Ascension & How Do You Know that You’re Ascending – Radio Interview

Interview with Shoshi Herscu on Conscious Talk Radio on April 14, 2019 with the host Linda Summers on Conscious Talk Channel about the Ascension and how does it happen

Hi fellow world patriots, lightworkers and lightwarriors,

I’m so excited to share with you the amazing interview I had yesterday, April 14, 2019 with the host Linda Summers. 

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Introduction for the Interview by Linda Summers


What an amazing and passionate show we had with Shoshi Herscu, an Investigative Journalist and Writer from Israel, on 4-14-19. The topic was “Ascension and How We Shift.” Shoshi talked about the meaning of Ascension, what is ascension, ascension is a choice, how is awakening connected to ascension. She shared about ascension and spirituality, the ascension of the Earth, how do we shift, what causes the rise of the Schumann Resonance, how do you know that you are ascending and how the ascension is connected to moving from carbon based to crystalline DNA. Shoshi shared on this journey of hers what she realized is that humans have wisdom, courage, perseverance, that they fight the good fight for our liberty and the liberty of our dear Mother Gaia. She commends humanity! How beautiful and heartfelt! Shoshi’s mission is to reach the masses of the full disclosure about the Great Awakening of humanity globally, the Cabal’s dark agenda and the upcoming changes in all aspects of our lives on Earth! Much MORE in depth was shares so be sure to watch the show!

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