documents or correspondence by means of couriers or diplomatic bags.” (newswithviews.com)

Not only do this eight banking families exert almost total control over the global economy, it is intentionally veiled in secrecy as their control over the corporate media is quick to smear any information disclosing this private central banking cartel as “conspiracy theory”. But the facts remain. (globalresearch.ca)

DeSantis Bans CBDC in Florida

newstarget.com informs about Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor, intention to ban CBDC in the State of Florida.

Ron DeSantis went live on Facebook on __

“Ron DeSantis wants to “expressly forbid” the use of Central Bank Digital Currency in Florida, and calls on other US states to do same.
“Cash is king. The minute it’s all digitised, somebody else is going to have control (over your life).” (@WideAwakeMedia on Telegram)”

It was live on Facebook on March 20, 2023. Watch here:


CBDC Requires Our Acceptance to Be Successful

“The success of a CBDC system is always relying on the acceptance and adoption rates of its technology, and compliance with its rules and regulations. Hopefully people will resist this centralized, highly controlled new way of living.[…]CBDC’s, being digital, can be programmed to be used in certain scenarios – for example x amount of money can be set for meat consumption & purchasing, for coal based energy, for buying certain products etc.”

A short clip explaining what is CBDC, and how it’s looking in China with subtitles in English: (efrat.substack.com)

What the WEF Planned for Its “Smart Cities”

Another brilliant caricature by Elad Shumeli the creator of THE ART OF JALAPENO. Check his page on Instagram.

“15Minute city is the dream of the NWO…
Digital ID, scanning everything, digital coin, MODERN SLAVERY.” (THE ART OF JALAPENO)

15-minute city the art of Jalepano

This photo is from a recent orchestrated fake “protest” in Israel for democracy (there was none since the foundation of the “state”, or more accurately, the Corporation of Israel).

Who provides these beautiful costumes? And where’s the mask? Were the puppet masters concerned that people will start asking questions about this fake “protest” and paid for “protestors” (some actually complained that they didn’t receive the payment that they were promised).

Women protestors dressed in the handmaid's tale costumes in a recent protest in Israel

Photo: Women protestors dressed as The Handmaid’s Tale costumes in a recent protest in Israel (https://t.me/emet_laor Telegram channel)

New Dawn Magazine discusses in their last issue 198 the agenda of the CBDC and smart cities.

It mentions an Amnesty International report from 2019 about smart cities. This is how they described these so-called “smart cities”: “Dreams Capable of Becoming Nightmares.”

It claimed that privacy in public spaces is a thing of the past, as data is being collected through smart city cameras and sensors placed on garbage cans, streetlights, traffic lights, and manhole covers. The ‘free’ Wi-Fi and CCTV create a pervasive surveillance system, which threatens peaceful assembly and freedom of expression [taking photos at protests] and privacy, and encourages discrimination (New Dawn Magazine).leaflet warning Australians about the 'smart cities'

Image: New Dawn Magazine – issue 198

Say No to CBDC

Say No to CBDC billboard on one of the busiest roads in Britain to raise the awareness to the dangers of the CBDC

While People Are Being Distracted

While people are becoming upset and sometimes involved in these fake crises, they are distracted from what the real dangerous plans are implemented, such as the CBDCs.

The European Central Bank will decide whether to proceed with a digital euro this autumn. (Reurters.com)

“The ECB is working on a digital version of its currency and is in the process of outlining the broader design, also hoping to alleviate concerns that the digital currency could disrupt the financial system and give the central bank too much data on citizens.” (Reuters)

What is Too Much Data and Who Decides on It?

Not only is this agenda being implemented in the UK but also in South Africa. businesstech.co.za reveals that SARB (The South African Reserve Bank) “will soon launch a new payment service called PayShap to accelerate the country’s shift to a cashless society.” (businesstech.co.za)

On a personal note, there are recommendations circulating in the social media about buying cryptocurrency that are backed by real assets to offset the financial crisis coming.

This was the brilliant reply of a follower to the challenges posed by the CBDC on my Telegram channel:

“bring it on because this will awaken even more people …. These criminal oligarchs cannot push their plans without our compliance.”

Where Are the Governments in the Process of Creating Their Own CBDSs?

Bank of Israel (Israel Central Bank) concluded an experiment at the beginning March (March 6, 2023) “for a new architecture for cross-border retail CBDCs”

Efrat Fenigson, a long-time Israeli freedom activist, marketing expert, podcaster, and citizen Journalist (Efrat Fenigson Twitter account) who is very outspoken about many topics, especially 15-minute cities and CBDC tweeted about the “CBDC: A technical feasibility test for cross border payments was successfully conducted between Israel, Norway and Sweden.”

CBDC technical feasibility test tweet by Efrat Fenigson

Governments are promoting these digital 15-minute ghettoes under the guise of “convenience”.

Efrat Fenigson had a very eye-opening interview with @Lewis_Brackpool
of @Ickonic exposing the 15-minute cities as a global agenda as she demonstrated the similarities between the implementation in the UK and in Tel Aviv, Israel.
chat about the concept and reality of 15 minute cities

Photo: Efrat Fenigson tweet

15 Minute Cities – from Oxford & London to Tel Aviv. Convenience or a modern prison?

Watch the entire chat From Oxford & London to Tel Aviv on YouTube:

What Are 15-minute Cities?

According to Lewis Brackpool, Dj in the past and a journalist for @Ickonic in the present, 15-minute cities’ concept is that you have all the amenities comfortably located within a 15-minute radius. This concept was created by the WEF (World Economic Forum) and it sounds brilliant on paper.

But is it really? It is a modern prison limiting the movement of people to a 15-minute radius, according to Brackpool. In the UK, this concept is called “low traffic neighborhoods” tied to “climate lockdowns”.

The idea behind this concept is to stop traffic and eventually, phase out ownership of private cars entirely. Boris Johnson wants to ban petrol/fuel cars by 2030.

Similar steps are being taken in Tel Aviv (Efrat Fenigson) by introducing the light rail that was built for a couple of years and restrictions on private vehicles into certain areas of the city are expected as well as a toll imposed on cars entering and leaving the city.

Not only are these restrictions and plans introduced in Tel Aviv, but also in other cities across Israel. This is a website that provides the blueprint for the implementation of 15-minute cities in Israel: https://www.15minutes.co.il/

However, Israelis do not connect the dots as to what is happening and why now? 

The site 15minutes.co.il belongs to an NGO which objective is to promote the availability of fast public transport so that it becomes a good alternative for using private vehicles and “being stuck in traffic jams”. Really? Buses are stuck in traffic jams too.

Rapid progress in pushing the agendas forward. Watch this brilliant video which is an original production by Wide Awake Media entitled CBDCs: The Road To Total Digital Enslavement 

or on Rumble. I’m sorry I couldn’t embed this excellent video, as WordPress censors videos from Rumble, Brighteon, and Bitchute. It removed over half of the article until I deleted these videos codes…

The real motive underlying 15-minute cities

the underlying motive of 15-minute cities

“This should tell you everything you need to know.

It’s just a benign urban planning concept” is the new “it’s just two weeks to flatten the curve”. (https://t.me/wideawakemedia/3165)

The Basis for the 15-minute Cities

C40 Cities organization is (citing from their website):

“C40 is a network of mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to deliver the urgent action needed right now to confront the climate crisis . Together, we can create a future where everyone, everywhere can thrive.[…]to help the world limit global heating to 1.5°C and build healthy, equitable and resilient communities.” (C40 Cities)

Is this implying to Agenda 2030?

former MI6 intelligence officer, Dr. John Coleman, warned us about
In his 1992 book, ‘Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300′, former MI6 intelligence officer, Dr. John Coleman, warned us about what our self-declared globalist overlords had in store for us. @WideAwakeMedia

Pay attention to the use of words “We must”. Again, this coercive, imposing language/tone. Who says that “we must”? The WEF? The UN? All the unelected oligarchs?

“Science tells us that we must cut emissions in half by 2030 if we are to avoid runaway climate change. Nothing short of transformational change on a global scale is needed within the decade, but such a shift has never seemed more possible than it does right now. ” (C40 Cities)

Why don’t we hear other scientists in the MSM, scientists who say there is no climate emergency or “climate change” as climate always changes and actually real science shows there is no “global warming”. According to realclimatescience.com,

“Earth Cooling At The Fastest Rate On Record[…]Global temperatures have plummeted this year [2017] at a record rate. Over the last ten months, temperatures have dropped more than three quarters of a degree, breaking the previous global cooling record set in 1999.[…]Much of the Arctic was extremely cold last month, not “super-hot” as claimed by the Washington Post.” (realclimatescience.com)

Temperature change 1975-2017

Illustration: realclimatescience.com

“Satellites show that there has been little or no warming for 20 years.” (realclimatescience.com)

NASA versus Satellites global warming

Illustration: Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

500 scientists sent a registered letter to the UN Secretary-General stating that there is no climate emergency. Watch the video here:

graph showing that carbon emissions are not the cause for global warming

Graph: brugesgroup.com

Comment by Eric Simpson to this evidence of climate fraud/hoax that says it all:

“There is no climate science, period.”

“Right, climate ‘science’ = politicized science.
Politicized science by definition is not science but partisan advocacy.
They don’t seek the impartial truth. Instead everything they do is geared only toward supporting and advancing their cause.” (realclimatescience.com)

The Brits Say No to the 15-minute Prison Cities

Kudus to the British people. Awesome uprising and civil non-compliance with the tyrannical measures being rollout without their consent or knowledge.

Watch here:

New Digital Prison System

“Accepting the digital ID is the basic premise behind it all…” – Greg Reese (thephaser.com)

Aman Jabbi, who worked in the Silicon Valley for 28 years, including work on deep technology that are involved in the development of the new digital prison system which is being designed by Big Tech.

In 2020, he became a whistleblower and exposed the immediate threat about to be unleashed upon humanity, something which is known as “the mark of the beast”.

Accepting the digital ID implies that you’re living in a prison. So by default, you’re a criminal (we don’t trust you or “zero trust” as said in other places).

This is a digital prison system that you’re voluntarily signing for (just as with the “straw man” that people are not aware of its existence and implications).

“Having a digital ID will be a proof that you’re a criminal.[…]Because it means that you’re in a digital prison.” (thephaser.com)

And that’s the reason for introducing the “Zero Trust” new protocol. There is no need for an implanted chip because everything is done with facial recognition measures like cameras everywhere and digital IDs containing biometric data.

According to Gregg Reese, the US has more cameras per capita than China! And all our social score is being logged and all we need is a series of events to usher this prison system.

During the Covid lockdowns, LED streetlights were installed throughout the west. Aman explains that this is part of the plan as these lights will be connected to everything, including your phone and your car. These “streetlights” are fitted with incapacitators (thephaser.com).

And here’s the explanation for what is LED incapacitator by Wikipedia:

LED incapacitator, wikipedia

The most important message of this video is that if there’s a critical mass that says no to the digital ID, then this agenda weakens.

They cannot rollout this agenda when a large number of people oppose it.

Watch this video here thephaser.com as I’m unable to embed videos other than YouTube without WordPress removing half of the article… Sorry about this.

And look who the Swiss Air Force is protecting

Swiss air force protecting the WEF 'sky'

Opting Out of CBDC

In this presentation for the CBDC Opt Out Challenge, James Corbett explains what you need to know about the CBDC control grid and how we can begin our preparations to opt out of it.

Watch on corbettreport.com and how to opt out of it.

How Are They Going to Pull out This Plan?

Adam Atias, an Israeli podcaster and activist, explained in a recent live show that the Biden administration signed an executive order stating that in a case that banks go bankrupt and want to use their customers money to bail themselves, they need to convert this money into something like a bond…. In this case, Atias predicted that the banks would convert the money into CBDC and therefore, force everyone with money in the bank to go along with it.

The presentation is in Hebrew without subtitles so I summarized these important insights for you.

They Are Losing Despite Appearances

“Klaus Schwab has called for elites to come together globally in order to “master” advanced technologies, warning them that if they don’t act swiftly the world could “escape our power”.
They are getting desperate! We are witnessing the final fall of the ‘Roman Empire’ of evil!” (Laura Aboli)

Read the full article here: summit.news

Their House of Cards Is Crumbling

VIDEO: Bill Gates Called Out For Vaccine Mass Murder By World Leaders on Brighteon.com. We’re winning because we’re exposing the truth.

No Storm Lasts Forever 🙂

This is gold. The narcissists are losing control. Here are the indications. Watch here: https://twitter.com/susiemagooziee/status/1626079152158949377

How Do We Stop The 15-minute Cities

MEP Christine Anderson on 15 minute cities:

Don’t comply, say no

Watch here:

Don’t Allow to Build the Prison

Insider Shares What’s Coming 

Dr. Richard Werner, a German economist who is a professor at the University of Southampton, describes this dystopian system at 5:28 minute mark in the above-mentioned video. He says that someone who is an executive Director of a central European bank shared with him this information. Dr. Werner showed that this “thing” would be very small and implanted under our skin. That is the plan and it looks like the CBDC is the road taking us to this dystopian future.

Aaron Russo, who was a friend of one of the Rockefellers, also revealed this and was assassinated for doing so. You can research this. The plan was (recorded in 2007) that there would be a world government where everybody is chipped.

Global Warming Hoax, Yet Another One

UN Secretary General, António Guterres:

“Humans are responsible for virtually all global heating over the last 200 years. The climate time bomb is ticking”.

“WRONG. Anthropogenic climate change is a monumental fraud, invented by globalists as an excuse to centralise power and reduce the global population to neo-feudal serfs.

The globalists are panicking because millions of people are waking up to their climate fraud, so they’re trying to rush forward with their agenda before too many wake up.

But the more they rush it, the more it wakes people up, so it’s lose-lose for them.” (@WideAwakeMedia on Telegram)

Are Peole Using More or Less Cash?

I asked people who I know what are their impressions about use of cash in their own country. And these were there answers:

Arnaud, from France, said:

“I’m afraid it wouldn’t be very representative 😅Because I don’t pay much attention to it or I can only answer regarding the few people I’m in contact with. They all keep on paying with cards but I know some are concerned with and only with their purchases being tracked. And they just don’t resist to it because they know since a while they are living in a surveillance society they don’t reject. We don’t talk about it but I have the feeling they don’t expect any credit system or carbon credit to pop up controlling the kind of expenses they do. Myself, I alternate between cash and bank card even though I don’t care that much. I mean, from my point of view paying in cash would have low impact, I prefer seeking for impact by other means. I’m not against digital currency, quite the contrary. I’m only against the current elite and any centralized currency. 😊 This is the point of view of someone living in Paris, France😊”

Lisa Wilson, from the UK and also about Switzerland where she worked recently,
“Hi Shoshi, as you know I am from the South of England. We still have a mix of people using cash and card and I am finding that small businesses are adopting more marketing to get people to use cash due to the costs around using a machine for card transactions. There seems to be in the past 6 to 12 months a bigger awareness of people seeing through what the government are doing with phasing out cash. I still think it will happen but people are resisting, therefore slowing it down.”

Lisa about Switzerland:

“Here in Switzerland most use card now. It’s a way of life.”

From what I know, Israelis are the only nation that increased their use of cash during the Covid plandemic compared to other countries worldwide.

Some Good News that Agenda 2030 Is Falling

UN Director General Antonio Guterres tweet about the demise of Agenda 2030

“Keep The Faith Freedom Fighters! The UN Director General Antonio Guterres Now Concedes The UN Agenda 2030/SDG Are “Disappearing In The Rearview Window”. Invites All To the SDG Summit To Resurrect SDG” (interestofjustice.substack.com)

Challenging “Net Zero” with Real Science

Drs. Richard Lindzen and William Happer and Richard Lindzen, professors emeriti at Massachusets Institute of Technology and Princeton University have spent decades researching and writing about the physics of Earth’s atmosphere. Another scientist, Gregory Wrightstone, a geologist who has experience of more than 40 years, has spent the last decade writing and
speaking about the interplay of history, geology, and climate (Challenging Net Zero with Science).


In this executive summary, they provide the evidence for the falsehood of “Net Zero” arguments made by governments and those powers controlling them.

what net zero means for you

They found all the arguments for the “Net Zero” policies to be scientifically fallacious and a threat to billions of people. Some of the paper’s findings are:

• Net Zero proponents regularly report that extreme weather is more severe and frequent
because of climate change while the evidence shows no increase – and, in some cases, a
decrease – in such events.
• Computer models supporting every government Net Zero regulation and the trillions of
dollars subsidizing renewables and electric cars, trucks, home heating, appliances and
many other products do not work.
• Scientific research and studies that do not support the “consensus” narrative of harmful man-made global warming are routinely censored and excluded from government
reports such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the National
Climate Assessment.
• Conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that contradict the narrative of catastrophic global warming from fossil fuels are rewritten by government bureaucrats for public reports to support the false narrative of Net Zero.
• The many benefits of modest warming and increasing carbon dioxide are routinely
either eliminated or minimized in governmental reports.”

Click here to read the full  executive summary (PDF file with the title Challenging Net Zero with Science).


World Economic Forum Training Video Leaked

The Antidote to This Horrific Vision

Dr. Richard Werner, a German economist who is a professor at the University of Southampton, who is a monetary and development economist (Wikipedia), discusses and perhaps suggests debt-free money which was used,
“Nearly 1000 years ago Winchester in England was the centre of such a money creation system – debt free and interest free. The tally stick system was used. It expanded the money supply needed by government and it was without debt.” (Mass Awakening, p. 175)

“The new monetary system would be debt-free, people controlled system. The reason it has not happened yet (the current financial system has not collapsed yet) is that the alternative systems are currently being constructed.” (Mass Awakening, p. 176)

15-Minute Cities, ESG, and CBDCs

americanpolicy.org provides an in-depth  explanation of the globalists’ plans for the “common people” because these plans don’t apply to the elites, or those who see themselves as such.

The most dangerous acronyms today:

“ESG – Environment, Social, and (corporate) Governance is the made-up (faux, false, lying, scheming) Newspeak nonsensical acronym. […]Environment means the fake Climate Change must be rectified by going to Green Energy, thus destroying the environment.” (americanpolicy.org)

Why the use of the word “fake” together with “climate change” is appropriate:

“Papal Advisor Naomi Klein admits in her much-publicized screed that ‘Global Warming’ is all about anti-capitalism – being nothing to do with science.” (americanpolicy.org)

Klein openly states that these policies on the environment are really about what the communist revolution aimed at a century ago: overthrowing capitalism (americanpolicy.org).

Government means “a government that has ceded all its power to the alphabet agencies – FBI, CIA, HUD, DOT, EPA, and all the rest, plus given any remaining powers over to Regional governments which are unaccountable to the people – who naturally do not elect them.” (americanpolicy.org)

The powers controlling those political puppets are the likes of Google, BlackRock, World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, World Health Organization.

The question you may ask is how these things have anything to do with CO2 emissions? They don’t! (americanpolicy.org)

As J.D. Rucker at America First Report states:

“The concept of ESG — Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance — is 100% designed to empower the ruling class among the globalist elite cabal while it weakens the rest of us greatly.[…]But they will be used to take everything you own – and you will be happy!” (americanpolicy.org)

They, the global oligarchs will continue to travel in their private jets, eats steaks made of real meat while we, the common people, the serfs, will have to eat bugs and have no car.

“Bill Gates just told us that he is free to fly all over the world in one of his four private jets because he is “part of the solution.” (BBC News).” (americanpolicy.org)

PE stands for the Power Elite (PE)

Who Is Klaus Schwab and Why Is He Considered the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

Watch JP presenting Klaus Schwab in a most hilarious manner… although it’s sad that a comedian is a reliable source of news these days, as some comments rightly pointed out.

The Basis for 15-Minute Cities 

All these dystopian plans are based on a climate model which is basically an opinion. It’s not based on real measurements of temperatures and has no connection to real data.

Watch this brilliant video which shows that the more extreme and disconnected from real data the predictions are, the more confident those behind these climate models are. They are hoaxes on a large scale. Does it seem familiar? Does the Covid-19 pandemic infection model, the excuse for the lockdowns, track and trace, keeping the “social distance”, masks etc., ring a bell?

The climate model and curbing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are the basis for the social credit score planned by tracking each individual’s (except for the elites, obviously) “carbon footprint” giving allowance for what each can consume, buy etc. deemed appropriate by the government and its puppet masters.

“I’ve been saying this for a long time, but no-one was listening.
People still stuck in the Covid narrative. That was just a warm up exercise!

When they say, about Climate Change, “we own the science” what they mean is that they have bought and paid for every mainstream media; every research institution (no grants available if you don’t agree with the narrative)

The ‘Climate Emergency’ BS is about the new financial system they are building. That’s what needs to be stopped. CBDCs, digital IDs and Social Credit Scores.

We need to get politically active! We need to kick out any politician who thinks any of the above is a good idea. We need to wake up the others who believe this BS!!!” (https://t.me/wideawakemedia)

The Dangers of Digital ID & CBDC

Raising Awareness

Watch this very well informed lady educating Glastonbury Town Council on 15 minute cities, CBDC and other related topics.

This needs to be happening everywhere worldwide!

More Insightful Ways to Raise Awareness

Richard Vobes shares his experience about guy who raised the awareness of the crowd in the market in his own unique way by making them ask questions and think.

Watch here:

More Towns Are Fighting the 15-Minute Prisons

Watch here how Thetford Community are fighting back

15-minute Cities in China

The Great Resist / The Great Awakening

United non-compliance will stop the rollout and implementation of these plans for dystopian future

Well done freedom loving Londoners!

ULEZ cameras in south London stolen with a bag on them instead

If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can contact your representative telling them to prevent the issuing of a digital currency by the Federal Reserve.

“Pass the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act
Click here to contact and urge your U.S. representative and senators to enact the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act (H.R. 1122).”

Go to the John Birch Society here: https://jbs.org/alert/stop-digital-currency-tyranny/#actnow

Alternative Vision for the Future

Jordan Peterson reveals the plan, or an alternative vision, to the apocalyptic one pushed by the likes of the WEF/UN organizations which will be a more for “WE, the people” of the world, it’s a pro-human vision. The consortium, the group of people creating this vision are not thrilled about “world government” and corporation collusion imposing their top-down vision on everyone else. He doesn’t provide a narrative but actually asks the people six questions (I’m sharing five of them):

  1. How do we get energy and resources at the lowest possible cost as rapidly as possible to the largest number of people around the world? The assumption behind this question is that you don’t make the energy prices so expensive to save the planet (it only harms the poor, and common people). The more energy sources, the better. But you don’t get to impose your utopian vision on anyone.
  2. What are the major problems confronting us? How do we take a multi-dimensional, sophisticated view of that? But the solutions will be human-focused and “not predicated on the idea that there are too many goddamn mouths on this planet to feed and that you’re evil if you’re thinking of having children”.
  3. How do we arrange systems of governance to stop the march of something like pathological gigantism, such as the collusion of CDC and the FDA.
  4. What we put forward as a vision on the family policy front to facilitate the encouragement and maintenance of long-term of monogamous couples who are child-centered and make increasing birth rate part of that policy? This policy will intend to support long-term, stable monogamous two-parent families and child centered.
  5. There are two stories: power governs everything (shows who you really are) versus the spirit of voluntary play. In the latter, no one is forced to take.

If you aren’t familiar with the vision of WEF, here’s a summary:

By 2030, you’ll own nothing and be happy (the oligarchs/elites will own everything), they decided that you’ll eat bugs (toxic /poisonous to humans), and go cashless (CBDC will replace cash as a means for total control and enslavement of humanity). They have not asked for our consent. They have asked none of us if we agree to this vision.

The bottom line of Peterson’s message is that people take responsibility at the most local level (13:50 minute mark). It’s about ordered freedom (14:57 minute mark).

If you use cash – you’re the king/queen while if you use card, the globalists are the kings. Remember this.

The Tables Are Turning

There’s a light at the end of the CBDC tunnel and it’s not a train coming at us. Here’s a video describing how the tables are turning on the rollout of CBDCs worldwide.

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The Dutch Farmers Won

The Dutch government push for the net zero emissions policy leading to a land grab of the Dutch farmers that raise cattle in the last summer (2022) led to massive protests in the Netherlands and the creation of a farmers party fighting this agenda on a local level. They won, according to Reuters and Euronews.com, although they are not saying this so enthusiastically.

Apparently, the win was so big that it couldn’t be flipped by the usual suspects.

What If Money Was Removed from Society?

Michael Tellinger was inspired by this thought to start the Ubuntu Movement.

First of all, just imagine such world. How does it feel? Would you like to live in such a world without banks, or bankers? Comment below this article.

According to Michael Tellinger, when you remove money from society, everything becomes much easier. You remove the biggest hurdle to human progress!

9:35 minute mark: “The moment we cut ourselves off for the need of money for us to achieve or to achieve doing something, we have truly become liberated and free from the enslavement of the world, the financial world that we find ourselves, in the financial slavery system that we find ourselves in.”

With collaboration, where everyone is doing what they are good at, we can create abundance for everyone.

What Can We Do?

The push back against this dystopian nightmarish plan can be done in many ways. But they can all be summed up in one phrase mass non-compliance, as this brilliant and brave activist who is half-Serb and shares how the Bosnians resisted the “Corona” virus measures which were imposed worldwide.

How Do We Win?

Remember we are many they are few. Watch this brilliant video on Vimeo. That’s why they are doing everything in their power to “depopulate”, genocide humanity.

I would also like mention the upcoming event with the message:

We are MANY, we are UNITED, and


which will be held in locations all over the world on May 20, 2023. Please check the event near you on the map here: https://www.weareready.world/locations/

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.

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