Campaign to Impeach Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel

There’s a massive campaign to impeach Benjamin Netanyahu for years by the law enforcement, the judicial system, and the controlled MSM, both in Israel and worldwide, with the alternative media which is also mostly controlled by the same powers controlling the MSM. 

I know that this post isn’t going to win the “popularity contest” but I’m interested in spreading the truth from what I’m gathering here. And often, the truth is very different from what we are being told. I’m aware that people don’t like to hear the unfamiliar and inconvenient truth. However, I’ll share everything I know even if it’s inconvenient. I want you to know that I’m not going to vote either for Netanyahu or the Likud party. However, I feel that I need to share what I together with so many Israelis (including those like me who wouldn’t vote for Netanyahu or the Likud party) feel is terribly wrong in Israel.  

I have tons of reservations about Benjamin Netanyahu which I share on my profile in Hebrew and with his enthusiasts. I’m willing to share these reservations with you if you’re interested. But when I see a democratically elected prime minister attempt to impeach him by the Deep State to install one, or a few of their minions, as they attempt to do to Trump since he was inaugurated, I can’t stay silent anymore.  They try to indict him for years and every time he’s cleared. Please understand that the entire judicial system and the law enforcement in Israel is very corrupt. The MSM is almost entirely controlled by those who wish to destroy Israel from within. It’s horrible and Israelis have a special name for the MSM here. 

You can even read about the building of the Supreme Court which is an Illuminati architecture (the Rothschilds) full with their symbolism like the all-seeing eye and pyramids.  He’s not a globalist and that’s why he’s being demonized (especially by Benjamin Fulford who demonizes and singles-out Israel as the “bad guy”). Yes, he also built a wall to stop the invasion of Israel by migrants who were paid by allegedly the known suspects (Soros, Ford Foundation etc.) to come from all over Africa to Israel and destroy it from within as they do all over Europe and planned to do so in the U.S., too. Right now, “we the people” of Israel tirelessly expose the corrupt judicial system, the MSM, and the law enforcement forces here. Nothing is as you think.   To read more:


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